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Sweetie Belle was always an annoyance to Rarity. And Sweetie Belle knew it. She thought that Rarity didn't care about her, and never wanted to bond with her. One day, something horrible happens to Rarity. Sweetie is infuriated. "If I can't have a sister," Sweetie says. "Neither can you."

Make sure you say goodnight to your sister before you go to bed. Who knows if she'll be there in the morning?

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 19 )

Is it just me, or does the title sound like it should be in a clopfic?

Sweetie cut her hoof with the scissors, since she couldn't use magic to cut.

Uh... as of Season Four, she totally can. It would also be nice to learn how she ended up with Rumble in the first place. Otherwise, it's rather disorienting.

whoa. :rainbowderp: this is like something out of a creepypasta.

5030961 well then clearly this is probably pre-s4 but I havnt read it either. Probably gonna read it after some tea or something lol.
As for the magic cutting I could imagine it would be a more difficult magic. Sweetie can barley lift a broom with her magic, using it to cut would be a miracle if not impossible at her level.

5030961 Also, yes i will get to adding that. I'm just starting the story, you know ;)

James, don't delete this. It's on top of my to read list. Is that clear?

5034237 Yes, and I won't because Layla wrote this, not me so I won't, don't worry.

Oh dear *pulls out popcorn* this escalated quite nicely:pinkiecrazy:


5030993 That's because Layla wanted it to be a creepypasta. It's working, right?
Carly S.:raritywink:

Comment posted by Blue Valentine deleted Sep 22nd, 2014
Comment posted by Blue Valentine deleted Sep 22nd, 2014
Comment posted by Blue Valentine deleted Sep 22nd, 2014

5030993 yeah haha it is a creepypasta-ish thing. But the thing Carly said about ideas to make it better, I like constructive criticism but this isn't a comment based story. (This comment was kinda for you and Carly)

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