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Can You Hear My Sweetie Bells? - Blue Valentine

Sweetie Belle felt as if she never got enough attention from her sister. She felt neglected by her sister. She never got the chance to bond with her sister. One day, something tragic happens. If Sweetie can't have a sister, no one should.

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Chapter 9: Baby, Baby, Baby!

Rumble fell asleep easily, with so much on his mind. He woke up with bags in his eyes. His torso ached.

"Augh.." He moaned.

Sweetie heard him but stayed in bed with her head facing the wall.

"Morning Sweetie."
"...Morning Rumble.." She hesitated to respond.
"So uh... Sweetie?"
"About last night..."
"Now you hate me, right?"
"Sweetie, I-"
"Well it's not fair! You're the one who asked me!"
"I know, I-"
"So you know what? Here!"

Sweetie blasted a beam at the wall of the hut and a hole formed.

"Go! If that's what you want, just get out!" Sweetie hid under the covers of her grass bed, not coming out.

Rumble took his chance and stepped out of the hut. He couldn't believe it.

"Woo-hoo!!!" he shouted into the fresh air of Ponyville.

He ran away from the hut without looking back. Then, he looked back. Bad idea. He saw Sweetie looking out at him from the distance, and he saw her fading. He saw a tiny, black, thingy, fall next to her and break on the ground into nothing. Then, the oddest thing happened. He found himself running back to Sweetie.

Why, why the tartarus am I doing this..?

He ran up to Sweetie, and without hesitation, said,

"Sweetie, are you ok?"
"..Y-you came back."
"I thought I saw you fading.. I couldn't let you fade.."
"I thought you hated me."
"You didn't let me finish.." he said, more softly.
"I don't hate you, Sweetie."
"B-but how? I flocking killed you, Rumble. And then, after I killed you, you came back for me. Then, after you came back for me, I kept you captive. Then, after I kept you captive in a grass hut, I put you in chains. Then, I-" Sweetie was shut up by Rumble's dry lips.

His lips were touching hers. She felt something come through her body. It was a warm feeling. Suddenly, she pushed him away.

"Rumble, STOP!" she was breathing hard.

She backed away, into a tree.

"Rumble, I'm crazy! I'm C. R. A. Z. Y. Crazy!" She cried out.

Tears were coming from her eyes. Rumble reached out to her, but she ran to her hut and isolated herself, so that he couldn't get in.

"Sweetie!" he banged against the walls of her hut, and soon enough it was night time.
"Sweetie..." He banged once more, and plopped onto the grass surrounding him.
"Why won't you let me in...?" Rumble yawned, and slowly started to drift off.

Rumble thought Sweetie was asleep, but she was wide awake, sitting on her bed.

"Because I'm crazy." she whispered, knowing he was asleep.
"You can't love me. I can't love me." she whispered quieter, and two tears came from her eyes.
"If you can't love you, I will."

Sweetie jumped.

"You can't love me, Rumble."
"I do love you."
"No, you don't!"

Rumble was silent.


He said nothing.

"RUMBLE!" Sweetie heard a little giggling from outside of the hut.
"Rumble! I thought you left!"
"HAha I know! See! You love me, so why can't I love you?"

Sweetie opened up a hole on one of the walls.

"Come in here." she squeaked.

Rumble walked in smiling, and she closed up the hole for them to get some sleep for the rest of the night.

The next morning, Sweetie woke Rumble up.

"Wake up!!!!"
"Eh?" Rumble yawned and got up, rubbing his head.
"Look at this newspaper!"

Rumble read it, and gave her an odd look. Heres why he gave her the odd look; In the newspaper it said,


Sweetie Belle watched as he read the rest of the paper.

"Applejack in Manehattan?"

Sweetie nodded.

"Limestone Pie in Canterlot?"

She nodded again.

"... And they're all BABIES!?"

She nodded and began to speak.

"I was warned about this whole reborn thing... so..."

Rumble kept reading.

"Rarity in..." he started.
"What!??" Sweetie hadn't read that part. She had to know.
"Baby Rarity was spotted last night in Canterlot Castle near the portal."
"...The human portal?"

Rumble nodded.

"Flock." Sweetie banged her head against the floor.
"She was supposed to stay dead!" she stuffed her head into her pillow.
"Shut up."

She opened the hut and left before Rumble could stop her.

"Sweetie! Read the next line!!" he called out to her.


Uh oh. Thought Rumble.

Rumble ran out of the hut to go find Sweetie Belle. He didn't know where to look.


Sure enough, she came running back.

"Oh." she sighed, as Rumble showed her the newspaper.
"You better stay here, Sweetie."

Sweetie nodded and walked in. She closed the grass wall behind her.

"Sooo," she started.
"About that night..." she said awkwardly.

Rumble started to remember the night he tricked her. The night they...

"Was it a one time thing?"

Rumble coughed into his hoof.

"I was just wondering.."
"No, its fine... I was thinking about it too."

Sweetie looked up at him.

"So, was it a one time thing?"
"Augh, I don't want it to be!"
"Then it doesn't have to be."
"Sweetie, we're so young!"
"It was never a problem with Dia.."
"Now Sweetie."

Sweetie sat down on the bed.

"Sorry, I shouldn't have said that."
"Its just... I don't know."

Rumble stared at the wall.

"If age is a problem... I can do a spell."

He looked at her with a weird look.

"You want to make us all grown up!?"
"Just for sex?"
"You're crazy, Sweetie Belle."
"I know."

Rumble smiled.

"Soooo yes?"
"I don't know..."
"Rumble! Let's just try this."

He was half way through nodding his head when the aura around her horn started to glow brightly. They hovered in the air a bit, and they soon came down to the ground, dizzy.

"Woah- my voice! It's lower!" Rumble observed.

Rumble looked up at Sweetie. She may be a crazy demon, but boy, was she on fire. Her magenta mane flowed across her shoulders, long and messy. Her legs were longer and brighter, a perfect shade of white. Her eyes were, well, normal. Beautiful and green, shining with every move she made.

"Uh," She started.

He stood there like an idiot. But he was ready.

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