• Published 20th Sep 2014
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Can You Hear My Sweetie Bells? - Blue Valentine

Sweetie Belle felt as if she never got enough attention from her sister. She felt neglected by her sister. She never got the chance to bond with her sister. One day, something tragic happens. If Sweetie can't have a sister, no one should.

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Chapter 7: Sour Apple Pie

Sweetie Belle walked up to the barn to find the Apple family. They were together. Why were they always together? They were always doing things together. Eating together. Playing together. Working together. Talking with each other. This aggravated Sweetie.

"That's not fair."

Sweetie never had that with Rarity. Sure, Rarity made her meals and talked to her some. But they weren't apples to the core. Rarity was a seed, and Sweetie couldn't bite her way to the middle. Sweetie Belle knew it was to early do do anything, so she came home. Rumble was huddled up in a corner, scared for his life. The recent morning, Sweetie Belle couldn't find her Rarity doll. She went crazy. She finally found it, but Rumble was already traumatized by the way Sweetie had acted. So when Sweetie got home, Rumble was curled up in a ball in the corner of the little grass hut.

"Hi, Rumble. I'm going to work tonight. At Sweet Apple Acres."
"Uhh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh ok."

Rumble ran into a near by wall and tried to escape.

"EEHHHAHHHH let me out!"
"Rumble! Calm down!"

Rumble ran into the wall again.

"Silent colt in a silent night..."

Rumble collapsed into a peaceful sleep. Sweetie went to Canterlot and visited a random house. She hid inside a bush, and started singing her song. Soon after, a filly came into the bush, hypnotized. Sweetie took her out of the trance but pinned her against the wall.


Sweetie Belle touched her hoof with the needle and the filly collapsed. Sweetie flew up to the window to see a mare doing homework on a desk. Sweetie giggled.

Sweetie got her needle ready and ran to Sweet Apple Acres.

"Oh, Applejack..!" Sweetie hummed.

Sweetie then saw Applejack walk into the barn with a crate of fresh apples. Applejack had bags in her eyes. She must have been tired from a full day of bucking.

"Whoo-eeh! Ahm tired!" Applejack shouted.
"That's why I'll be helping you, silent mare." she quietly giggled as she watched Applejack plop into a pile of hay.

Sweetie climbed a tree, and began to sing her song.

"A silent filly in a silent night. A silent pony picks her fight. When you fail, don't come crying. Sweetie Belle will see you dying. She won't help you, not anymore. She's to busy with her gore. Once a cutie mark crusader, now she'll crusade just once more."

The song wasn't for Applejack. It was for Apple Bloom. And just as planned, Apple bloom came outside. Sweetie sang her normal lullaby, and Applejack came out of the barn. Sweetie froze both of them.

"What 'n tarnation!"
"Hello, Apples. Heehee."

Applejack only wanted to protect her sister.

"Don't even think about gettin' your dirty little hooves on mah little sistr!"
"Oh, AJ, AJ, AJ. I would never hurt Apple Bloom."

Sweetie Belle jumped out of the tree, on to the ground. She walked up to Apple Bloom and started to stroke her mane with her hoof.

"Uh, Sweetie?"
"Shhh, Apple Bloom."

Sweetie walled up to Applejack and got out her needle.

"A silent Mare..."
"WTF, is this a PIE?" shouted Sweetie Belle as she wiped her face.
"Your darn right it is!" shouted Granny Smith as she walked over to Applejack.
"Get back, old mare!"

Sweetie blasted a black beam of magic at Granny Smith, and she fell over.

"Oucheeh! Auh kids these days." she got back up, but Sweetie pinned her down.

Applejack ran to Granny Smith, but Sweetie Belle blasted her backwards. Sweetie got on an angle so that Applejack would see exactly what was going to happen. First, she would kill Granny, to give Applejack extra pain. Then she would kill Applejack- as planned. Sweetie aimed the needle at Granny's left hoof, and began to sing.

"A si-"

... Granny Smith kicked Sweetie in the stomach. How could she feel it? Who knows?

"A MEAN old mare in a stupid night. Stupid ponies crashing kites. My kite got entangled in yours. Just be quiet while I kill you with my um, needle!"

I could have done better... Sweetie thought to herself.

The needle was one centimeter away from Granny, when the aura surrounding it stopped glowing. The needle simply fell to the ground. So did Sweetie Belle.

"I've always been the best darn tut'n apple bucker in Equestria." said Applejack as she brushed off her hooves.

"Wh-where am I?" Sweetie Belle asked as she got up from under the covers.

She was in Apple Bloom's room. She saw Applejack looking at her, and she hid under the covers.

"Uh, Sweetie?"

Sweetie came up from the covers again. She looked... normal. She looked like her body was fading though.

"Um, I'm kind of dizzy."

"Sweetie! It's you!" Apple Bloom ran up and hugged Sweetie Belle.
"Um, I'm kind of dizzy."

Apple Bloom jumped and went to get some wet towels and a glass of water.

"Hey, Applejack? What just happened?"
"Wah don't we just forget this ever happened."

Sweetie nodded quickly, as she began to fade.

"Uh APplejack! Cam You coME HEER?" Sweetie twitched.
"Uh what is it Sweetie??"

A few minutes later, Apple Bloom walked in with the towels and glass of water. She dropped the glass, and she watched as her life shattered into 1000 pieces across the floor. Apple Bloom felt the heat of the towels burn the surface of her hooves as she saw her sister on the floor with a needle in her arm. She slowly looked up to see Sweetie Belle take three black orbs from under the covers and put it inside her body.

"You said... That you would never hurt me. We would be friends forever..."
"And I didn't lay a hoof on you. Only your sister and well... your grandmother."
"Sweetie Belle you just hurt me. Raht now. Don't you understand what it feels like to lose somepony you love?"
"Hell yeah, Apple Bloom."
"Ah don't think you know how it felt... to see your best friend kill your sis and watch her lay there on the ground..d-d-dead."
"Oh, I think I would, knowing that I killed my beloved sister."
"You- WHAT!?"

Sweetie hopped onto the floor next to Apple Bloom.

"And it felt so right."

Author's Note:

Yes, i know this escalated kinda fast... the whole story kinda did. Lets just say this is a "short" creepypasta. A story, not a book.

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