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Scotland voted for independence from the United Kingdom today, but another, equally shocking event also occurred: the Crystal Empire decided to join.

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I could see the Crystal Ponies enjoying a nice island in the North Sea.

In some way, I'd actually like to see this happen:rainbowderp:



One tiny technical error: only the London one is called Prime Minister, while the Wales, Scotland, and presumably Crystal ones are First Minister. Otherwise this is an amusing story; favouriting just in case it turns into a series, though you tend to do one-shots. :twilightsmile:

5021059 Brits in, please. We can do more together.

Why? Why?

Can we please not do this?

He he he. So is Scotland now independent?

5021269 Nope. Polling's not over yet.

5021095 Good on ya, Jimmy.
5021611 Well at least we both agree that things would be better for us Scots if we don't listen to Salmond. :trollestia:

5021269 The votes are counted this night. Results will be made public between 6:30 AM and 7:30 AM (GMT)

Isn't it odd when you get your world news from pony fanfiction?
I didn't know the vote was today until I saw this.

This should be an episode in S5.

That was highly amusing.

Damnit! You got your Scottish-themed fic out before mine! I'll get you for this...
*shakes fist*

Nice story:pinkiehappy:

I wonder how it will stack up against mile's inevitable Letters chapter:rainbowhuh:

As a Scot, I'm tempted to throw my political opinion out but I'll probably get swamped with cunts telling me I'm wrong. :ajbemused:

This happened just as much as the other thing.

No reference to the fact that Scotlands national animal is the unicorn ? Opportunity missed.

The Crystal Empire being located in the North Sea would make a lotta sense.

5021026 Or near Norway. Maybe Cadence and Shining Armor can visit that place for a vacation.

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