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Though not a fan of clop (mostly) the actual plot here is interesting. Can't wait to see what future Dash will do.

Well past Dash has been screwed and now future Gilda is tattoo'd!

I am totally on board with this. i like how you built Gilda's homelife.

Haha! Dash just made a huge mistake. Better get ready to wear that ring, Dash. Gilda wasn't kidding when she said mate for life.:twilightblush:

Bucking all the live long day.
Does that mean Scootaloo has a griffin for an aunt?

Warning: Contains griffon on pony action, Futa Gilda, barbed penises, and 0% dignity.

I'm a fan of a good warning label. It doesn't warrant an auto-fave, but it does mean you have my attention.

Tracking for the concept, the content and the Chapter names... the chapter names made me laugh quite hard.

I give this a like only because I really like the concept. But ... futa. :pinkiesick: No thanks!

Almost perfect idea though, again, thumbs up for that!

5018675 That's future rainbow dash's problem! :moustache:

,,,, Ohhhh. I just figured something out. Gilda was taught that ponies don't count when it comes to life mates, so Dash's cutie mark should not have shown up...


If Dash had some, even minor, griffon/hippogriff linage, it would explain how the magic worked AND Dash's craving for chicken salad.

Mmmmmm.... chicken salad... with walnuts, mayo, dill, and dried cranberries.:rainbowkiss:

5020721 Hmmm...But how would that happen, since ponies don't count in the first place? Did that rule come up afterwards?


I think the rule is based on the magic, and if Dash has some griffon blood in her family then the life mate magic probably reacted to it. What if Dash is a better flyer than other pegasi because some underlying griffon genetics gives her an edge?

Could have done without the Futa or, for that matter the (shameless) clop altogether, but hey, its GILDASH, so that's an automatic read, and the plot is interesting and potentially cute.

Have my upvote and fave, lets see where this is going :heart:

Feathermark Day!


Aaannndd cue awkward silence.:rainbowlaugh:

I think RD'd probably get sick from that...

Good chapter! But, I suggest you go back and state their current age or at least what year of school their in or theirs body sizes.
We can guess, but we shouldn't have to, especially when there's sex involve.:raritywink:
Makes it harder to visualize!:moustache::trollestia:


You know what else might become future Dash's problem? A bun in the oven. :pinkiehappy:

Well, that escalated quickly.

Griffons may mate for life, but they're only the second-best lovers in the world! The hedgehog, widely regarded as Equestria's (and the planet's) best lover in all existence, mates not for life, but for death. Which may not make sense. Unless you've been fucked by a hedgehog.

Contains griffon on pony action, Futa Gilda, barbed penises, and 0% dignity.


well seeing as how this is Equestria and they always seemed a more mid-evil society to me, I would imagine the age of mating would be around oh....15, maybe younger. All in all, I have no problems with this at all.

Also, poor poor future Dash.

I know Dash likes to go fast, but for a story that seems to be plot-focused, that was a pretty quick jump from hanging out to having sex. I'd be caught a bit off-guard if I gave someone the equivalent of a massage and they had an orgasm from it.

5022309 First bring me your first born.

Or a coconut.

5022577 Its time like these I ask myself questions like:
If friendship is magic, what is love/lust?
Who took the cookie from the cookie jar?
What if all the insane people are just the only people who can see the world as it really is?
Has science gone too far?
Ooh! A shiny thing!

You have my attention.

5022972 Coconut it is.
Cookie Monster

5024110 ....Well?

5023201 The answers are all the same. And it's so simple too! The answer is - ooh shiny.

my dignity and morals

They fought the good fight. :rainbowdetermined2:

...only being held up by Gilda's talons as she buried herself in Dash, jets of hot seed making her taut belly swell out.

I do hope more of this happens.:rainbowkiss:

5024320 Shiny object is love. Shiny object is-

I'm actually really interested in the worldbuilding you're doing here surrounding gryphon society. Keep up the interesting work!

well now, this was posted and everything on my birthday. took me a bit to get to it, but i got it... and dang is it a good story so far. gildadash is a little rare for me, but enjoyable. hope to see more

This actually seems really nice so far. It's hardly as pointless as you make it out to be (and the clop is nice). Looking forward to the next chapters. :twilightsmile:

RD eating gildas sandwich is the best:rainbowlaugh:





Yeah okay I'll favorite.

The bird jokes.........The bird jokes!!! They are endless! :rainbowlaugh:

This is really good.

Just imagine whatever the age of consent is in your local area and we'll run with that.

What I thought of...

15 aint late teens but whatever :ajsmug:

Nope. Horses can and do eat meat.

An interesting start. I am worried about the fact this is mature rated and mentioned futa, but I decided to read tugs for th story, and currently, u haven't given me any reason not to read on, so I will

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