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I have a fairly boring life. I go to work, I get home, I read, then I visit my dad in hospital. When things go wrong I have nothing left. But when I see what appears to be a pink baby horse poking around in the trash on my way home, things start to turn around for me.

Cover art by Ushiro no Kukan, check him out:

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Comments ( 29 )

Wait a second, I think this story was already posted....

Pastel-pink colored, in your short description.
Also in your long description it would be pink baby horse without the comma. You're talking about a baby horse that is pink, not a horse that is pink and a baby.

are you doing a possible sequel when this is done

Um... i'm confused...

Read this in like 5 minutes and felt nothing.

I always wanted a Pinkie inspired MLD, but this just feels... short

Felt like i just read a newspaper article about another war in syria or something. I had no feelings at all. Just... empty.

Why was this Featured, again?

Guys give him a break. This is his first fanfiction (I'm guessing sense he only has one story on his profile). No one starts out as a pro and he should be encouraged for his efforts. Keep going dude!

Small. But sad, so gooooord

5596732 Thanks, man. No-one else it cutting me any slack.

5595646 If you're implying I copied MLD, than yes, I was heavily Inspired by it.

5595710 Actually, it is finished, but I'm open to any final edits before it's marked 'Complete', also I might do the sequel following the life of the colt at the end if this story gets popular, if not I'll make a new story.

5597979 No problem man. I started out just like you. It just takes practice.

5597980 Actually no, there was one that was like this. Same kind of plot and what not, but yours is different, and they didn't find Pinkie Pie in a trash can. They found Applejack somewhere instead.

Nice parallel between my little dashie and the double rainboom video. maybe there can be more with Nathan actually being invited to Equestria?

5608530 Finally, someone picked up on the reference!

Not a defibrillator.

Comment posted by ContagiousCreation deleted Mar 17th, 2015

Did he.... did he just develop Pinkie Sense?

...I'm getting a lot of 'My Little Dashie' vibes here.......:unsuresweetie:

6571409 100% Correct there my Friend. I was heavily inspired by that absolute gem of a story.

its not too bad... I'd say this is nice for a light sunday afternoon read,

I have one question.... how much did you spend for that cover art. Cause I don't think it was worth for what this became.

Uh, but where are the Paragraphs?
While short, this is still a terrible wall of text.
Clean it up, and it just may be fun to read.

At least you put in the paragraphs her.
While it is not detracting too much, but there are some issues with punctuation here.
Oh, and this time around, we're introdued to the scene before the end, not just an excuse for feeling sad for the guy. (in this case, Nathan)

Where are the exclamationmarks?
Someone told you not to use them?

This does look like the coresponding scene, where "Dashie" was taken back to Equestria.
Though it seems as if elements of "Double Rain-boom" has been mixed into the set.

If not in this story, but will there be any kind of continuation, about what happens to Nathan and his new foal?
Could you link me to the story?
We all started there.
That could be a refreshing breeze.

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