• Published 22nd Sep 2014
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The Continuing Adventures of the Most Insane Human to Ever Appear in Magical Horse Land - midashguy

The chaos of the most random living thing continues.

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The Chapter in which Explosions and Amazing Adventures Happen

It was calm and quiet in the Evil Lair of Really Evil Evilness. Deadpool was napping before he and Old Spice Guy began their ultamate plan to Randomize the universe with their secret weapon, the Super Evil Universe Randomer™. It kinda looking like an over sized banana.

Deadpools nap was cut rather short when the one wall blew up in a Michael Bay Explosion and the Squiggle Force Nine entered through the hole and assumed a somewhat heroic pose.

"Gah! Stop them!" Deadpool wailed. "The Super Evil Universe Randomer™ hasn't finished powering up! We must stall them!"

Instantly, Old Spice Guy burrowed up through the solid stone floor, and pulled out the Legendary Old Spice Product, his weapon of ultimate power. It turned into a nice smelling Lightsaber, and he began charging at the group.

Sheogorath and Discord looked at each other and grinned.

"We'll handle this." The said in unison, wielding various household cleaning appliances as weapons. The trio clashed in an epic fight of personal hygiene products and Febreze Air Freshener.

"Arg! Gotta do everything myself!" Deadpool grumbled, grabbing his katanas.

Michael Bay and Caboose stepped forward.

"I think we can deal with him." Michael muttered.

"I think he can deal with him." Caboose mimicked.

Michael Bay pointed his finger dramatically at Deadpool and where ever he pointed exploded. Caboose ran around chasing a butterfly, occasionally bumping into Deadpool and knocking him off balance. Everytime an explosion blasted Deadpool into the air, the whole room want slow motion cinematic.

Pinkie Pie and the Human ran over to the Super Evil Universe Randomer™ in an attempt to stop it before it could be activated, but it finished charging mere moments before they could reach it.

Before their very eyes the banana shaped super weapon morphed and shifted.

Until what remained was a giant Red and Black Alicorn OC named Blade Reaper.

"I am the Seventh Element." It bellowed.

"Noooooo!" Pinkie Cried.

"Muhahahaha!" Deadpool laughed. "Nothing can stop us now!"

"Nothing but our powers combined!" The Human shouted as our six heroes linked arms. "GO GO Squiggle Force Nine!"

"No! What's that theme music! Ah! They can't be the protagonists! Nooo!" Old Spice Guy screamed as Squiggle Force Nine assembled into their Ultra Form.

A giant robot named Steve.

The robot and the cliche' Alicorn wrestled and pummeled each other.

"He's too powerful!" Discord exclaimed from his cockpit, which was in the robot's elbow.

"Yes we can!" Michael Bay shouted from his cockpit, in the robotic shoe.

The robot punched the Alicorn OC in the face and the fist exploded, which caused the whole Evil Lair of Really Evil Evilness to explode as well. The explosion was seen by a blind man two hundred miles away. That blind man later grew up to become Santa Claus.

When the smoke cleared, the Squiggle Force Nine lay at the bottom of the smoldering crater, the universe saved.

"We....we won?" Pinkie Pie asked hopefully.

"Yay! Giant robots and explosions!" Michael Bay cheered, hugging Sheogorath.

"Can we do it again?" Caboose asked.

"Good Job team." The Human beamed.

"I have one question." Pinkie wondered.

"The answer is turkey." The Human responded sagely.

"Why do we call ourselves Squiggle Force Nine if there is only six of us?"

Author's Note:

The Squiggle Force Nine theme song in a nutshell