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lived in Germany until i was 8, then moved to Russia until i was 17 where i was moved to Florida of the USA for these last few years. So sorry if Gramatically I not very good


While working on a spell, Twilight accidentally causes spike to split into 6 different versions of himself

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 73 )

Not bad
Facing this cuz I like the idea


Oh man, this is some RICH STUFF :rainbowlaugh:!!!

I mean, yeah I knew there would be 6 spikes, but seriously, THE ELEMENTS OF HARMONY? That was golden!

This is just...amazing. But I have a question for you. Is Twilight Spike the normal spike? Or did the normal spike disappear when the six element manifestations were made? Still dunno :rainbowhuh:

hmmm.....preety good start, Ijust hope Rarity's Spike start to act like her:twilightoops:


Trackin' :pinkiehappy:

I think Twilight's spike not a normal, just very clever n' stuff

I can see the end game now spike gets turned back to normal and they all force him to help them anywhys he'll never have a moment to himself again (on the upside maybe he'll have a harem) :pinkiegasp:

Faved for being awsome and intresting continue good sir

480650 i think they all spilt idk im not sure?

Well, one chapter in and it's already better than the original...
That's a good sign, right?

Keep Goin':yay:
I can wait for next chapter!!:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:

I wish i had a spike:fluttercry: Great story

Moar. I demand it. I DEMAND MORE CHAPTERS! :flutterrage:

so i just realised your the author of your other story so refrence not orginaly intended but im gona claim i was being clever all along (why is their no rainbow dash with shades emoticon)


481733 in the middle of being written... :raritywink:

Patience is a virtue :scootangel:

LIAR 481751 -grabs u and growls-

482256 well fine... if you don't want the next chapter... i'll just stop

482976 no no dont -lets go- sorrry :twilightblush:

487026 for the record... i started working on that one chapter about a week before talking to 'starkie' about using his story idea... so be patient... i'm working on it

I am disappointed by the lack of a plot and/or the lack of plot. DECIDE!

Still better than the original story. Actual development!

Well... not bad :eeyup:

Ooh im sure their be all kinds of plot when were through :raritywink:

Must admit though a little curious how you went from planing a clopfic to a everyone fic


Really good one, i'm looking forward to the next chapter, tough i feel like this chapter was really short, still very good job!:twilightsmile:

Very good. Short, but very good. Do not become too rushed. Your pace is fine, but chapter length is short. if that makes sense:facehoof:

495476 that makes perfect sense... but what doesn't make sense is Max commenting the same thing 4 times in a row, minutes appart from one another 495263 495270 495273 495314

Im not dissapointed by the lack of plot, I m dissapointed by the lack of words:ajbemused: ~850 words, really?:rainbowlaugh:


I think i just cloned myself? stoopid lag :derpytongue2:

The real difference is this one is good.

The real difference is this one is good.480891
:fluttercry: Can't you let me be awful in peace? (Judge me on the other stories I've done)

I WANT A UPDATE NOW :flutterrage:

I'm gonna be perfectly honest with ya... I can't think of jack sh*t to write... everything I type sounds like garbage, it has massive holes, and most arn't even long enough to be as long as the Twilight chapter... I'm stumped right now and my school work isn't helping

613445 Will ill be glad to give you any ideas if i get one just let me now if you going for comedy or what. but sorry all i can give you is ideas. bad spelling and grammer so sorry. thats all i can do if you want any help that is.

that'd be great... I'm working towards romance between the ponies and their spikes (each to fall with their own)

614264 ok give me a day. out of the top of my head i was think that at one point the have to go back togther or he dies. since each one is a part of him they took a part of his sanity so slowly he goes crazy each and ever one so that way you may be able to have a fight or two amung the dragons themsleves.

Wait wait wait!!! the other spikes isn't jealous of the one who gets to spend all day with rarity?

ok i see spike never becoming one again, each pony keeping him for themselves.

skip the rant just read the bottom

man it stories like this that piss me off :twilightangry2: great ideas concepts themes with only 2 chapters you got a good momentum going their short but hell decent reads all the same and then the story just stops on a dime causing my over creative imagination to come up with wonderful stories branching plots ect, ect..........and then like a slap to the face i'm reminded one very important fact i cant write stories worth shit oh i can tell stories and i and rant but legitimate writing eludes me and so i sit festering with all this ideas and no way to "put them to paper" i can paint beautiful lands and bring to life heart rending and soul soothing characters in my mind but my hands reject the brush or the pen or the keyboard or any other physical way for these wayward creations of thought to be brought in to our mortal realm....

.....just so you know it took me over an hour and a half to transfer this rant from my head to my screen

....all and all you need to update moar really love the story so far :pinkiehappy:


I know exactly how you feel... I too often pace about around my house either thinking or ranting about the story I'm reading (often going on these in the middle of sentences) and by the time I say or think about the story, I forget almost everything about what I said/thought...

but the thing is with this story is that I was caught up with the initial idea and had no overlying plot... (I was thinking too much about pairing all the girls with Spike then I should've been thinking about a reasonable story to let it flow on)

and if you happen to read my conversation with "spikethed" in the comments (just 3 above yours I believe) I'll let you know that he has yet to contact me about ANY ideas to help the story along

836228 in truth i read all the above comments and i may or may not be,.......i guess intoxicated is the best word not drugs or alcohol but a mere three hours of sleep total for the past 2 days and i have an idea if you want it just ask and ill pm you its no where near complete but still it could be a start or a spark for your on fire and by the by i wish to say sorry for being and ass lack of sleep is no excuse:fluttershbad:

I had my first 2 hours of sleep this week last night... so i know how you feel... and sure, I'd love some insperation...

836320its away let me know what ya think

Is this story dead? please say no/ :fluttercry:

1536058 To be honest... I wrote it a while ago as a fluke... never really put much thought into the story... just the premiss... However! If I get some free time and finish up the other stories I'm working on (that are desperately in need of work) ... I'll see what I can do...

:ajsleepy: I need a break... but I can't have one

1536082 Tell me about. It's school for me stupid learning. I just wanted to know because I have about 8 pages of stories that has not been updated in a long time.

1536254 well... I'm trying to finish my college classes, verify my current certification (because I might have to pay another $1000 to get another one of the exact same thing from another place because they simply don't accept the one I currently have), I also have to find work, make payments (when I have the money), fight my depression, filter out my thoughts and ideas (I have about 20 for new Spike romances written down somewhere), get inspiration to write more for my other stories (and no, I will not continue "The Changeling's dragon" because 1. I don't think it will be anywhere near as good as the original one-shot and 2. because I can't really think of much other then "Twilight follows Spike, she finds him and her, they talk/fight, she gets accepted, fairy-tail ending) and a few minor things that aren't really that important...

but other then that... I'm doing good :ajsmug:

1536357 dude $1000 foe the same thing? that is BS but then again if it is school they have this hoops and shit and it is like people just $hIT money.

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