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"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." - 1 Corinthians 13:13


Food ponies have it rough. For one thing, the ultimate pleasure lies not in physical touch, but in being, well, eaten, some enjoying this pleasure to the fullest and losing their lives. Parmesan, a pizza pony, came to Ponyville after narrowly avoiding being eaten in Manehatten. She never wanted much out of a relationship, but it would be nice to find at least one pony who can treat her normally without looking at her like she's just a breadstick. So, when she meets a fun loving pink mare that tastes of cotton candy and isn't bothered by her gooey complexion, she can't help but get a little cheesy.

Art by Kooner01 of DA, Credited to swaetshrit of DA

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 106 )


The story was great, but now that it's over...


best story ever:pinkiehappy:
now im strangely hungry for pizza

Note to self: posting a story as "completed" causes it to bypass the home page completely, gaining minimal views. Way to go, me. :facehoof:

Edit: or it just takes a little bit for it to post. This is what I'm hoping

That was...um...wow... :rainbowderp: I'm not even sure I...I don't even... :pinkiecrazy: DAMNIT PINKIE!!! Quit doing things that completely defy all logic! :facehoof:

First I was like, "It's Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie."
Then I was like, "What the Buck am I reading?"
Then I was like, "All right, I'll see my good friends Common Sense and Reason right out the door and Let imagination stay the night due to a hangover. He can't drive when he's over the limit you see."
So with all of that out of the way... What's Phase Four?

Of fuck. Food ponies?
Shipping with food Ponies?
Shipping with Pinkie?
Pizza pony?


In the middle I was like..... Nope and left then I came back and was like *sigh* fucking perseverance then after I was done I just shook my head and left

.... The Fudge did I just read? :applejackconfused:

475964 ...the fudge did I just write? :applejackconfused: I have no answer for this. This is just plain buckin' weird.

I sincerely hope phase four is just eating the other alive, and just that, because if it's anything else that'd be weird as fuck.
Also, this story was weird as fuck.
But, the concept was interesting, and I can't say I've read anything like this ever, so you get a thumb up, favorite, and moustache based on originality and sheer ballsiness. I do have a problem with the pacing. I kinda wish you dragged it into a proper romance, but the level of sheer fuckitude in this fic probably prevents such developments, so a good fic nonetheless.
Excuse me while I bid my sanity goodbye.

it is different from most fanfic but good:derpytongue2:

I've just realized this opens up a whole world of food ponies.
Oh god, the possibilities. What kinda pony would a sushi pony be?
Gah! Meat ponies!

While I won't say what Phase Four is, I will say the Complete Devouring is considered the ultimate experience. But it is also.... FORBIDDEN!

I know exactly what I read. And I liked it.

You just couldn't let me think it was eating the other alive. No, it has to be something else.

This was interesting, but it wasn't nearly weird enough to register on my what-the-fuck-ometer. Especially with Pinkie, the bar is set pretty high. You could have at least had something happen at the end like Rarity admitting to being a marshmallow pony and then joining in at the end. Or maybe even called the phases something food related, courses maybe?

Still, it was a good read, well worth a thumbs up.

476093 I could easily have developed this into a full bodied romance fic, but it was kind of exploratory in the first place. I didn't really have any idea how it would be received, but lets just say I can think of... additional stories / content for this. Also, I could have gone into phase four and beyond, but I have this eerie feeling that I'd have ended up delving into M rated content and turned off a number of readers. Then again, maybe not. I am already up to my neck working on my next fully fleshed out, serious romance, but given the reception for this one... well, I won't promise anything just yet, but I am open to perhaps a continuation or sequel.

i have the weirdest boner right now.

and most likely stage 4 is sexytimes

I... what... idonteven:twilightoops:

well done sir. You have shattered my grey matter. excuse me while I join Barking Mad in the ponyville asylum. :moustache:

Presumably, the next logical fetish, after Vore, is Poop Ponies? Goddess, I hate Earth.

Well... that was... odd, not in a bad way but definitely different.

Also that explains why pinkie is so hyper all the time, being made of sugar would definitely have to be the ultimate sugar rush :pinkiecrazy:

This was deeply weird, and well-done deeply weird at that. I do very much hope you come back to this idea.

The idea of stealth food ponies like Pinkie Pie intrigues me. It makes sense - she's not a pizza, she isn't going to drip oil or melted cheese behind her wherever she goes. She can live undetected in pony society for years... just how many more of these food ponies are out there, sleepers hidden in our neighbourhoods?

(Cheesy as it is, marshmallow rarity and apples-apples-apples Applejack are too good to pass up).

What the fuck.

I'm aroused, confused and going awww at this story at the same time. Only pinkie can do that.

Whu... What did i just read? :rainbowhuh:
*Recalls the fic* Oh, the fanfic that gave me a new fetish. :pinkiehappy: Thank you, kind sir.
Also, the last two paragraphs are doubled! Is that intentional?

483859 Nope, just a silly mistake. Fixed, and thanks for pointing that out! :twilightblush:

Why am I aroused by this? And I am now hungry. And my perception of pizza has been permanently altered...
I don't even...

Edit: Also I would give this 5 stars if I could

I believe that I parked my sanity outside somewhere near the door. I am left with a strange expression on my face and one thought in my mind: What the crap was that?

I feel like I just smoked something. My mind is discombobulated and out of joint. For all that, it's a good feeling. Not usual for a clopfic.

left with a smile, and a slightly odd hunger for pizza and candy...well written for an odd, but arousing combo of two physically demanding/stimulating things with an undertone of a deeper message..all in all, jolly good!very entertaining

damn you.
This story has made me embarassingly aroused, very confused, and tempted to make a full bio of food ponies to add to my current list of pony species.
And now that Rationality and Good Sense have finally sent in their request for permanent retirement, I'm just going to hang out in my head with my Imagination and his good friends Weirdness and Silliness, and their good friend Desperate Confusion.

You must make a new chapter.

This he mos kinkiest stuff I had ever seen in my life...I'll be honest,I liked it,a lot.

495085 Three words: "Study, Don't Taste."

498893 :rainbowlaugh:
very funny. But in all seriousness, this was an awesome story, and I really wish that it gets continued in SOME respect or another...

498948 ...I was being serious. I already have a plan. But my main stories take priority, and I must be in the blissful throes of insanity to write such things, so no estimate on when it will be written. Sorry! :twilightoops:

oh, sorry, thought you were making a pun.
Alright, well, if you have plans, I'll just sit back and wait, then

I... cant...even..... now imgoing to eat the leftover pizza in my fridge and find bag of cotton candy and eat them together i feel so confused and hungry plus it might tste good who knows.:derpytongue2::applejackunsure:

Edit: its actually really tasty but only if you reheat the pizza with the cotton candy on top.:moustache:

I read it twice, it's that good. Moar. Please Celestia MOAR.

Im going to go eat pancakes and pizza now:pinkiecrazy: great story

This is the best. :pinkiehappy:
I'm serious, this was one of the most awesome things ever. I wonder what phase four is?
Eh, probably being completely eaten. :pinkiecrazy:
And now that I think about it, this is technically a vore fic.:rainbowderp: Eh, what can ya do?

526842 The funny thing is I didn't even know the term vore existed when writing this. I just found the concept amusing, so I ran with it. I'd say it was on account of my innocent mind that I didn't know such things, but if this is what came out naturally... can I really call it that innocent? :facehoof:

Well, yes if you didn't know about it. And vore can be classifed as 'fetish for being eaten' which makes this about as literal a case of vore as you can get.
Which is why I love this. It takes a really weird thing and makes it completely natural. Awesome.

... I've read some weird shit before but food ponies are the top of the list. Phase four is probably sharing their bodies with each other.

I hope that their bodies regenerate. :pinkiesick:

Bahahaha! Ahahaha!!! oh...oh that was funny. Really, pfffffftahaha! this story was just so cheesy (Pardon the pun) Dude u so need to write more for it!

MOAR! :pinkiecrazy:

First I was like :derpyderp1:, then I was like :ajbemused:, and then :twilightoops:...

But by the end...

I'm a terrible person... :facehoof:

GOD-DAMN! That was GLORIOUS. Maybe its just my love of weird shit, but anyway, I loved this.
Also I cant remove the imaginary taste of pizza from my mouth.

._. i have no comments right now, as my mind is full of dafuq

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