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Every foal knows the story of Hearth’s Warming Eve, about how the leaders of the three pony tribes came to a peaceful agreement after the incident with the windigos. Fewer, however, know the events that surrounded it. About how the tribes kept from falling apart in their leader’s absence. About how close the leaders nearly came back to ruins.

Chapters (2)
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Tis good I say.

In terms of percentages, (ex:10%) how close is the next chapter to this fanfic to being completed?

2416521 Uh, not very. I had Chapter 3 written out, it just needed editing, but I wound up putting the story on hiatus and lost interest. I had intended to come back to it and rewrite it after I finished up my other fic (Magitank).

I actually did enjoy writing this though, so sooner or later, it'll be finished, but I can't promise it'll be any time soon.

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