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This story is a sequel to The Mailbox Compilation

Rarity has had a horrible summer. She was invited to Baltimare to make costumes for a local play, inadvertently caused a citywide riot, and that was only the start of her problems. Now she is coming home, intent on seeing the one pony who might be able to bring a smile back to her face.

Co-written by the wonderful and talented xjuggernaughtx

Edited by Squinty Mudmane and Setokaiva


Part of the Mailboxverse.

Chapters (8)
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Holy crap, this chapter... so long. I gotta put on my big-boy pants now. :rainbowdetermined2:

She leaned in closer to Pinkie, “You’re doing wonderfully, darling. Are you sure you’ve never tangoed before?”

“Uh uh,” Pinkie replied through clenched teeth. She was trying not to drop the rose Rarity had given her, but talking and holding the rose with her teeth was turning out to be a little tricky. “‘is is kinda like ‘ancing an’ ‘ugging at ‘he same ‘ime!”

Yes... "Hugging." That's what Tangos resemble... :trollestia:

3358480 Well, Pinkie has a hard time saying "Playing Twister" with a rose in her mouth.

3358527 I was thinking a different two-syllable present participle would do better as a descriptor, really :trollestia:

Incredibly sweet and heartfelt. Definitely put a smile to my face.

Now I have to read more of those letters so I can catch up on what's going on.

3358543 Baking? I don't think it looks like baking at all... :pinkiecrazy:

3358624 Well, to be fair, Pinkie does realize a little further along that it's rather more intimate.

Wow Steel.....just wow. The feels are strong here. I'm very much looking forward to more of this, and I definitely can't wait to see the mailbox project finished! What a way to start things off. I also have to say that I can't get over how perfectly you write both Rarity AND Pinkie, especially Pinkie. You're able to keep her true to the fun-loving, hyper, sometimes over the top Pinkie that we are all used to but you don't portray her as an idiot like so many others do. Bravo good sir, thank you for sharing.

3359246 I'll take credit for Rarity, but Pinkie was all X.

Please make sure he knows how impressed I am with this. I know a lot of people admit to having trouble writing Pinkie and he did an incredible job here. Don't sell yourself short either, 'Green' gives us a fantastic Pinkie Pie as well.

Steel, you and xjuggernaughtx worked so had on this, and it really does show. You each have your characters nailed down perfectly, everything is natural and flowing, and there is the possibility of more to come. You both are amazing, your writing together is amazing, and I can not say enough good things about this or you both.

I know some authors have trouble when they try to collaborate, but you two were able to work together so well and make this amazing piece.

Just... Bravo.

You guys did an amazing job on this. Bravo. Bravo.

3359420 Thanks so much for that and for reading this! I love writing Pinkie and I have very strong views on her. I think she's very pidgeon-holed and underestimated by a lot of authors. I like her to be her crazy, zany self, but she's a lot deeper to me than she usually allowed to be. There's a lot going on in her mind that she usually keeps to herself. With Rarity to talk to, it'll be nice to explore some of that.

You'll can be my fish anytime Pinkie
No, Rarity, you can be mine.
*Cue sax music*

Ok, that whole "your/be my fish" thing, was nothing short of amazing! Keep going dude(or dudette) I like it!

3361178 I don't know how we got on that 'fish' thing. Steel just threw it out when Rarity was dealing with Slipstream, and I decided it would be very Pinkie for her to fixate on this thing that Rarity just said as an offhoof remark. It seemed like a silly way to describe a very serious subject, and therefore very Pinkie.

Dear Steel Resolve,
Even though I'm a sucker for romance, I abhor shipping. I find it most bland, uninteresting and, to put it bluntly, just plain stupid. Your works, however, seem to avoid this rule of mine, being the complete opposite of what I just had stated, so give yourself a pat on your head, look into the mirror and say "Good job, you fucker!" and slap that ass, because fuck me, this is good.

With love, your favorite most important non-specific central nervous system inhibiting neurotransmitter,
Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid.

PS: If you mention this to anyone I will hunt you down and eviscerate your entire family.

3361394 Your secret is safe on this end. Of course your delivery method means you might need to slaughter many families :pinkiecrazy:

3360639 Its tied for my favorite. Pinkie and Rarity are just adorable together.

3361284 The whole TwiBowJack thing is... well I have my own thoughts on that sort of thing, but its certainly not enough to keep me from liking this!

3361634 I can't speak to that. I just control Pinkie in these stories. I'm certainly very happy to hear that you enjoyed reading this, though. Steel and I really wanted to put our best foot forward!

3361581 Wow! Loeden has been lured from her lurker status!

3361735 I know, right? :derpytongue2: Ah, seriously though, the transfer to a new jobsite got hectic when for a short bit I was working in both locations. I'm back now, ya-hey-hay! :raritystarry:

3361818 Let me be the first to say that we are thrilled to have you back!

3361828 Yay, thanks! :pinkiehappy: Oh, didja see that Present Perfect was reccing your Discord fic the other day? :pinkiehappy:

3361898 Yup! I follow that guy. I noticed he had reviewed Diary of a Silent Tryant and he assured me he was getting to Pliant Tyrant next. That was a relief. I like my first Discord story, but it's pretty old now. My writing has gotten better since then. I was really honored that he liked the story so much.

Five bits says I know why Cheerliee was doing shots while grading papers.
Also wonderful story, you nailed the pandora's box that is pinkie pie

3365577 Thank you very much! I have a great time writing Pinkie Pie. It was really nice to know that I could do some interesting things with her in this story and know that Steel would be right there with Rarity to make it work.

I am both happy and sad at the same time!
It's :raritydespair::heart::pinkiehappy:
Poor Rarity. :fluttercry:

Yes, I can get behind this. Definitely looking forward to more. :twilightsmile:

“Who’s the pernicious Pinkie Pie pretender putting one over on my pal?”

“Why, it was Mr. Waddle all along!” she gasped, needlessly pointing the aged pony out to Rarity. “What are you doing in there, Mr. Waddle?”
Mr. Waddle’s scowl deepened and he rose slowly from the mud bath with a disgusted sigh. “I was trying to have a relaxing day, and I’d have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for you meddling fillies!”

It's a reference to Scooby Doo! :pinkiegasp::rainbowlaugh:

Off in the corner was Cheerilee, grading papers and occasionally taking a shot.

Are the grades in her class that bad that she needs to inebriate herself while grading their papers? :applecry::unsuresweetie::scootangel:

Missed opportunity here. Why no Berry Punch at the bar?

As soon as the story turned to Pinkie Pie and when Pinkie started talking, this story blew me away! I loved Pinkie Pie in this! It's a very interesting take on Pinkie Pie. She starts off almost uncharacteristically manic but as the story progresses she becomes deeper and more serious. It's cool to get deep inside Pinkie Pie; you don't see that a lot. Now I did read Rarity and Fluttershy's letters, and I guess I'm going to have to read everypony else's letters. (Especially to find out what the hay happened with Twilight, Applejack, and Rainbow. :twilightsheepish::applejackunsure::rainbowkiss:) Now, I'm very familiar with your story "Green", and I'm aware you have a mature Pinkie Pie/Rarity story, which I've not read because I don't really like mature stories. To a certain degree here and in your letters, you've brought these two concepts together. Rarity was in love with Fluttershy but just as in one of her nightmare scenarios in "Green" it turns out Fluttershy doesn't really like mares or her in that way. And know she's moving on to Pinkie Pie. :pinkiesmile: I like how Pinkie Pie's feelings for Rarity grow subtly as the story reaches its climax. I also like that unlike in "Green" where Rarity and Fluttershy spend an almost agonizingly long time just longing for each other until somepony finally did something :yay:, Pinkie Pie just puts her cards on the table right away. :pinkiehappy: Rarity at least gives her a hopeful answer. :duck::raritywink: I look forward to seeing where this is going. Keep up the very good work.

P.S. Are the Mailverse Letters going to be published as a story or is just going to be in that group forum?

3387612 There is a collection coming, once the last letters are complete.

3387612 Well, thank you! I really enjoyed writing Pinkie Pie for this. Pinkie is such a versatile character, and I don't think people really explore what she's all about often enough. I'm thrilled that you liked where we took her! :pinkiehappy:

Mother of Celestia, this is amazing! I especially appreciated the way Pinkie was portrayed. Pinkie Pie =/= Idiot!
Pacing was great, it felt like the show (but with some... References. Hint hint. Wink wink. Nudge nudge) lol-worthy comedy, and characters are definetely in-character. I can perfectly imagine Pinkie sliding her face on the desk like that in the show XD
Now I must read ze letters! :D
Liked and faved!

3391013 It means a lot to me that you enjoyed Pinkie in this story. I really wanted her to show some sides to herself that the other ponies don't get to see that often, alongside the funny stuff.

Normally, I can't envision Pinkie with anyone, but OMG this was amazingly done. I really think they were adorable and I wish I could read more. Please consider writing more and thank you for such a wonderful story.

3535896 Just so you know, we are in the process of writing a new chapter (which, at these lengths, is the same a new story), so you will have some more to read of this in the near future. I'm happy you enjoyed Pinkie in this story. She's very special to me, and I try and write her with care. I couldn't do it without Steel, though. His Rarity is tremendous and it give Pinkie something to lean against.

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