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Ditzy Doo is making her usual mail rounds in Ponyville when she happens upon a strange black box. After discovering that it is not food she takes it to twilight sparkle for further testing and experimentation. Testing takes a turn for the unusual when a voice calling itself Siri speaks to them from inside the box. the voice, while disembodied, is incredibly helpful. after a brief experience with YouTube Twilight learns the only thing Stranger than a voice in a box, a nasty green pig-king stealing from a flock of irate birds.

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Comments ( 22 )

i lol'd... this is good, although twi is being a bit meant to derpy... its not her fault!!!!:raritycry:
stay pon3 my friends

XD loved it! I liked the idea that you sort of introduced exactly who owned the phone.

Superb story

Thanks guys, was not expecting this kind of response (first fic and all).:yay: However, i can't take full credit for the story idea, this is a response to a local competion.:twilightsheepish:

475457 first fic eh? pretty good. My first fic was fairly bad... at least I think so... apparently the fans disagreed, forcing me to continue it. I now have 4,000 total views XD and very few of them look at my other better stories... :pinkiesad2:

477655 sorry to say it but there WILL NOT be any more chapters to this. and the odds favor this will be my last pony fic. i broke my own rule about fanfics just by coming to this site. it's becoming a downward spiral. i'm losing myself to the ponies.

474914 the way i intended it originally Twilight was not nearly as snarky. i had to cut down a lot of the story, though, to keep it under the word limit of the contest this was written for. If i write another, i'll be sure to work on that.

its no problem man:)
but an edited version to push twi a bit more canon would be great:)

477877 I see. Shame. Ya got some talent there. But I can sure understand losing oneself to the ponies! I'm doing.... a pony podcast, fanfictions, AND plushies. Beat that boi. :rainbowwild:

478715 I'm doing plushies and art and now fanfics. It gets worse as the weeks go by. this stuff isn't that big and i really like it but i'm afraid of delving to far and reaching R34. i avoid shipping as is but it's getting harder and harder.

479103 haha, I can understand that. I write all sorts of stuff, though, and I have no trouble avoiding R 34. But whatever suits ya is fine, bro.

Yes yes yes. Win win win.:pinkiegasp:

481934 I don't get everypony's fascination with my work.:twilightsheepish: It could be so much better. It could have been if there wasn't a word limit on the contest. But all the same, people like my writing!!!:pinkiehappy:

487134 because it's good! That's why

Alright. I give up.:facehoof: I guess this just means i'll have to enter next month's contest.:rainbowdetermined2:

You must continue! This is too epic a story to leave me hanging! I can't wait for the next chapter!

495210 Sorry to tell you, but there will not be new chapters. I didn't leave myself much to work with. It was a one off. But if you like my work i should have another story up in a couple weeks.:twilightsmile:

okies! works for me! I van't wait to see it :pinkiehappy:

Nice little idea. Enjoyed reading it :pinkiehappy:

Yeah, keep it up. That was funny :rainbowwild:

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