• Published 15th Sep 2014
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They're Back! Yujo Sentai Poniranger, Returns! - The Gamer Master Archive

A few months after the Poniranger defeated Tirek, Equestria calls for they're aid once again with new adventures in other worlds.

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My Little Clock Up

Rainbow Dash POV

Rainbow Dash was not happy in her cloud house. She would usually have her human father down on the ground close to it but, he was put out of commission by a red rider with a beetle motif.

Kabuto, I will never forgive you. I don't know who sent you, but I'm sure a white alicorn is that one. I won't forgive you!

"What is exactly this power to turn magic or other forms of power into keys?" Adagio asked Darth.

"That power is known only as Yujo. It is a power that only seven humans possess. It makes them a chosen one. As you probably know, one of them is me, and the others are standing in the way of true power. Those Ponirangers. Either way, this is how we were able to keep so many Second Rider keys with us. They aren't just keys. Yujo also gives us the power to join with who our destined partner is. However, I still haven't found mine." Darth said holding Gatack's key.

"Gokai Summon!"


Seeing as how Rainbow's cloud house is what the photo showed, Maya and Rainbow followed us to the mission. When we were walking to the cloud house, we saw Kamen Rider Gatack here.

"Gokai Change!"


"Hade ni Ikuze!"

As we kept on fighting, a red rider appeared at the speed of light defeating Gatack leaving us with the key. As we headed back we saw another human on the Galleon.

"Oh, um, hello there. Um, my name's Brian." He said.

"Oh, well my name's Patric, and you probably met Applejack and Rainbow Dash."

"Yeah, because one of them's my partner." Someone else said who looked exactly like me.

"Hey, Applejack is my partner."

"Hmph. It's obvious that I'm the real one."

"Brian, this is similar to a Worm, is there anyway to tell the difference?" Spark asked.

"None at all." he said while my clone and I were basically playing rock, paper scissors to win.

"Wait, I remember Natsumi doing something to Tsukasa, before they left again." Maya said. "Laughter Pressure Point!" She did it to the other me and he started uncontrollably crying. When she did it to me, I was the one who was laughing.

"It's c-clear who the real one is now! I-It's obviously me!" I said while laughing as the Worm left.

We went off to try and find it where we found Rainbow Dash of this world.

"More humans, wait can't get close to them. I don't want them to end up like Pops." She said flying away.

We decided to follow her in order to talk about what she said earlier. She was sitting on the side near a lake.

"You shouldn't have come here. If you come to me, later, you'll regret it." AW Rainbow Dash said.

"Why is that then?" Maya asked.

"My father was killed by a red guy with a beetle mask killed my human father. After he was able to come to Equestria from Earth. I guess Celestia must've hired this guy, said his name was Kabuto. I can't ever forgive her, or Kabuto! And if I get close to other humans, I'm afraid he'll kill them too!" She said with tears in her eyes.

"What was your father's name?" Maya asked.

"Why do you want to know?"

"Because depending on his name I may be able to shed some light on the situation."

"B-Brian. His name was Brian."

"Well, then I'm pleased to tell you he isn't dead. Brian come on out!" Maya said showing Brian to AW Rainbow Dash.

"Dashie." Brian said.

"Daddy?!" AW Rainbow Dash jumped into Brians arms into a warm embrace for a while until AW Rainbow Dash asked the question people wouldn't truly care about.

"But how?"

"That 'me' that wasn't me. That was a Worm. Kind of like a changeling, but there's no way to tell the difference. I was Kabuto. I was basically trying to kill my clone."

"And you failed." Another Brain said. "I'm still here."

"Dashie go to Twilight's. I be right there after we take this faker down." Dashie nodded and flew to Twilight's. When she was gone, the Kabuto Zector appeared and the Rider belt appeared with it as the six of us grabbed the Boukenger keys.



"Gokai Change!"


"Just who do you think you are?!" The now fake me said.

"A passing through Super Sentai team! Remember that! Attack!"

We've all used all of the weapons the Boukenger used, with Kabuto doing Clock Up. At the end the Decadriver appeared.


"Things might get crazy!" I said as Kabuto transformed into the Zecter Kabuto.

As he flew around Maya and I jumped as I used the Final Attack Card.


Kabuto went back into Rider form on the ground as CLOCK UP activated with Maya and I kicking downward and Kabuto doing a side electric kick.

With the Worm on the ground, it transformed into me.

"You wouldn't hit yourself would you?" It said. I then proceeded to smack it. "I'll remember that!" It shouted bursting into flames.

After the battle this world's Rainbow Dash and Brian saw us off as we were leaving.

"So you guys have to leave?" AW Rainbow Dash asked.

"Yeah we have more worlds to save. We can't stay in one place for too long." Maya said as we said our goodbyes.

When we went back to the Galleon we looked down seeing that world's Rainbow Dash as happy as ever with her dad. Cadence smiled and pulled the chain revealing Carousel Boutique with a symbol in the middle.

Author's Note:

Alright this story is based on the very many sequels of My Little Dashie, where the human, in this case Brian is in Equestria with Rainbow Dash

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