• Published 1st Oct 2014
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Story Shuffle - FanOfMostEverything

Thirty-one one-shots inspired by thirty-one random Magic cards.

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Table of Contents

EoH canon: Happens in the Elementals of Harmony continuity.
EoH compatible: Does not contradict that continuity, but didn't necessarily happen there.
Not EoH compatible: Contradicts that continuity in some way; definitely didn't happen there.
OW canon: Happens in the Oversaturated World continuity.

1. Fish Out of Water (EoH compatible)
Tags: Sad, Slice of Life, Human
Characters: Sonata Dusk, Ditzy and the Quantum Mechanics
After the events of Rainbow Rocks, Sonata tries to cope with her new situation.

2. Last Trump (EoH canon)
Tags: Sad, Adventure, Historical/Mythic
Characters: OCs, Discord
The final battle for the Marengeti.

3. Mental Health Day (Not EoH compatible)
Tags: Comedy, Slice of Life, First-Person Discord
Characters: Discord, Celestia, a surprise
Discord shows Celestia how much he cares.

4. Core Values (EoH canon)
Tags: Sad, Slice of Life, Backstory
Characters: Big Macintosh, Granny Smith
Reliving memories on a grim anniversary.

5. Guest Speaker (Not EoH compatible)
Tags: Comedy, Slice of Life, Ensuing Hilarity
Characters: Discord, Cheerilee and her students
Fluttershy asks Discord to help teach the foals about fantastic creatures. See third tag.

6. Necessary Evil (EoH compatible)
Tags: Dark, Pre-Adventure, Worldbuilding
Characters: Celestia, Twilight
A meditation on the Hollow Shades.

7. Left Shaken (Not EoH compatible)
Tags: Pre-Adventure, Implied Dark
Characters: Celestia, Luna, Twilight, Discord
The father of all earthquakes strikes everywhere except Equestria.

8. Aftershock (EoH compatible, OW canon)
Tags: Slice of Life, Human, Human Ponidox
Characters: Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Rainbow Dash
After the events of Rainbow Rocks, pony Dash wants to have a word with her human counterpart.

9. Prismatic Mercy (EoH compatible)
Tags: Cool, Radical, Awesome
Characters: Rainbow Dash
A typical day in the life of the coolest pegasus ever.

10. In the Details (EoH canon)
Tags: Dark, Worldbuilding
Characters: OCs
A grim ritual is successfully performed.

11. Downtime (EoH canon)
Tags: Slice of Life, Metareferential
Characters: Twilight, Spike
Twilight feels she's overdue for a disaster.

12. Rock On (EoH compatible, OW canon)
Tags: Adventure, Human, Urban Fantasy
Characters: Maud Pie
Maud Pie can speak with stone. When she comes home for a visit, the rocks are screaming.

13. Peer Review (EoH canon)
Tags: Slice of Life, Comedy, Technobabble
Characters: Ditzy Doo, the Flimflam Brothers
Ditzy encounters a curious construct on her way back from an air mail delivery.

14. Contained Blaze (EoH canon)
Tags: Adventure, Crossover (more so than usual.)
Characters: Diamond Dogs, Spot (the short one,) a certain someone
The Diamond Dogs find themselves in possession of another troublesome unicorn.

15. Tomodachi Sentai Ponyranger (Not EoH compatible)
Tags: Adventure, What If?
Characters: Mane Six, Tirek, Discord
Dash jumps the gun on turning her Key of Harmony. Events proceed from there.

16. Tutti Frutti (EoH canon)
Tags: Slice of Life, Slice of Fruit, Backstory
Characters: Granny Smith
Zap apple jam wasn't made in a day.

17. Take-Home Assignment (EoH canon; author's note isn't)
Tags: Post-Adventure, Legal-Babble
Characters: Twilight, Celestia
Twilight writes about what she's learned today.

18. Lather, Rinse, Repeat (Not EoH applicable)
Tags: Adventure, Alternate Continuity
Characters: The Mane-iac, the Power Ponies, OCs
She's a hair's thickness from her old insanity, and Hoof and Mouth on the prowl. What will the Mane-iac do? Find out inside, true believers!

19. No and Yes (EoH canon)
Tags: Adventure, Angst, Forwardstory
Characters: Pumpkin Cake, a few others
In the not-too-distant future, Pumpkin Cake goes forth on a righteous mission that happens to involve a can of spray paint.

20. Military Tradition (EoH canon)
Tags: Slice of Life, Worldbuilding, Friendshipping
Characters: Shining Armor, Spike
Shining entertains a young Spike with stories of some of the Guard's greatest heroes.

21. Roundabout Route (EoH canon)
Tags: Adventure, Implied Dark, Third-Person Paranoiac
Characters: OC, one other
One stallion flees from a grim ritual, and from everything else.

22. Yo, Jimbo! (Not EoH compatible)
Tags: Slice of Life, Comedy, Friendshipping
Characters: Mane Six, Discord
Discord discovers the meaning of duty in the most obnoxious way possible.

23. My Little Ponzi (EoH canon)
Tags: Slice of Life, Adult Content (white-collar crime)
Characters: Babs Seed, OC, stallions who have a purely circumstantial resemblance to the Flimflam Brothers
The Invisible Hoof is a metaphor for market forces. The Visible Hoof? She's a lot more literal.

24. Without Haste (EoH compatible)
Tags: Slice of Life, Friendshipping
Characters: Applejack, Zecora
To something AJ's been invited. Zecora thinks she'll be delighted.

25. Reasonable Doubt (EoH canon)
Tags: Slice of Life, Implied Dark, Crossover
Characters, Lyra, Bonbon, Twilight, Spike, Ditzy Doo
Lyra's stint as Chrysalis's bridesmaid was not without consequences.

26. Marine Biology (EoH compatible)
Tags: Slice of Life, Dark, Worldbuilding
Characters: OCs
In the grim wetness of the ocean depths of Ungula, there is mostly war.

27. Matters of Interest (EoH canon)
Tags: Slice of Life, Friendshipping, Early Modern English Equish
Characters: Celestia, Luna, OCs
A month after Luna's return, Celestia finally has a chance to spend some time with her sister.

28. Born of Conflict (Not EoH compatible)
Tags: Worldbuilding, Historical/Mythic
Characters: OC, the founders of Equestria
A brief biography of a notable pegasus who survived the Great Freeze.

29. Alone in the Darkness (EoH compatible)
Tags: Dark, Tragedy, Worldbuilding
Characters: King Sombra
A stallion scribes his struggle against the shadows.

30. Coda (EoH canon)
Tags: Slice of Life, Obsolete Headcanon
Characters: Octavia and her quartet, OCs
Another night's performance. Of course, it's never just another night's performance.

31. In Amazing Technicolor (EoH compatible)
Tags: Slice of Life, Holiday
Characters: Luna
Nightmare Night's a busy time for the mare of honor.

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