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The Seventh Element - PaisleyPerson

Thestrals are thought extinct. But what will happen when one moves to Ponyville? Disguised as an earth pony, Acrylic does her best to fit in. Can she keep the secret, or will she expose her entire race?

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Chapter 38: A Proposal

Chapter 38
A Proposal

I was gathered in the front row by the stage with everypony else lucky enough to attend this special event. Ponyville had done a good job of keeping the whole thestral thing hush-hush so the rest of Equestria would be in for a big surprise. There was a loud clamoring; rumors had been going around that this would be like no other Summer Sun Celebration Equestria had ever seen. Rarity had finished the first dress in record time, and had begged for me to display it during our grand appearance at the festival. Currently, all thestrals had positioned themselves around the crowds, wings hidden. There were a few more backstage to help Twilight with her big finish. Celestia stepped up onto the stage, and everypony hushed.

“Citizens of Equestria, it is no longer with a heavy heart but with great joy that I raise the summer sun. For this celebration now represents not the defeat of Nightmare Moon, but the return of my sister, Princess Luna.” Luna took it from there. I readied myself.

“It now appears that I am not the only pony of old who has returned,” the moon princess announced. I prepared myself for story time. “Before we begin the opening ceremony, I am going to tell you a tale long forgotten through the generations. Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria, there were all different types of ponies, who lived in separate worlds, not caring what became of the others. There were earth ponies, who cultivated the land. Unicorns used their magic for all sorts of purposes. Pegasi maintained the weather. They lived in a fragile balance forged amongst themselves. You all know this story. But what your books do not tell you is that there was once a fourth pony type. Thestrals used to reside over the forests, and watch over the woods no other pony dared to enter.” Gasps rippled through the audience. I smiled to myself. I appreciated the valiant depiction Luna gave of us. This would greatly help the integration of thestrals back into society. “However,” she went on, “the thestrals were growing tired of the woods. They longed to join the pegasi in the skies, or use their magical fire alongside the unicorns. They were a strong breed, and would have been well suited to farm life with the earth ponies. They tried to mingle with the others, but no pony would share their land with them. Rejected even by their counterparts the dragons, they became jealous, and thought that the only way they could belong was by controlling the Elements of Harmony. My sister and I defeated them a thousand years ago, and thought them to be extinct. The appearance of a thestral at Princess Cadence and Shining Armor’s wedding last year proved us to be incorrect. Today, the ancient evil within the thestrals we failed to defeat all those years ago has finally been vanquished. It is my great honor to cordially welcome thestral kind back to Equestria!” That was my cue.

Ever since the evil had been removed, I found wing retractions to be a lot less disgusting. We could still hide them at will, but rather than the nauseating crunch of bones, they appeared and disappeared in a quick, painless flash of fire, tinted to our own personal colors. Mine was still simple white. I felt them sliding through the wide slits in Rarity’s dress, which was held firm with a thick black leather hem for support. Gasps rang through the audience, and I was given a wide girth as my wings sprouted. I looked around to notice other wide bubbles around my fellow thestrals.

Luna leapt into the sky to lower her moon. Next, Celestia followed her into the air to lift the sun. Now it was my turn. In perfect time with the others, I jumped into the sky, performing graceful twirls and spins as we’d practiced. I parted in time to make way for the backstage formation streaking across the sky. It was time for Twilight’s big finale. She shot up above all the rest, using her magic to conjure a pink star shaped firework to envelope all of Canterlot. The crowd went wild. That was a big weight lifted off my shoulders. They would accept us. That wasn’t to say we wouldn’t face the occasional bump in the road, but we were back. And this time, we were here to stay.

Due to the special guests, the celebration was extended from a brief morning ceremony to a day-long festival. This was Pinkie’s doing, of course. Before the party could begin, though, Celestia again requested our attention.

“In light of recent events,” she started, “we must make a special announcement.” Luna took great pride in delivering the good news.

“It is my great honor to announce that thestrals are formally invited to partake in this year’s Equestria Games, to symbolize their official reintegration to Equestria!” The crowds roared. I, too, jumped with glee. We were going to the Equestria Games? “In just a moment, I will leave you to your festivities. But first, my friend Torchwood has a special message to be delivered.” I cocked my head. He hadn’t told me about this. Luna moved to the side, and Torchwood took the mic.

“Thank you, Princess Luna,” Torchwood formally began. I gave him my full attention as the crowds settled down. Though the whole celebration had started to focus on the return of the thestrals, a few ponies seemed uncomfortable with one actually up on the platform. Torchwood sensed the tension and tried to lighten the mood. “Are you all having a good time?” A chorus of stomping hooves and whistles confirmed this assumption. “Good. I’d like to start by inviting the beautiful Acrylic Storm up on stage with me.” I froze. Me? Up there?

“Come on, Acrylic. Don’t be shy,” he playfully chided. Blushing a deep shade of red, I timidly mounted the stairs. I was feeling a hint of stage fright, feeling all eyes turn to my wings. “You all remember Acrylic, don’t you? The one who crashed your wedding?” This roused good-humored amusement from the audience in the form of chuckling and giggling. I should have been upset, but I found it surprisingly relaxing to know that they took it so lightly, and laughed along with them. “Alright, now to get down to business. Acrylic, I have something to ask you.” I searched his eyes, hoping for a hint. My heart stopped when he knelt down to the stage. He was so tall, it only brought him just below my eye level. He turned around, nodding to the curtains. Blaze, fitted in a smart-looking suit, scurried out with a small box. Blaze pried open the lid for him, just to reveal a sapphire encrusted ring inside. My breath caught in my throat. The crowd ooh-ed and ahh-ed as they realized what was about to take place.

“Acrylic, you believed in me when even I didn’t believe in myself. Now I see that I can’t live without you. You’re my other half; you’re the pony I want to spend the rest of my life with. So, Acrylic Storm, I ask. Will you marry me?”

“Yes!” I eagerly exclaimed, blinking joyful tears out of my eyes. The ring was removed from the box, suspended from a silver chain, and placed around my neck. The crowd whooped for us. “Yes,” I repeated more softly as he drew me near. I heard one pony weeping more loudly than any other, and looked down at Pinkie in the front row. A waterfall of tears poured out of her eyes just like the Princesses’ reunion in the Everfree. She loudly blew her nose in a hankie. I giggled, too elated to care about her absurd antics.

“Hey, you know what this calls for?” she asked, happy and bubbly once again.

“A PARTY!” everypony in attendance cried. Vinyl Scratch hit the music, and the festivities could officially begin. I welcomed Blaze onto my back, tenderly nuzzling him for a job well done as Torchwood’s wing colt. Or in this case, wing dragon. Torchwood started to lead me off stage when a familiar voice attracted my attention. I was finally able to match the voice to a dark gray coat. Graphite Sketch had showed up after all. I looked at Torchwood, and we exchanged mutual looks. It was better to settle matters here and now. We could at least see what he wanted. I was already in front, so I led the way backstage to meet the stallion.

“Congratulations on your engagement,” he began. “It was a beautiful speech,” he added to Torchwood.

“Thank you,” Torch simply stated.

“You didn’t just come to congratulate us,” I probed.

“No,” he agreed. “I also wanted to give you this.” A familiar key was displayed, and then deposited into my hoof.

“The key to my shop?” I observed.

“When I heard it had gone up for sale, I wanted to hold it for you,” he explained. “I believe you’ll find it untouched, though perhaps a mite tidier.

“Graphite...” I was too stunned to even begin expressing my thanks.

“I can’t change the past, but I can try to make up for it now.”

“Is that an apology?” Torchwood cocked an eyebrow. Graphite had to swallow his pride for this one.

“Yes,” Graphite finally gulped. “It is.” Torch moved in to give him a friendly pat on the shoulder.

“Then I forgive you,” he said.

“You do?” Graphite looked surprised.

“I’m marrying the Element of Forgiveness! I have a reputation to uphold, you know.” I giggled at the comment. He smiled back.

“Well... good luck to you both, then,” Graphite said, still slightly dazed. Torchwood finally led Blaze and I back to the festival.

Our friends were waiting for us. We were swarmed as soon as we appeared from behind the curtains.

“Congratulations!” Twilight exclaimed.

“I can’t believe it!” Pinkie happily squeaked.

“I’m so happy for you,” Fluttershy put in.

“I do believe this will be the first thestral wedding Equestria has seen in a millennium!” Rarity realized.

“I can already tell that this is going to be the coolest wedding EVER!” Rainbow exclaimed. “Can I do a sonic rainboom at yours, too?”

“And you must allow me to design the dress,” Rarity pleaded.

“Whoa, whoa! Isn’t it a bit early to already be planning? Torchwood just proposed. Literally. About five minutes ago, remember?”

“Acrylic’s right,” Twilight chided. “Let’s just enjoy ourselves tonight. Details can be taken care of later.”

Torchwood and I got a dance or two together, but then one of the young thestrals approached and asked if he would put on a show for them. A few were so impressed with the small scale display that the stage was prepared once more so the whole audience to watch. I turned to refill my cup at the snack bar, and got together with Rarity. Surprisingly, she was all on her own when I found her.

“Hey,” I called.

“Oh, hello, Acrylic. Where’s Torchwood gone off to, then?”

“He’s getting ready to dazzle the crowd with his fire dancing skills,” I chuckled.

“Fire dancing?” she sighed. “I do have a lot to learn about you.”

“You’ll get used to it,” I promised.

“So, does the whole world make more sense now that you’ve found your very special somepony?” Rarity asked.

“No, actually,” I answered. She looked surprised, but said nothing as she waited for me to explain. “It makes less sense than ever. I have so many questions about what happens next that only time can answer. Not to mention questions I still have left over from the whole thestral mishap.”

“Well, I don’t know that I can answer anything about marriage,” she said, “and I know very little about thestrals. But let’s hear one anyway.” I thought for a moment, sifting through the sea of inquiries swimming through my mind. My questions about marriage and my new life seemed too hard to really be put into words. I finally found the thestral question I realized had been weighing on my mind for a year.

“My cutie mark,” I slowly stated.

“What about it? It’s back, isn’t it?”

“Yes, but why did it disappear in the first place? A transformation spell shouldn’t have removed it. Unless there’s something more to my special talent. Part of my thestral side that I’m supposed to incorporate in my art?”

“I’m afraid I’m not following you,” Rarity fretted. “The spell changed who you were. Isn’t it logical that it could change your talent, too?”

“It changed what I looked like, but not who I was,” I corrected. “What if there was a part of me that couldn’t perform my special talent after the thestral was removed?”

“Perhaps it was just a spell gone wrong,” Rarity suggested.

“Maybe,” I agreed, “but I can’t help but feel like there’s something more to it than that.”

“Don’t worry yourself too much, dear. You have enough on your mind as it is.” I smiled in agreement, watching Torchwood appear up on the stage. It didn’t matter here and now. He did. And I knew that eventually, we could figure it out together.

Rarity and I joined the others to watch the show. The lights dimmed to give good contrast, but the stage lights flicked on from above for emphasis. As Torchwood appeared on stage, the curtains parted, revealing an unusual background that I instantly recognized.

“But that’s my-” I began to protest. It was the one I’d been preparing for the Summer Sun Celebration with Luna and Celestia.

“Your masterpiece?” Discord finished from behind me. We all jumped at the sound of his voice. “Yes. Yes it is.”

“What’s it doing here?” I hissed.

“You sound surprised. It was far too extravagant to leave in that dusty old castle, so I brought it here. I think it belongs someplace special... the royal gallery, perhaps?”

“Don’t you dare,” I warned. “You’re going to get me in so much trouble!”

“Oh, you wouldn’t want to disappoint the Princesses, would you?”


“Are the ones who requested it be moved,” he interrupted. I paused. Was he being serious? “I may have also heard something about a second royal portrait being moved to the gallery. Maybe one of Shining Armor and Princess Mi Amore Cadenza? Maybe the one you made a year ago?”

“What about Graphite Sketch’s painting? They already moved his in.”

“Yes, well, unfortunately that has to stay too. But your original piece is being added.”

“Oh, this is just a night for good news, isn’t it?” Rarity quietly shrieked. (The show was starting, and she didn’t want to disrupt the audience.)

“Were you here when Torchwood proposed to Acrylic?” Pinkie excitedly asked.

“No,” he answered. Even so, he didn’t look half surprised to hear the news. “But it’s about time that stallion made his move. I’m only surprised he didn’t ask sooner. You did say yes, didn’t you?”

“Of course!”

“That’s a good girl. Ah, I can hear the wedding bells already.”

“Will you stay for the show?”

“Me? No. I have some more paintings to move.” Dressing himself in a mover’s uniform, he trotted outside carrying a package slung over his shoulder. I rolled my eyes, and trained my focus on the stage. Once that draconequus had his mind set on something, there was no stopping him. Where was he even going to put all the canvases I’d completed? I suddenly felt guilty for leaving him with such a large task.

Green and orange flames lit the stage, outlining it in a dim, eerie light. Spike and Blaze took turns narrating old legends while Torchwood formed figures from the fire, depicting the stories in stunning accuracy. I wasn’t paying much attention to the legends, as I soon became lost in his gaze. The Element of Forgiveness and the Fire Dancer. Now that was a story waiting to be told.

The End

Author's Note:

A/N: Congratulations, people! You survived all 38 chapters! (I still applaud those of you who skipped a couple of chapters for coming to see the end.) Free bro hoofs for reading! /) (\ I hope you enjoyed The Seventh Element and my fanon with the thestrals. The sequel, Secrets of the Everfree, is also out. Be sure to check it out!

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DAFQ?:derpyderp2: 122K in one go?:derpyderp1: and it's your first fic? :rainbowhuh:
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Is this that story where a self insert OC is going to be the seventh element of harmony?

Ack, sheesh man 122,000 words? That's impressive, do you hail from devianart? I would think so.

And there's a sequel!

DAFQ?:derpyderp2: 122K in one go?:derpyderp1: and it's your first fic? :rainbowhuh:
need some explaining mate :ajbemused:

I just migrated from fanfiction.net because someone tried to plagiarize my story. This one was already finished, but I'm still posting the sequel which will hopefully show up here soon. I just have to catch up to myself.

Ack, sheesh man 122,000 words? That's impressive, do you hail from devianart? I would think so.

And no, I don't have deviantart, but I post characters and scenes from my stories on my pinterest account: http://www.pinterest.com/adoptpetz/


Oops meant Fanfiction. But still impressive, just be aware people have standards on here unlike Fanfiction.

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I can't say much more than I loved the story, now if you excuse me I have to go to bed and rest my neck. (Seriously I stayed up all night reading this from start to finish and at some point my neck ended up in a weird position and Oww. Anyway I'll be back for the sequel and perhaps a better comment tomorrow)

5012824 I mean the idea of it, at least

This story was incredible. I started this tale yesterday and I finished 5 minutes ago today. At first it starts off as a standard OC alongside Mane 6 story (not that I care or anything..... I was hooked after chapter 5) but after the wedding, things take a very different turn. What happened was a little too jarringly dark considering this doesn't have the tag for it, but I quickly recovered and was still on edge. I have to say, you built a great world here.

I look forward to the sequel. My favorite part here was how you made me like Rarity and Garble considering that episode drove me crazy. I am not fond of Rarity and I adored her here. Almost every scene had me appreciating her Garble was a bully and I am not fond of how extremely naive Spike was in Dragon Quest. I had to skip bits and pieces cause I kept wanting to facepalm about how naive he was being. You redeemed the episode fully in my eyes. It doesn't hurt that I adore dragons and it is about bleeping time that Spike has another dragon in the area.

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Also, thanks so much for all the edits. They've been fixed. :ajsmug:

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Well, the story had its flaws, but I can applaud the ambitious nature of it. Perhaps if you acquired some editors and prereaders and had a lot more professional critique ongoing with your works, you could make some great material. Whatever you do, don't lose that ambitious need to write, write and write some more.

It was good, but Acrylic forgave everypony much too easily. And the whole new EoH thing kinda was meh... You could have went so many different directions that would have been better, but it was still decent...

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

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Good lord its been 70 weeks and people are still screming about the wings
This proves talent

What I wrote was not saying one way or the other was mutually exclusive. But the story (least from what I can remember from over a year ago) implied that one must forgive to stop hating. You can stop hating but not forgive which is perfectly fine. The character was a bit of a Mary Sue then turned into a punching bag, then back into a Mary Sue.

For me, the story became painful to read but I had so hoped it would get better.

I had read this story before but I had forgotten what it was like so I read it again. I still love it :heart: even though one chapter brought real sad tears to my eyes which shows how great it was written :twilightblush:

Though I do think that she did forgive everypony a but too easily, but she is the element of forgiveness and she's learned a lot about how to forgive somepony no matter what they did. Your plot and characters were splendid as it always was :twilightsmile:

Blah blah she forgave too easily blah blah Characters should've been a little harder on themselves for doing that to Acrylic (how is that pronounced btw) yada yada yada I'm sure you've heard this PLENTY of times. Some grammar problems.

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If you don't mind, this story has been added to New Horizons, a group dedicated to exploration. Oh, and exotic species and how they interact with their surroundings, which this story has!

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Read the whole book start to finish didn't skip anything you need to wright more like these well onto the SEQUEL

“When I heard it had gone up for sale, I wanted to hold it for you,” he explained. “I believe you’ll find it untouched, though perhaps a mite tidier.

“Graphite...” I was too stunned to even begin expressing my thanks.

“I can’t change the past, but I can try to make up for it now.”

“Is that an apology?” Torchwood cocked an eyebrow. Graphite had to swallow his pride for this one.

“Yes,” Graphite finally gulped. “It is.” Torch moved in to give him a friendly pat on the shoulder.

At least he apologised

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