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The idea of a Human that comes to the Ponyworld and is somehow getting diapered is interesting. But the whole... "messy" thing is a bit to strong for my taste. It is just... not my theme.

I will not give an down vote for the Story, because you warned about the content and I agreed to read this at my own risk.

He looked at the world around him and found diapered, anthropomorphic ponies going about their lives.

Well it looks like Conner's having a....
( •_•)>⌐■-■
bad furry day.

Please tell me if you get the reference.

Do not continue reading if you do not approve of diapers, diaper usage, incest, or sexual adult situations.

I do approve of diapers, diaper usage, incest, and sexual adult situations. I don't approve of Human in Equestria stories and human OCs, but this is a commission, and I trust scribe-feather, so let's give it a shot.

It had been three weeks since Twilight Sparkle's experiments led to the social warping of pony life. Suddenly ponies found themselves wearing diapers and given intense diaper fetishes and sex drives.

No wading in the shallow end here, we just dove right in. I kind of like how the fic is basically acknowledging that it doesn't need a detailed explanation for why they're all wearing diapers. It knows why we're really here, so it just skips ahead to the good stuff. I don't usually recommend this approach for serious stories, but if this is the kind of tone that's going to exist throughout, I can totally get behind it. A reckless diaper romp would be a really fun change of pace from all the stories that try to take themselves too serious. "It's a diaper fic, you really should just relax and roll with it," it seems to say.

There's a couple of tense and word issues in the next few paragraphs, like this was written in a hurry. ("Strange noises emitted from the portal like anomaly", "The unicorn scientist describe in his notes", among others.) It's also written in a strangely distant style, like a history book, which is odd since these events are still unfolding.

We don't get much description of Connor. He's "a pink, hairless creature," but what's he wearing? What is his body type? Does he have any distinguishing features. He also doesn't seem particularly shocked to be transported here.

It will be interesting to learn more about the characters who have captured them. They seem to be pretty varied in their responses to him, which will be good for future interactions.

Looking at the list of warnings, it seems there's a lot that you plan to include in this story that you haven't yet. It will be interesting to see how some of these play into it, like watersports.

So far, I'm not sold on the "Human in Equestria becomes a test subject" premise, because I feel it's been done a lot before. But assuming this is just a restriction of your commission, it will be interesting to see what new places you take the premise. It seems like the story is going to be taking itself pretty seriously and playing the tropes straight, which is going to make it harder to get into it. But I'm still interested to see where you go from here.

5061127 Conker's Bad Fur Day, right

Comment posted by Brony Memes deleted Sep 30th, 2014

So Scribe Feather when are you writing the rest of this hmm?

5076377 *This is the part where I forget I am I am a robot* 11010011000!~

When's the rest of this beeing written?

you need to continue this O.o

.....O_O Whoa. Kay, that was pretty intense! Right, so excellent work in creating something about a human slowly being dominated and losing sight of himself as he's forced to conform to the society of these ponies.

how weak is Conner? sound like push over, or doormat.

Yeah was that a dream?

Conner's breathing became shallower and shallower as the diaper orgy continued around him. Ponies continued to rub themselves against him and his body was starting to betray him. As much as he hated diapers, hated this new world that stunk of urine, hated his captors for putting him through such torment....All this rubbing...It was enough to push him to the edge.
"I...I love my diapers!" the human finally exclaimed as best as he could through the ring gag. His cock strained against his well used diaper, painfully pressing against the padding before spurting out in toe curling pleasure.

Conner, you had one job. One job.

Conner you are weak fight back. crib,playpen, rocking chair can be broking down and use blunt weapons or as stab tools or use teeth.

Celestia obediently obeyed

The obedience has been doubled!

Comment posted by SwordOfWieldThe3rd deleted Jan 29th, 2015

Ok, after reading this messed up chapter, I Need Evil humans NOW, TO THE LOHAV GROUP.

this in more in the world of "don't eat strange gems"

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