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Hi there I like ponies Nuff said


When you've had a long day
When you've spent all day working
And when it starts to rain.

It makes you realize just how much you don't actually mind doing things. As long as they're for someone you care about nearby. After all, it's just another memory to make.

Caramac fluff coming at you

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A few grammar issues, but otherwise a nice piece of fluff. Well done. :twilightsmile:

Grammar hates me.

Noticed you have a few Caramac fics. Is this a sequel to any of them, or an independent tale?

Well, all of them follow the same time line and universe in a sense.
All my fic's are basically just "Days in the life, with Caramel and Macintosh" at different points in time.
I don't really link them together as one story because, well, technically they're no other connection between them other than they're all about the same thing and lumping them together as one story seems weird to me. One does not chronologically follow the other in a specific order..

I suppose i could, but then it'd just be one big story titled something like "The chronicles of my drabbles" all with little inserts. But they wouldn't really have a beginning or an end, especially since I've never written about how Mac and Mel got together (and don't really plan to). The stories also have varying lengths, like this one being double the length of what i usually write.

So yeah...think of them as...The Zelda timeline without alternate universes

K, I just wasn't sure if I needed to read any of the others first or if I could start with this one

4995541 This is partially why.
Putting them in a story hints that 'these are specificly linked somehow.'
These are all just standalone moments of Caramac, granted from the same universe and timeline, but they're all just fluff.
Plutting them in a story would imply there was some plot behind them

LLLLOOOOVVVVVEEEEEEE!!!!! :raritystarry:

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