• Published 11th Sep 2014
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Posh-ing Cherry, working Crème. - EPP

Red June is a simple farm pony who has huge crush on a prince, Crème is a high society Pony who wants to try how a simple life tastes like. Today they both will fulfill their dreams. With just a small bit of total catastrophe.

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Chapter 2a - Greatest, worst day ever.

June shifted uncomfortably from leg to leg feeling more nervous than during the cider season. The train she was on was about to stop, only mere seconds were separating her from meeting with her Prince.

Suddenly the train stopped and doors opened, she quickly looked in the window---since there were no mirrors from trains, expect the ones in toilets---she raised her hoof and moved her bang behind her ear, which quickly returned to its place on her forehead.

June took a deep breath and once again removed her red and white mane from her vision.

She smiled satisfied but soon her bang came back, she grinded her teeth and lowered her position a little, “Why does it have to happen to me,” she said. “Why when I’m working in the fields and don’t care about anything this stupid hair patiently waits behind my ears, but now when I’m going on a date—which probably won’t happen again anytime soon—I can’t get it to stay in place!”

June ferociously moved her bang behind her ear only to helplessly stare at it as it jumped right back on its place, her glare was almost burning a mark in her weak reflection.

June took a deep calming breath, she counted to ten and released the air from her lungs, along with tension and anger.

She looked once again at the window and she froze, she felt her cheeks burning in embarrassment as her eyes met with amused glare of Prince Valiant Heart who stood outside.

June chuckled dumbly and slowly lowered herself until she was completely of out his vision, she covered her face with hooves, Why from all the ponies in Canterlot, he was the one to see this. she thought.

“Miss? Are you leaving? This is the final station.” Conductor said.

“Yeah sure, just give me a moment.”

He shrugged and left June alone with her frustration, she took another deep breath and repeated the calming down process aunt Fluttershy taught her.

“All right, that’s not a big deal, I only made a fool out of myself in front of my date, that happens.” She stood up and shook her head. “Surely it does.”

June stepped out of the train with hesitation visible in her steps, Valiant was there waiting for her with same amused smile she saw through a window. He was dressed in a black tuxedo and white shirt beneath it, his neck was adorned by a bowtie with yellow and dark-blue strips which matched the colors of his mane.

“I’m glad you’re here, I thought you will never leave that window alone.” He said.

June suddenly felt the earth under her hooves melting and almost felt over. She looked over to the side and placed her stare on a train station main building.

“I tried to get my mane right”—she moved her stare back at him—“but I guess it’s a futile work.”

“It might be a futile work”—he chuckled—“but also an unnecessary one, you look beautiful.”

June’s eyes widened and her stared quickly moved over to meet his eyes. “Really?” She asked not believing her ears.

“Yeah, really.” He said and offered his hoof to June. “Shall we go?”

June felt her cheeks once again burning, but this time it wasn’t a bad feeling, it was irritating but overall a happy one. “Y-Yeah.” She said and took his hoof.

Valiant smiled, they walked out of the train station and were immediately greeted by an old pony wearing a tuxedo, who turned out to be their chauffeur. They entered the big luxurious carriage while the old pony gave his workers a signal to start running, and so they were off.

June could literally hear her heart pounding in the chest, but it was all right she could handle that much. Soon however that changed as Valiant who up till now was sitting fairly far from her moved closer.

And closer.

And closer.

And finally she felt his foreleg going behind her back and gently landing on her shoulder.

Panic took over the poor farm mare as she didn’t know what to do in this situation, with hundreds of thoughts swimming around in her mind she did what her instinct told her and slowly laid her head on his shoulder.

For June the situation she found herself in was both the most amazing and the most terrifying one.

On one side, she was leaning sweetly on the Prince of Crystal Empire, how great is that?

On the other hoof, she was leaning sweetly on the Prince of Crystal Empire, what can be more terrifying than this?

They stayed like that leaving June a lot of time to decide whether she’s happy or scared, but before she could figure it out their carriage stopped and after for moments she heard hoofsteps outside.

Their chauffeur opened their doors and bowed. “Sir, we have arrived.”

Valiant took his arm off her which brought both relief and irritation, this confusion of feelings in her minds was slowly driving her mad.

“Thank you.” He said and turned his attention to June, “Shall we?” He asked.

“Y-yeah.” She said with a nod of her head.

“You don’t talk much do you?” He asked.

“Well I got it from my father, you should have a dialogue with him it’s like talking to a wall.”

“Seriously?”—he let out few laughs—“It can’t be that bad.”

“Well he has his moments, but usually it’s either ‘Eeeyup’ or ‘Noope’”—she chuckled—“I sometimes wonder how the hell did he manage to date my mother.”

“Well I don’t see how not talking much is a problem here besides—“

“My mum’s a linguist.”

“Okay I can see the problem”—he scratched his head—“maybe your father could give me some advices how to pick up ladies.”

June couldn’t help herself, she laughed loudly and shoved Valiant lightly with her hoof, after few moments she remembered where she was, and who she just shoved.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to I—“

“It’s all right”—Valiant massaged his sore arm—“I have to say, you have a better punch than most of our soldiers.”

June once again felt embarrassed and lowered her head while also avoiding his gaze. Valiants smile faded away, he leaned over her shoulder, “Did I say something wrong?” He asked.

June sighed. “No, it’s just that, that I’m nervous.” She said deciding to tell him the whole truth. “I never dated anypony before, and”—she once again took deep breath—“I really like you, when you first came around with Illusion I thought you are just some narcissistic Prince, but you quickly proved me wrong. And as you helped us work on the farm I couldn’t help but notice different things.”

June felt his arm gently moving around her left shoulder, he leaned over and placed his other arm over her right shoulder embracing her in gentle, comforting hug.

“If you don’t want to, we don’t have to go in there,” He said “But you know, I asked you out on the date only because I really wanted to, when we worked on Sweet Apple Acres you really caught my eye.”—he felt her hooves on his arms—“how much work you put in your chores, how you were always there to help your cousin, the fact that you didn’t care about how you look, yet you are one of the most beautiful mares I saw, and trust me on this one”—he chuckled—“I saw a lot of them.”

June turned around with a small tear in a corner of her left eye and huge grin on her muzzle, she broke free from his weak hug and jumped out of the carriage, “What are you waiting for? We’ll be late.” She said.

Valiant, who at first moment was taken aback by her actions soon caught up with her and once again offered his hoof, which she took without hesitation this time.

’After all, this is the most amazing thing.’ She finally decided, she felt strong and confident, she thought that nothing more could possibly leave her terrified tonight.

“So this is a restaurant I chose for us, do you like it?” He said and motioned with his free arm towards the building.

June for the first time since they got here turned her attention towards the restaurant and froze. Her muzzle became pale as she stared at probably the biggest, the most baronial structure she ever saw.

The entrance was big enough to fit in standards of royal castle, the huge pieces of wood were adorned by breath-taking carvings, the entrance was covered with stone roof which was hold by a line of columns. The way towards the building was adorned with red carpet, on which some rich-looking ponies walked towards the building.

“Breathtaking right? Wait till you get inside, it will get even better.”

June let out a breath she didn’t realize she was holding, “I wonder if my heart can survive this.”

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Comments ( 4 )

The entrance was bigger than her barn doors

I'm sorry for what about to type but it has to said.....The above quote sounds ENTIRELY Wrong to me....

some advices how to pick up ladies.”

"some advice on how to...". Advice is the plural of advice. :derpytongue2:

Also poor June,I hope she doesn't get a great attack from all of this. XP

Is this fic going to be updated?


6657804 Sad thing is I don't really know how to answer.
I would like to finish it, thus why I am not changing the status from "incomplete" to "hiatus", but at the same time I can't really put my hand on how I would like to continue this fanfiction.

There are few other stories of mine that ended up the same way, this is why sometime ago I decided that after I'll finish Love in The Night, every single future fic I will update will be already completed, be it one shots or longer stories, to avoid such situations.

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