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As the month of May wanes, ponies all over Equestria light candles and other fires to remember those who have passed on to whatever afterlife awaits them.

Princess Celestia is no exception, even if all of the candles she will be lighting are hidden in the privacy of her bedchambers.

This year, however, something new has happened.

A friend of hers, with whom she has recently reunited, is also observing this time of reminiscence.
But what will that one be doing to remember the fallen and the lost?


Chapters (1)
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Well, unto the breach we go...

4998065 Sorry, I was busy doing the derp dance :derpyderp2::derpyderp1::derpyderp2::derpyderp1::derpyderp2::derpyderp1::derpyderp2::derpyderp1:

Good to see this up. :) Not much more to add, since I read it beforehand. ;) But still good to see it published.


I really liked this, it was rather moving. :moustache:

The 'double edged sword' of immortality. You live on endlessly, however those around you do not. While the memory of the good times with them remain, as does the memories of the pain from their loss. :unsuresweetie:

Also the inscription from Chrono Cross is not lost on me. I found it to be rather sad when I first found it. His alternate self having died so young like that. :fluttershysad:

I ran out of tears long ago......Man, does time fly...


Haha, yes, that IS something I wanted to show with this story, I guess I wanted to put some humanity in my OC.

And then there's the comic that directly inspired this fic, which was slightly rewritten to fit the universe I'm putting this in. I happened to read it on Patriot Day 2 years ago, and the next morning I got the idea to write, and the rest is history.

Which is funny, since I'd read the comic at least once before, if not twice or many times before, and yet it was right then and there, in the late hours of September 11, 2012, that it just clicked.

Hope those two projects of yours go well.



So far so good. I've gotten a lot written in the past few days, with the next chapter of ReTwi at about 80% complete.

And I know that feeling where you get a sudden flash of inspiration. I actually had one the other day after reading a oneshot which inspired me to write my own, which is about half done. It's looking to be about 6-8k words when it is finished. Then there is my actual main story, Colors, which I've also been working on.

I'm a writing machine! :pinkiecrazy:


Good to hear you're going good with ReTwi. How's Colors doing?

Also, do you know if Nate's read this? Would be cool if he has.

And lastly, PM me when that oneshot gets done, with a link to the inspiration too, please.

This was pretty delicious.:heart:


Check the author's note at the end one last time in its entirety.

7083503 Apologies, I did not mean to say I do not respect those who have passed on.


Uhh... not what I meant. I edited the A/N.

7083631 Forgive me, but I read it over just a bit ago and did not understand what you meant. I require specifics when someone tells me to do something or asks me something, otherwise I second guess myself. A lot.


I assume you read my blog post first before coming back, then?

I added a vid of some music whose lyrics I felt really fit with the story.

Also, I meant the A/N at the end. Sorry.

7084525 I am afraid I have not read your blog post. Also, how does that in any way relate to my original comment of having not cried for years?


It doesn't. I put everyone who commented in that one.

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