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These legends are oft seen as little more than that. But you have learned better by now, haven't you? These are the tales so old many have forgotten, but I will not. These are the stories of The First Alicorn, of The Age of Chaos, of the dawn of Harmony.

This is the story how Equus was created.

Covert art by DigitialCyn

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That was a really good way to begin this.
I like the way you tied in discord, the changelings, the tree, and... actually enough that I'm to lazy to list all of them.
I only noticed 1 place with errors

To cleansed herself, she poured into this year all her pain

Fairly certain you meant cleanse and tear instead of year
Otherwise this was perfect especially how you wrote it so that it sounded like the story of creation (in the bible)
Can't wait for more.:pinkiehappy:

Thanks, I'll fix them up :)

This is just a one-shot, it won't be continued, but I'm glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

4979289 Shoot now I feel like an idiot. I always forget to check if it's completed or not. You do make really good one shots though.

Oh, I enjoyed this. Very entertaining one-shot. I love how you incorporated the canonical elements into this story.

Here's to hoping you write us another winner, mate!

The little section with Celestia at the end really ends the story well.

Wasn't MLP existing before Faust?

5839468 Who said anything about Faust? The creator of this world was The First alicorn.

Good story. I like creation fics.

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