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The Smash Ball is the most powerful weapon in the galaxy. If the Smash Ball is seen, must not be seen by human eyes, or it will show your most powerful desires you've ever wanted. Fighters have almost killed themselves for this power, and so will the ponies.

When Twilight accidentally causes a magical surge throughout Ponyville, she discovers that the only reason the Element of Harmony even work is because of the Smash Ball. She tries to keep it hidden, but Fighters all around try to take it from the Mane Six. Will the ponies be able to keep their magical source from these mysterious, yet powerful Fighters from them, or will they hopelessly fall against them, watching as Ponyville falls into a brawl?

Meanwhile, Crazy Hand is growing tired of his brother's plan. He wishes to see Chaos, unlike his brother, Master Hand, wishes to see a friendly competition. That does not stop Crazed Hand, however, and he tries his best to plummet this pitiful land into a black void like last time. Taboo has failed him, but not again. This time, he will succeed, for his Master. Will Taboo, Crazy Hand, and other villans succeed in filling this world into a black void once more?

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 11 )

Wow, never thought I would ever see a SSB crossover fic. The only problem I had with it was that you used a present tense verb in some spots where you should have used a past tense. Besides that, it was fairly entertaining, though I would have liked to see more than just Lady Pauletina. Pretty good fic, keep it up.

4969225 Thank you for the feedback, my good sir. Now...only if I knew when to use past and present tense. :ajsleepy:

If the Smash Ball is seen, must not be seen by human eyes, or it will show your most powerful desires you've ever wanted.

Grammar. Learn to use it.

Impression: 672/2563

4969244 Thank you. I will learn to read my mistakes.

Not a bad second chapter either. Why do ponies stink so much at Smash Bros.? Gets kind of boring when one pony after another just gets easily destroyed by a Smash character.

4969272 Not to worry, it's just those two ponies, give it a minute, please.

EDIT: Just saying, he might have ponies win, but...not sure.

4969225 I was technically the first...i deleted it afterward because of embarrassment and amstillworking inon it

The story so far is a good read.

Seems a little rushed in some events as the crossover characters are making contact right away with little explainmation as to how.

I'm guessing improvements will be made along the progression of the story, so I'll be looking forward to more. :pinkiesmile:

This is going to be fun to read. I can understand how the smash characters can beat everyone so easily. The characters have been fighting for years and could have grown a tolerance to the amount of pain they can take. Just a thought.

good news, the super smash bros for wiiu is coming in nov 21

Palutena being evil? That's really out of character don't you think?

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