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After a group of teenage dragons get Spike to listen to their music, Spike discovers a band by the name of Sliptrot.

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I'll read this later. :moustache:

Hay yes, some Slipknot always wins. :yay:

Comment posted by Kyd Vicious deleted Sep 20th, 2016

5169606 but this isn't slipknot. It's sliptrot

5170054 Different name, same thing. :facehoof::pinkiecrazy:

5170097 only difference is species

Fluttershy should be a metalhead, though. All my metalhead friends are the most calm, soft-spoken people I know. At least until they get to the concert. Or are singing along. I've been a fan of metal since I was a young kid, and I am a real quiet, introverted guy.


5170649 huh. I like metal, and god knows I'm introverted...

Maybe you're onto something...

I love you.

Metal is my life, and Spike is my favourite character. :heart:

Personally, my fave Slipknot song is People=Shit... so much aggression and brutality.

5170344 Well, knot isn't trot, so Imma smoke some pot. :rainbowwild:

This is so stupid :trollestia:

Edit: Lel, jk, jk is fab. :raritystarry: I love Spike's makeup! :raritystarry:

5172251 its a no smoking zone, so you better not :rainbowlaugh:

5173346 Screw no smoking zone, imma whip out my phone, to eat a scone, got my bone?

5173519 you sound a little agitated, but try to watch your tone

5173528 Agitated? You exaggerated, and I imitated. Show the guts, got the stuff, never snuff, the candle out, come about. (when the hell did this turn into a rap thing?)

5173550 (when you brought up the weed, lol) okey, im done XD

LOL. I love Slipknot, and metal. This is great.

Noice... I love Slipknot/Sliptrot. I'dd have to say my favorite songs are:
The Negative One
The Devil in I
And Before I Forget
Git R Dun!!!

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