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Supernova led the normal, calm life of a Night Guard, sure he had some ambitions like becoming captain one day but other than that he didn't really have any plans.

Suddenly his whole life was turned upside down because of a stupid bet.

Here we go, Supernova was created by kilala97! Go check out her deviantart.

Now with a reading! (Dat is a link to 1st chapter tho.)

Chapters (44)
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Comments ( 646 )

Am I in the presence of a feature story?

Nice beginning to this story. Now we need Celestia to find out and chew Nova out. That would be funny. Good luck writing the next chapter.

I can already tell this is gonna be a good one

I hope he knows what happens to him when Luna find out it was just a bet.

Not to think what the Luna Fanswill do to him... I'm one of them :pinkiecrazy:

Well, let's see what will happen in the future chapters.



I wonder how celestia will take the news once she finds out?:rainbowhuh:

I wonder how celestia will take the news once she finds out?:rainbowhuh:

Do continue... good sir. :moustache:

This could go so many ways that my head may explo-BANG..... Well shit look at that. XD

Anyway really good so far, set up quite decently, though I do wish it had been a bit longer or more detailed. That is just my preference but it matters not, I will read onwards! :D

Oh, and dat reference doe. I caught it instantly. Looks we got a LOTR (Lord of the Rings) fan here. Hehe.


This gonna get featured, i can feel it, ill bet money on it
Great start by the way.

While I certainly agree that this is an excellent start for the story I did find a spot where Murphy
worked his wiles.

(did) someone told you already that you’re gorgeously beautiful?”

[ has] someone told you already that you’re gorgeously beautiful?”

did someone [tell] you already that you’re gorgeously beautiful?”

Don't now which if either of these you were after but ole Murph got ya.


4973341 Nidra's my 2nd Fav character from Kilala's Next Gen.


I really wish Time-traveling kids of the Mane 6 would update.

It's all right. Needs some polish, though.


Sorry, just can't not say this.

"Guard Nova! I will have none of thine tomfoolery!"
"Judging by the blush on your face your highness, you already are."

First off, this screams "EDITOR NEEDED". There are a lot of grammar, tense and even sentence structure errors. I will try my best to analyze this and point out a few things:

* After the solid line, no indication we are talking about the past. Needs at least a paragraph indicating the character is thinking back.

* You can just mention that the table is filled with batponies. Pointing that out with every character seems weird.
* Use a full stop before describing a character, as most of the time you seem to treat a comma as an excuse to start a new thought, while in fact it just helps to continue and give the reader some breathing space.
* I cannot stress the above point enough. Use. Full. Stops.
* I know this is your presentation of Luna and the OC, but they really don't take a whole lot of time to get to know/ask out each other, right? No awkwardness, gawking at how powerful she is, absolutely no reservations from Luna? Okay.

Add a bit of conflict, at least a tiny bit. Make it a challenge for the OC to get the Princess to date him. Let the readers start liking Supernova instead of seeing him as another pretender to the best Princesses' heart.

I'm stealing that image and making a fic about it. Now.


4977092 Thanks for all of that, I'll keep it in mind and if in future you would like to keep pointing these things out in comments I'll be very thankful.

About making it easy for Supernova, well you'll just have to wait and see.

Why are all the love stories that have Luna or Celestia as the main love, WHY are all the guys always mere guards or nobodies? Monarchs are to rule with fellow noblemen.



Realitycheck ships Celestia with the king of the seaponies.

4983299 But look, even your pic shows a human nobody with Luna.

4979159 The idea of monarch marrying princesses is older than story telling, it's just something that's not only expected but in some cases forced upon. A princess deciding to go for someone who isn't in power but instead lower in the social class is a way to diverge from what is expected of them.

This is mostly because someone like that would feel that they wouldn't stand a chance or don't deserve someone so important. But instead they turn out to be someone that a princess never expected, someone different than the crowd they have known for years.

4983844 But since more than 60% (Im just taking a guess) of writers now place a Royal falling in love with a non-monarch, wouldn't that be the norm? Writing stories that go against that flow should then increase in popularity, no?

4979159 Have you SEEN how the noble ponies act?

As is they have a stick shoved up their plot - writing that would be sheer torture...

4986248 Aren't those the noblemen that people always know? Did the guy who I replied to earlier say that, since it wasn't normal for the non-nobles to have romantic relations with the royal, that authors now write about it?

We only see nobles are jerks BECAUSE others write about them. If you spent your whole life reading about a man who was poetic in every way and showed it in everything he did, would you not think of him as a great poet? Shakespeare was that poet and hardly any seem to differ that he was great. All his theaters, all his poems, all his life, was great. But this was merely an example.

Bad nobles were created to show how nice a character is in comparison, that would be any bad character if they are shown to be. Authors need to write about things to go against the flow of creativity, this is how innovative authors are made.

And how could I SEE how a noble pony would act? Basing it off of what others say? Or did you imply that I have to travel to Equestria to see an actual pony myself? Nobles may have the better lifestyles, but they also work for the commoners. Commoners pay their taxes, some more than nobles, and in turn the nobles stabilize the economy. The monarchs couldn't keep all of their people fed out of their own pockets, so the nobles step in to help.

You simply replied to my comment because you think that nobles cannot be nice if they don't help the poor, or find love in the protagonist, or even seem snooty.

Oh my, it seems as though we must pick out something nice to wear for saturday.

I'll give you a like, but I won't keep reading. It's a good start, but these types aren't my cup of tea. Good luck on the future chapters friend!

Discord should've said that it was a pinkie promos. At least then Celestia won't try to tear him limb from limb. Life lesson #1: never tell a girls she's fat. Remember it well, Discord.

P.S. First comment! Yes!

I agree with you Discord. Some days it is better to be stone. Great chapter. I can't wait to read the next one. Good luck.

Well Discord, looks like you the bed will be

for you tonight

Some things are universal , don't implement that a female is fat if you love your live, nice chapter

Sometimes I miss the old times when I was a stone.’

Life always seems easier when you're stoned. :trollestia:

Good luck discord. Your going to need it.


5001016 Oh my god I seriously wrote readed?! Thanks for pointing that out holy crap.

I will try my best to get rid of those typos and commas problems.

Thank you very much and have a nice day.

But seriously I can't believe I typed readed.

Nice chapter. I loved the freak out. I can't wait to read the next chapter. As for the red eyes, I'm betting sombra.

5006953 I'm betting Discord, because he has yellow and red eyes.

5006992 Discord's eyes have red irises and a pale yellow sclera.

if you need another proofreader i'm up for it

4973457 Same here. It's been updated a lot on deviantART, but not on FiMfiction because that's the revised version

5007300 I know that, but what is your point?

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