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Fears are something that can get to anypony, but what if... They comes true. All your fears and nightmares coming true. Pinkie's greatest fear appears before her eyes : the pony she loves... hates her.

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Clever story, I like it in fact. Very nice idea on how Pinkie starts hallucinating.

I like it. :twilightsmile:

4963465 Hey thanks :D but she isn't hallucinating, she was actually just dreaming, cuz cold nights always gives her the shakes. But thank you again for your compliment :)

4963495 I honestly didn't think about that.
I think you've got potential, This was well written, It had good grammar, It was kinda a cheesy idea, A Ship between Pinkie and Fluttershy, But I indeed think you should continue writing. :pinkiehappy:

Hey wow that was kinda unexpected. Haha thanks! Yea I get a bunch of weird ideas like all the time. But it's nice to hear someone thinking I have potential in writing, since I usually just write casually. Well thanks again, mate ^^

I must confess that I skimmed through this story (I don't really approve of F/F ships actually, sorry), but this was pretty well written! Never would have guessed it was a nightmare (though in all honesty, I was ready to drop a dislike before I found the plot twist - almost missed out on a perfectly good story... :twilightblush:).

I guess one of my only real complaints is that Pinkie acted ever so slightly out of her character in 'Party Of One', where she's much too willing to accept that her friends dislike her - rather than realizing that this can't be Fluttershy because of how she's acting, I would have ventured forward with Pinkie assuming that Fluttershy really does hate her. I guess that goes to show that we all have different head-canons, though. I also thought that it could have been longer and more in-depth with the nightmare, and the conclusion could have been a little less cliche (but that's just me... :rainbowwild:).

If I had the authority, I'd give an 8/10 for an interesting premise and an overall good read.

P.S.: Nice follower count.

4963942 hahahaha well thanks for taking time to skim through my story though. I actually didn't like F/F ships at first in all honesty, but my brain went crazy after too many ship fics and PinkieShy became my OTP.

And yea, I must agree that I wrote Pinkie a little out of her character, but I'm still trying to perfect my style of writing her, as well as Fluttershy and rest of the mane six, given the opportunity that I'll writing them in my future stories. However, I felt that her character in this story was meant to be a little 'Party of One', since I guess in most nightmares about things I fear (I assume everyone else experiences this too?), I'll always not realize that it's a dream until I can convince myself that something isn't right. So in Pinkie's case, she doesn't remember what she said because her mind just drops her in a random scene in said nighmare. And she believes everything she sees, even though a part of her knows this is wrong. It was only when she remembers the memories of Fluttershy and herself, that she is able to break free of her nightmare. So yep, I have pretty weird headcannons. And also kinda wrote this in a day, and I'm terrible at writing quick, short stories XD

Whoop! I wrote a lot! But anyway, thanks for reading again, and also a very helpful review with awesome feedback! ^^

I don't really read homosexual fics. I guess this story is exception because I liked it!

4965491 Hahahaha sorry about that, but for some reason I really like this ship >\\\< But thank you for taking time to read it even though you didn't like this kind of shipping XD

4965430 Mmhm - I have the "all just a dream" experience sometimes when I have nightmares; I have to convince myself it was in my head.

I also have the "too many ships" experience occasionally, like the time I tried to write an OC X Spitfire fic. Didn't work, never published it anyway. :rainbowwild:

4967866 Yea, nightmares are the most evil thing a mind can produce. That's why I have taken the liberty of including at least one in every story I'm going to write. Cuz I'm just that evil. MUHUHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!

Ahem, on the other hand though, I have to agree about having 'too many ships for my own good' since I have pile of incomplete stories, half of which contain a load of ships, and I will probably never get to finish any of them. -sigh-

Wow...I will honestly admit that the first half freaked me out a little in regards to how Fluttershy reacted to Pinkie. However this was overall a good story and I enjoyed it.

Have a favourite, a thumbs up and a new follower because you (sir/madam) have caught my interest and I enjoyed what I read and therefore I cant wait to see what more stuff you come up with.

-Frost :pinkiesmile:

4992643 Hey thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! And yes, there'll sure too be more stuff coming soon :D so don't worry, your watch will be worthwhile! (When I eventually get back to writing that is.)

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