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TittySparkles is pretty based, writes great porn that I can rub one off to on a weekly basis, and she has no problem telling societies leftie rejects to fuck off. - Anonymous

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I knew that pic would spawn a fic before too long. Glad it was you that did it, Tits. :raritywink:

Someone have the link to the photo used?

"Tits" as a nickname is either the greatest thing in the world or the worst thing to call your girlfriend.

It's against the rules to link to NSFW content.

Search Derpibooru for the artist "xennos"

I'l see if I can find it.
But I must ask, You do know you can send it in a PM, right?


I call my wife that. Daily.


"Ughhh, there is nothing to do."

There is no reason you should not have used a contraction, especially because you end up using it later:

"Ahhhhh!! There's nothing to do!!"

Why did you do it here, but not there?

Once that was out of her system, Apple Bloom let her body go limp and tried to think on what to do. Fortunately, there was one thing Apple Bloom could look forward to with her day. At the end of each day for the past summer, Apple Bloom and Rumble would always see each other and they would hang out for a bit until Apple Bloom's curfew kicked in. Be it simply talking with him, cuddling under an apple tree, or even sneaking into the old barn for a quick roll in the hay, Apple Bloom always looked forward to seeing her boyfriend visit. The only problem was... Rumble always got off an hour before she had to head inside.

tell tell tell tell beige beige beige beige

"Can't wait till ah turn sixteen and no one can say a darn thing to me about goin' to bed,"

Either do the funetik acksent or don't do it.

Sighing, Apple Bloom continued to stare at the sky, adjusting her body slightly so her cutie mark cape wasn't digging into her back as much. Though moving herself provided a momentary distraction, Apple Bloom once again found herself nearly bored to death.

Not even 200 words into this and I feel the same way. :fluttershyouch:

On top of that, the sound of jingling bits in a bag was also present, this piqued her curiosity even more.

This is a needlessly complex way of saying "the sound of jingling bits piqued her curiousity". There's stuff like this all over the fic.

Honestly, there's nothing I can say that hasn't been said about your writing by others, Titty. It's just super-telly, super-beige, and super disinteresting. Ninety-nine percent of the people who read this will upvote it for the idea and won't pay attention, sure, but c'mon. You gotta put some effort into it.

Edited and preread by: Skeeter The Lurker, Regidar, SolidFire, and Mikemeiers


Four people edited this.

Four people.

Four fucking people went over lines like this:

Chuckling at her naughty attitude, Rumble found himself walking a bit faster, now knowing his day was going to get better. As he did, Apple Bloom quickly trotted back to his side and felt the bag of bits hanging over his back touch her body.

Four goddamn people went over lines like that, went over telly, beige, boring stuff like that, and said "oh, sure, that's fine!", and four people should fucking know better. I know you guys know each other and are a tightly-knit group of friends, but Jesus, it's not like you're asking them if you look fat in a dress! It's editing! It's okay to tell you that your prose is boring! It's okay to say that "this isn't good", and it is not okay to simply look something over, especially when you're someone like Regidar who's a decent writer, see something like

Knowing very well that it was a sign that she took very good care of her body, Rumble’s mind became stuck on the fact that he was going to rut her in a few minutes.

and go

C'mon, guys. Step it up. I expect better of ya'll and I wanna start getting it. :trixieshiftright:

you just happen to have a boyfriend named Rumble

certain fillies like to treat their boyfriends to a roll in the hay

>no human tag

5070116 Xd does she want to murder you afterwards? lol jk

5070657 Generic "you", replaceable by "one".


Nope. After six years of marriage, you have to flick the jab.


5070602 Um, it isn't foalcon. It's horny teenagers.

Either way, this was a nicely done fic. I loved it.

i want the full image of the cover image now....


5070657 In Hearts and Hooves Day, Scootaloo says girlfriend, not marefriend. Coltfriend/marefriend is fanon.

5072026 for scientific reasons

Fluttershy also repetitively yells "Girls" in The Stare Master. Apparently, you can just call every pony boy or girl, despite the fact that that refers to young offspring of the homo sapiens genome. Yes, I googled the definitions of boy and girl, which are both linked to the definition of child, which specifically refers to humans.

Alternatively, you can recognize as a fan that the word is, by definition, being used improperly and not simply put stock in the ceaseless group mentality that seems so prevalent throughout this site. I get the downvote bomb on my comment and the upvote bomb on your comment; I expect that whenever I notice the glaringly obvious shit on a do-no-evil author's story. Just please waste my time with something I hadn't already considered. TittySparkles' stories are, by definition, not canon, so trying to pull the "it happened in the show" thing for what I felt to be a serious suspension of disbelief issue doesn't make the issue magically disappear.

In a perfect world, you would realize that my comment was intended for the author, not someone with an opinion. The comments are for constructive feedback, not circlejerking. I know you have some kind of snarky reply; save it. My comment was for the author, not you.

Sir, I have no clue what you're alluding to. :twilightsmile: Would you mind explaining to me?

Mmm, not bad indeed.

Had fun looking over this one.

~Skeeter The Lurker


About that cover image.

Would there be a full version somewhere?

5072378 Go google, type Xennos click pictures there you go...

I liked this. There was, as always in your stories, a very nice amount of detail that went into it. There was also a good amount of emotion, which is also lacking in many other author's stories. :pinkiesmile:

Thanks m80 but linking NSFW is not allowed, a mod's gonna replace your image with a cute, fluffy bunny.



This. Is a simple clopfic written in under an hour. Not a erotic novel which goes on and on and on. That's the quality of clopfics.

5072618 oboi that is great
I'd delete that link if I were you now, you might get banned


Thanks, didn't know that.

I took down the link.

No one saw a thing okay?! :pinkiecrazy:


Whatever floats your boat... :pinkiecrazy:

Yeah and I took down the link better save than sorry.

5072224 The comment I replied to sounded as though you were expecting this to be a 2nd person HiE fic. I was trying to explain that "you" can also be used generically to mean "(some)one", that's all. :pinkiehappy:

Ah the return of the why boner.


I expect better of ya'll and I'm wanna start getting it.

Fuckin really, shitlord!?


Written in under an hour

I only wish I could write nearly 6,000 words in under an hour. :duck:

I dunno why but i felt like AJ was going to barge in when they just finnished

Oh, no, I wasn't expecting that, heheh. :twilightsheepish: My gripe was the usage of boyfriend, rather than coltfriend, a dissonance which caused me to look for a human tag, and, upon not seeing a human tag, find that to be something strange. It's a personal issue, but as the comments are namely for finding issue with the contents of the fic, I felt I would share it nonetheless. :raritywink:


Wouldn't word it quite so harshly as Badgerpony did, but would submit that the prose could stand to be a bit tighter, particularly given the level of editing coverage the description claims. I guess that's not necessarily a function informal editing help provides, but either way it's something you may want to look at improving.

A fair number of sentences here feel... unnecessarily verbose. Either because they're trying to convey too much in a single sentence, or because they're just wording things the long way around instead of something quicker and tighter.

I feel really weird for saying 'tighter' in this context.

An example of this sort of thing:

An exasperated sigh escaped Apple Bloom's lips as she laid on the ground back first and kicked her hooves up at the orange sky above.

You could probably have broken this up a bit, or left a couple of the descriptions to the imagination. Sometimes you just don't need, like, three separate actions and four descriptive phrasings in a single sentence, y'know?


The other major problem is that the prose tends to read in a really passive voice, insofar as the characters are rarely described as doing things. Instead, the descriptions tend to be more in the vein of objects, actions, or abstract feelings doing things to the characters. This... isn't necessarily bad, but the prose does it an awful lot, and it makes the characters feel super-passive. Like they're being led around by things that going on around them instead of actually doing or feeling things themselves.

This pops up an awful lot, and is probably the more glaring of the issues with the prose. There's a pretty solid explanation of the basic issue here, although the problem seems to extend to feelings and actions in general, beyond body parts moving without apparent direction from the character to which they're attached. And, generally, that tends to make the story feel... cold? Emotionless? Something like that.

Some examples:

Thankfully, her boredom quickly left as the sound of leaves and grass being crushed under a set of hooves alerted her that someone was nearing her.

This is one case where objects/feelings/actions do things to the characters, instead of characters doing things to objects, feeling feelings, or performing an action. AB's boredom leaves her. She doesn't feel any less bored. It's... her boredom leaving her, somehow.

(The other example quoted earlier is also an example of this sort of thing, in that it describes a sigh 'escaping Apple Bloom's lips' rather than Apple Bloom just sighing).

Instead he simply moved his face up, and, giving the area just above her pussy a faint kiss, he began to let his lips travel upward.

Just, in general, it feels in many places like the characters aren't actually in the bodies they're controlling, but are instead animate forces of will that have to direct their flesh-puppets to move, act, and feel. Rumble doesn't move up. He moves his face up. His lips wander upwards, seemingly on their own. Stuff like that.

I feel like trying to write things out such that characters do actions (instead of having actions done to them) could really help with the weirdly-disconnected tone of the prose. I was going to say weirdly-stiff there, but y'know.

Anyhow, that's just me and my thoughts. Good luck in your future efforts.

5074605 Hah... It is official you can write a clop fiction about making love to a rock and it will still be a work of art.

Very fine job you did there. Loving every bits of it.

Even though the fact it just a total random pic of mine yet you still do manager to give it hella lot more interesting depths to it.

Obs, you dirty fiend, you! You are supposed to represent the Moral Minority, the few that stand to look at clop in spite and spit on its very image with better stories not involving sex!

But in all actuality, you writing a clop fic would be the day I go out of my way to read one.

5072029 It's actually not hard to find, use google images, and search for similar.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Why, back in Big Mac's youth, it was possible to pay a filly 35 cent equivalent in bits to let him see the filly's private. In the end it may have cost him a near dollar in bits, but he got to 'kiss it' with their penis, which was considered a deal, with the 'kiss' lasting over a minute. Fair trade. Eeyup.

Honestly can't see why Rumble couldn't have just been a curious brat who just wanted to sate curiosity by giving Apple Bloom what she wanted if she let him see stuff and pay more to go further.

I think this did too much whitewashing of something that could of played on more of the piquing curiosity of Rumble and mutual and possible eagerness to comply with such simple and silly curiosity for Apple Bloom to comply with and escalate things from there to possibly ending it with them becoming each others' special somepony when Rumble sadly replies with how he'd like to do that again some time but feeling she wouldn't want to be with him without enough bits.

Not all that interested in this one, aside from being an Apple Bloom clop, I just don't feel any connection to the characters. Not that CMC clop is bad, many can be funny or cute or pretty deep. Some rare few even all of the above. This one just doesn't resonate with me like your last clop with Vinyl and her brother.

Quite honestly the dialogue made me wanna gag at times. I don't know what you did wrong, but I swear it almost felt like your heart wasn't in this one, or it was just some random skype fun that got turned into a fic because someone wanted to see a quick Rumbloom fic or something, which I guess if our skype group is anything to go by that might just be the case here.

Not your best work. But best of luck next time. Don't worry about some of the harsher reviews. Not all of them can be winners. Please don't hate me for downvoting ya! It isn't because it's CMC clop, heaven knows I have a few favorites that I felt were awesome or hilarious! I just don't really think this an interesting story. Characters feel so hollow and not really believable. ><


I do believe this is what your looking for.:rainbowwild:

Psst... Lemme have that pic please? :pinkiecrazy:

Really enjoyed it! I don't notice any flaws. Solid thumbs up!!!!:heart:

can we haz prequel pleas, of first time...:pinkiehappy:

i loved it it made me umm wet:twilightblush:

If there was one word to describe Apple Bloom's day, it would be bored

So her day was bored?

Of course just asking for bits isn't enough. Sometimes certain fillies like to treat their boyfriends to a roll in the hay as a thank you.

They have a word for that, I think it's called hooker?

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