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Either known for his strong and noble heart or for his cruelness as the strongest Death Knight in existence. Bearer of one of the most legendary weapons in existence, the Ashbringer. Both Corrupted and Pure. Defeated and killed by his own son, and left that world with a promise to kill his eldest son. Do doubt assuming that unparalleled darkness awaited him; but instead maybe given a second chance in a different world. Why was he alive? Who resurrected him? What was his new purpose?

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(Starts off some time after Season Two Premiere)

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This on now on my read later list. Have a like until such a time as I can find the time to read it, it looks really good.

Hrmm... This feels a lot like Rebirth of the Damned. I know it isn't but it has the familiarity.

...the Ashbringer...

This story seems interesting and reminds me of Rebirth of the Damned. I do hope you don't tease the guy with reluctant love interest...only Matthias deserves that:rainbowlaugh:.

I've rather enjoyed the fic up to this point; it's not flawless, but it is a damn satisfying read thus far. My only real suggestion is that you get an editor/proofreader to find and point out the typos and perhaps reword some sentences to help them flow more naturally. I may compile a list of errors/typos I found later on, if I have time.

In any case, favorited/liked and I look forward to the next chapter.

Also, make sure not to let the amount of dislikes bother you - crossovers of any kind get a lot of hate.

5071315 I thank you for the feedback and suggest ways to improve it. I consider it a a victory on my part that you people aren't sleeping while reading my fic:twilightsmile:.
And do not worry, I learned a long time ago that you can't please everypony so please the ones that care. And know that this is going to be one long ride. And I will consider actually getting somepony to proof read and look over the chapter before it is published. I have a lot to think about, thank you again.:raritywink:

Celestia is the Goddess of the Sun and she has a sister, Princess Luna Goddess of the Moon. They are as well as the only alicorns to exist, any records on alicorns are gone.

Did you leave this sentence unfinished, does Cadence not exist in this story, or is she a Winged Unicorn and not an Alicorn?

Loved this chapter. It's nice to see Ashbringer interact with Rarity.

5362231 .......I want to tell you so bad but I can't!:fluttershyouch:. It would ruin a lot about the fic. All I can say is keep an eye open and it will be explained in the future.

and left that world with a promise to kill his eldest son

:rainbowhuh: His eldest son was that one that killed him, Renault. I'm assuming you meant his younger son, Darion?

Anyway, this looks interesting, I will give it a read once I will have the time:twilightsmile:

5603200 No I meant Renault. Remember he killed Renault. When Darion went back to Renault with the Ashbringer. And thank you for giving my fic a read. I gotta say you did a great job with rebirth of the damned.

Just as a little bit of head's up. It will read a lot like yours, but it deviates to its own as it goes on. the only reason it sounds so close to yours at the beginning is because most of my inspiration came from Rebirth of the Damned. I promise it becomes its own somewhere in chapter three. Again thanks:twilightsmile:

Awesome chapter. The scene with Rarity getting flustered and Granny Smith asking for great grandchildren was hilarious. I hope the next chapter comes soon.

5603448 I hoped so. Can't be too serious all the time. I tried to make essence my own grandmother....god d:yay:mn....won't take her dang medicine. Anyways, again I can't promise that updates will be frequent. I have other works to work on. But I can promise the latest update will be up soon.

Oh gods, not him! ANYONE BUT HIM! I dealt with that effer enough I don't want a pony version! :raritydespair:

5606090 you said it. that guy was annoying. still, can't wait to see how this turns out

5606166 CelestiaFace and FesterLuna? Gods I hope not.

5606218 You know what...now that you are mentioning it...I could....................

But I'm not. And I totally share your pain:scootangel:

Splinter....that's not going to go over well until its removed and treated.


Same....it was a issue all-around the numerous times I dealt with that.

Man, I really liked watching Rarity get hot under the collar by watching Alex, sharing a shower with him and then steal a kiss from him. I hope the next chapter comes soon because this is getting good.

Ok, things are getting interesting.

Amazing chapter. I really liked Twilight and Alex's interaction.

Twilight's gonna learn the hard way that not EVERY situation can be solved with friendship, sometimes for the safety of others, a life must be taken.

This is getting interesting. I wonder if Sweetie Belle will mention That Rarity was in the shower with A stallion to anypony :unsuresweetie:

I noticed a little boo boo.

Some needles, her sandwich, thread, new fabric, sequence

I think you mean Sequins :raritywink:

Just as a warning for everypony, the next few chapters are going to be longer than usual. And let me just say that I am sick pumped to show guys this! The lineup I have for you is so f:yay:ing awesome!!! I love my brain so much:heart::heart::heart:!!!!!!!

Yay! New chapter:pinkiehappy:

Great chapter. I got an email that this story updated and I had to read it right away. Can't wait to see what you have planned.

Days went on that I often argued with mom and step dad about you two

Unless I'm mistaken, shouldn't that be dad and step-mom as you wrote in an earlier chapter? Or has that been changed?

Great chapter, hope to see more soon.

Really liked this chapter.

Don't worry guys! Almost finished with the next chapter, I hope you guys like it!!!

5859342 And you will see more my friend. I am enjoying writing this, WAY too much!

The chapter was action packed. It was definitely one of my favorite ones. The scene where Rarity misinterprets the hug between Twilight and Alex was hilarious, yet you manage to express Rarity's jealousy in a realistic manner. In the subject of the fighting...Holly Crap:rainbowderp:. I didn't expected Rarity to know combat spells or that Twilight possessed staff fighting skills to supplement her magic. I got to say that the sparring match between Twilight and Alexander was impressive...especially with the way the victor won (I was honestly betting in the other side). Anyway, great chapter. I hope the next one comes soon.

I wont really like this story anymore if Luna or Celestia are tortured or hurt......:fluttercry:

5900094 Do not worry they will not be harmed too bad. Nothing permanent.

Luna Luna Luna...where art thou Luna?

This would mean that the outlying farms were attacked, and Applebloom has yet to be seen

Ok so Celestia and Luna were only recently captured? As for those in charge, what's taking them oh so long to get to Ponyville? The train runs constantly I recall.

5906232 Not necessarily. I never claimed who was patient zero with the plague. But for all tense and purposes, and since I won't write a chapter about this, they were having a private party that was rudely interrupted by Rovos. And do not fret your little head, Applebloom is alive and well. She's spending a few nights with Scootaloo. Won't that make coming home awkward and with a lot of explanations?

5906375 Can't say, I have something planned. I literally can't say anything, don't worry though you'll get your reason why and I hope you will find it entertaining.

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