• Published 9th Oct 2014
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Hearts as Black as Night - Enderborn

Two beings, both inherently evil. Two lovers, brought together for the same cause. One fearing for the life's of her kind, the other fighting the sins of his past.

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Somba woke up from his slumber with a gasp. He looked around the cell but could not see anything out of the ordinary there. But Sombra could feel him there. The temperature had dropped and Sombra's breath could be seen. He calmed down a little, knowing what was happening, not taking too much stress about it. He felt cold waves on his skin and his horn started to resonate with something. There was nothing to be seen, but soon Sombra heard it.

"Have you missed me?" a voice with no source asked.

Sombra smiled and said in a low voice, "You have no idea. I hate being helpless."

“Shh... you don't want to risk waking the guard," the voice said matter of factly. Sombra looked outside his cell and saw the guard laying on the floor, fast asleep. Then the voice spoke, “Have you made any progress?"

"Not yet, but I have made an ally," Sombra whispered.

"And who would this new ally of yours be?"

"Queen Chrysalis."

The voice mumbled something, probably to himself before speaking again.

"The leader of the changelings? Are you sure she can be trusted?"

"I don't know yet, but I won't be able to get the Crystal Heart without help," Sombra whispered.

He then felt a cold wave against his cheek and the voice spoke, "Use her help then... Time is short..."

"I know that," Sombra growled. "But we have another... problem..."

"What is it?" the voice asked.

Sombra shook his head. He rolled over to his back and whispered, "After I was resurrected, my magic was drained. I don't know how long it could take me to regain my former powers..."

There was silence in the room for a while. Then the voice spoke, “I have a solution. Come to the cave where I gave you your powers all those years ago, the portal is still open so I will be able to... recharge you there."

"And while I'm that close to the Empire..." Sombra began.

"You can steal the Heart and bring it to me," the voice finished. "But don't take too long! I can always just get someone else to do my dirty work..." it said, making a frown appear onto Sombra's face. He knew it. It had been part of the deal... Somba quickly shook the thought away and started to smile wryly.

He then said, "Don't worry... It won't be long before you have the Heart."

"For your sake, you'd better be right..." the voice threatened, before Sombra felt its presence fading away. The guard shifted slightly in his sleep, and then there was a deep silence again. Sombra's smile faded away. The voice's patience was running out. He didn't have much time. He rolled back to his side, thinking how he was going to defeat the princess when the time came. It would be a hard task, but he knew a spell that would make dealing with them easier. He chuckled at the thought. By the time he was finished with his mission, all of Equestria would remember the monster they had feared a thousand years ago. Sombra sighed and closed his eyes, falling back into a restless sleep.

Author's Note:

Just a short chapter that (hopefully) shed a little light on Sombra's past.

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This is great. I live for SombraxChrysalis.

One of the best stories. I can help if you want.

Please tell me you might return to this.

Youre telling me that you leave this story :c

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