• Published 9th Oct 2014
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Hearts as Black as Night - Enderborn

Two beings, both inherently evil. Two lovers, brought together for the same cause. One fearing for the life's of her kind, the other fighting the sins of his past.

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Chapter-1 (Revised)

Author's Note:

OK, so when I first wrote this chapter I really messed up Chrysalis' character and I was disappointed with my own work. So I revised the chapter.

Death is only the beginning.

Emptiness. No light, no darkness, no nothing. Just emptiness. Was it some kind of hell? No. There would have surely been others if that had been the case. No. There was just him. All alone in the vast emptiness. No body, no form, no nothing. Only his thoughts were there. He didn't know how long he had been there. He had lost the ability to tell time when he entered this void. Oh how many times he thought about the ones who put him in this wretched place. Those six mares, that damn dragon, and the three princesses, especially that princess of love. Ugh. Only the thought of her made his rage grow. Then there were those six mares. The elements. Oh how he hated...

Suddenly he felt something. He felt something. He hadn't felt anything since he was put in the void. Now he felt a breeze. Breeze that started to grow into a storm. The emptiness started to slowly part away to something that resembled a thunderstorm. He started to feel even more. His senses started to come back in violent spasms. He could see colors. He could feel something that was much more intense than anything he remembered. What was it? Pain? Yes. It was clearly just that. He would have enjoyed the fact that he was once again feeling something, but of course the feeling had to be pain. But to feel pain you must have a body, so that meant that he was going back to existence. The feeling of pain started spreading across his body. He couldn't help but laugh as he realized that he had beaten death.


The forest was dark and a cold wind was wiping in between the trees, making it sound like something was howling. The moon was peaking through the heavy clouds overhead, giving off some light. Walking along a beaten path was a tall black creature with a horn full of holes and insect like wings. The small crown perched atop her head was a indicator of her rank as the queen of the Changeling Army. She was Queen Chrysalis. Her face had a disappointed, almost sad, look on it and her mane was slightly tangled. She was looking down at the ground as she walked, so she did not notice the rapidly building cloud cover.

She continued walking, lost in her own thoughts until a boom of thunder brought her back to reality. She looked up at the sky to see black clouds covering the sky.

Just then a bolt of lightning landed a few feet from where she was standing, causing her to jump back into the thick brush. After taking a moment to gain her composure (and mentally cursing the bolt and anything related to it), she looked back to where the lightning had hit. She had expected to see a smoldering crater but instead there was a small black crystal with a lone, curved, red horn sitting on top of it. Curiosity taking over her better judgement, she took a cautious step toward the horn. "What in Tartarus?" she asked.

As if on cue the horn started to glow reddish light. Soon the horn started to pour black smoke from the part where it had been cut off. The light breeze from the storm turned into a strong wind that started to spin around the horn, making the black smoke to start spinning downwards. Chrysalis took a step back, not sure how to react to this. Soon it was at its full length. It didn't stop there. Now she could see the top of a skull starting to appear. She watched as a white skeleton started to form in front of her. As soon as the skeleton was ready and it's hooves touched the ground, it collapsed. What happened next was something out of nightmares. Chrysalis felt her stomach turning as the internal organs and muscles started to form onto the skeleton. As soon as the muscles started to form, the nightmarish thing on the ground started to twitch. The thing on the ground jerked and as its vocal cords and lungs began to form, it started to growl and gasp for air. Suddenly a hollow, raspy laughing filled the air. It came from the thing on the ground that was now forming it's skin. A dark grey coat started to grow on it's newly created skin and a thick, black mane started to grow on it's head. It flowed down to its shoulders and for a moment the raging wind played with the black mane.

Then everything stopped. The unicorn landed on his hooves, laughing weakly. Then he fell face-first into the dirt, out cold.
Chrysalis stood there, looking at the unicorn for a few minutes before it clicked. She had seen this stallion before.
A smile speared across her face as she spoke, "Welcome back to the land of the living, Sombra..."


A grey unicorn stood in the depths of a small crystal cave. In front of him, on the ground was a glowing circle with strange markings surrounding it. Above the circle was a pair of glowing, white, slits that resembled eyes.
A voice seemed to come from all around the unicorn spoke, "So, do we have a deal?" it asked.

The unicorn closed his eyes and thought for a moment before answering, "Yes."
An impossible wide smile formed underneath the eyes as black smoke began pouring out of the circle. The smoke then began spreading across the unicorn, starting at his horn...