• Published 1st Sep 2014
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The Sparkle Academy - Blue Valentine

There is a school out there in Equestria. Lets just say it has to do with magic... a certain kind of magic.

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Chapter 5: Trixie the Leader

That day, Twilight lead Trixie into the room where she first saw the Unibots. Trixie was told to stand up on a table. She was scared that she was going to be turned into a robot.

"Uhh, Princess? Are you going to turn me into a robot?"
"No, silly. You're much too valuable. This is just special armor."

Trixie was relieved. When the armor was on, she looked in the mirror. It. Looked. Awesome. It had built in guns on the front legs. There was a piece of bullet-proof plastic that went over her face. And the best part- there were built in mechanical wings.

"Woah." said Trixie.
"I expect you to use these weapons well."

Twilight pushed a button Trixie's leg. Then, on each hoof, little machines came out.

"These are jet packs."

Later, everypony had to do training for tomorrows battle. Trixie didn't though, knowing she had the best armor and weapons. While there was a break time from the training, Trixie saw Sunset Shimmer.

"Hi, Sunset, hows your training?"

Sunset didn't respond. She couldn't hear her. Then Trixie noticed something. Sunset Shimmer's cutie mark.

"S-Sunset? What happened to your cutie mark?"
"Oh hello, Great Trixie, hasn't it always been like that?"

The cutie mark was just like Twilights, but on a shield. And it was completely silver. Trixie looked around the room. All the cutie marks looked exactly the same. Everypony was under Twilight's control. Or where they? Trixie had been given the best piece of equipment out of all the unicorns. She pretty much felt like a metal alicorn. Maybe she could take down Twilight, with some help at least. But how would she convince the others to go against their commander? Wait. Trixie was their commander too. She walked up to a random unicorn.

"Hello, unicorn."
"Hello Great Trixie."
"Dude, stop calling me that. Its annoying."
"Appoligies, Grea- Trixie."
"Yeah, yeah, whatever, come here."

The two metal-covered ponies walked over to a corner of the room.

"Hi." Trixie said.
"Say Hi, not hello."
"Appoligies, hi."
"Stop apologizing for everything, geez!"
"... hi"
"Thats more like it. I need you to start acting more... normal."
"I do not understand."
"I didn't think so."

Trixie's eyes turned red as she used the power of her alicorn amulet. After a moment of Trixie's magic, the unicorn said,

"I just gave you memories of your family and friends. That, was normal."
"They-They are ponies I remember."
"Whats your name?"
"...Umm. It was, it was, it was Sweater Vest."
"Okay, Ves, you are not a unibot. You are a unicorn."
"Yes.. I remember."
"Good. Now, I need you to help me."
"With what?"
"With... something."

She transported into her academy bedroom, and started to talk.

"Tomorrow, we are going to be told to kill innocent ponies, all over Equestria."
"!! Thats horrible!"
"Yes I know. We have to make sure that doesn't happen."

Trixie whispered into Ves's ear, and Ves nodded and left. Little by little, Trixie had told about half of the unicorns in the academy about her plan. That wasn't enough. Trixie spent all night telling everypony. At about 2:00 in the morning, Trixie decided to try and get some sleep. For what she was planning, she was gonna need it.

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