• Published 1st Sep 2014
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The Sparkle Academy - Blue Valentine

There is a school out there in Equestria. Lets just say it has to do with magic... a certain kind of magic.

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Chapter 2: Punishment

"So what did you learn in class, Trix?"
"How to make somepony faint."
"No, not cool! It all seems so... weird. We're all getting a really dangerous item, and Ive experienced it before. It takes over your body."
"Trix, I know I didn't like Twilight, but she is the best at magic. You should trust her."
"Yeah... well what did you learn Sunset?"
"Its a secret... come close."

Trixie leaned in so that Sunset Shimmer could tell her.

"... We learned how to make a unicorn forget magic."

Trixie's mouth dropped open.

"Cool, right?"

Trixie didnt respond. She ran up to a random unicorn.

"What did you learn?"
"WHAT did you learn!?"
"Uh, we learned how to take away memory! Cool right!"

Trixie was beginning to think something. She ran back to Sunset Shimmer, but she was already in class. She needed to get out of this place. Tell somepony. She ran to the doors, but Twilights voice stopped her.

"Not so fast, Trixie."

Her heart stopped.

"Lets see how far you'll go, you little mule."
"ATTENTION EVERYPONY!" Twilight said, and everypony came and watched Trixie and Twilight. Including Sunset Shimmer.
"I have warned you once! Now, I'll show you what happens when you DONT follow the rules here at The Sparkle Academy!"

Twilight used her magic, and Trixie began to float up into the air. She was hovering above the ground now. Twilight's magenta aura turned black, like before. She made Trixie fall to the ground unconscious.

"She is now unconscious, and not aware what is happening."

Then Twilight pointed her horn at Trixie, and a beam came out of Trixie's horn, leading into Twilight's.

"Wh-where am I?"
"Oh Trixie. You're finally awake." said Twilight.
"You're still in my school. Don't think you can get out that easy."

Trixie was in what looked like a hospital bed.

She tried to use unicorn magic to lift the blanket off, but nothing happened. Trixie's eyes widened.

"Yup. Your magic is gone. Thats what happens when you don't follow the rules here."

Twilight then started to walk out the door.

"I still expect you in class, so hurry up." and she walked out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

Trixie felt so weak. And so helpless. She tried listing things with magic, but just ending up with a head ache.

"AAHHHH!" she moaned and whined.

Her magic was gone.

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