• Published 1st Sep 2014
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The Sparkle Academy - Blue Valentine

There is a school out there in Equestria. Lets just say it has to do with magic... a certain kind of magic.

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Chapter 1: There Stood the Princess

There are schools all over Equestria. Some different than others. But theres one, hidden in the deepest parts of Equestria, which is like no other. It is called The Sparkle Academy.

"So you're Sunset Shimmer, eh?" said Trixie.
"Yeah. I was caught messing with the portals again, so my parents are sending me off to boarding school now."
"Oh, Im here because I want to get better at magic."

They were on a train going to Sparkle Academy. It was full of unicorns expecting to learn a lot about magic. After all, Twilight is the best at magic, and it is her school. When they finally arrived, they were lead into huge doors. When everypony was inside, she doors shut and locked behind them. Everypony looked up at Princess Twilight.

"Hello, everypony!" She said to all the unicorns.
"Welcome to my school of magic. At my school, you will be taught many things- as long as you do as you're told."

Then Twilight disappeared, and groups of unicorns were made. There were four groups, which rotated every quarter of the year.


"So what group are you in, Trix?" asked Sunset Shimmer.
"Actually, its called Dark Magic. I thought that wasn't allowed."
"Oh, cool. Im in a group called Hypnosis." Sunset said.
"I have to go to class, see you later."
"Bye Trix."

Trixie then went to her dark magic class. Twilight was there.

"Hello, everypony." she said.
"You are all here to learn the secrets of dark magic. First we'll go over some rules. You are not to use spells against each other at any time, unless you have been given permission to do so. Also, you may not tell anypony about what is being taught in this school. Understand?"
"Yes ma'am!"
"I need a volunteer. YOU, in the back!"

She was pointing to Trixie, so Trixie quickly walked to the front of the room, where Twilight was.


Twilight used her horn, and you could see her magenta glow, turn into black.

"When using dark magic, you can do things that normal unicorns cannot."

Twilight pointed her horn at Trixie, and Trixie fell to the floor. The class gasped.

"She's fine. She is just unconscious. Just concentrate your magic on some pony, look them in the eye, and they will fall unoncious if you are using dark magic. It goes the opposite way with normal magic."

Twilight used unicorn magic and Trixie woke up. The class applauded.

"You will all receive what is called an alicorn amulet."

Trixie stopped. She remembered how it took over her body last time and she almost ruined Equestria.

"Ma'am?" Trixie said.
"What, Trixie?" Twilight said, annoyed.
"Doesn't the alicorn amulet take over your body?"
"Trixie, Trixie, Trixie. You have to be ready, so you can use it properly."
"Oh, okay."

The classroom became empty except for Twilight.

"Poor, innocent, Trixie. When you're ready, you will help. You especially, will help. Indeed."

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