• Published 31st Aug 2014
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Deal With The Draconequus - Never2muchpinkie

When Rarity comes down with an uncurable disease Sweetie Belle turns to Discord in desperation, but what he wants in return may spell disaster for Equestria.

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Chapter 13: Friendship renewed, friendship shattered

Sweetie Belle put a hoof on her Element of Harmony. “Be with me today, Rarity. I need you more than ever right now.”

Twilight’s horn began glowing, her Element of Magic starting to glow too. The other Elements began reacting to the surge of magic, and all of them began floating in the air.

The magic outlines of the Elements began shooting out.

Sweetie Belle gritted her teeth as she felt her Element powering up. Before she was so inexperienced. Now she had a better idea of what it felt like to use the Element and had a basic working of magic. Even so it was difficult not to throw off her Element like she did before. The power flowing through her still felt like it was compressing her body and feeding off her energy. She forced her thoughts onto her lessons and baby Rarity, ignoring her discomfort.

The tightness in her chest increased as the rainbow began connecting the power of the six Elements together. “Come… on…,” Sweetie Belle spat out through clenched teeth. “Just a… little… longer…”

The six of them floated closer together, and a gigantic rainbow shot out of the six Elements, heading towards Discord.

The light hit the statue, and pieces of it began crumbling away until with a groan and a stretch Discord was freed once more.

As the magic of the Elements faded the six of them landed back on the ground. Sweetie Belle immediately flopped to the floor, panting. “Whew! That… was really… something. Thanks for… all those… lessons.”

“No problem. Are you okay?”

“Yeah.” Straining a little bit she forced herself back up on her hooves. She felt kinda tired from the exertion but she felt that she could at least say she could use her Element when it was needed. Now she had the means to keep Rarity safe.

All of them looked towards Discord, who had an impassive expression on his face.

Fluttershy had tears coming down her eyes. “Oh, Discord! I’m so glad you’re free once again. You don’t know how much I’ve missed you.” Her wings unfurling she charged towards him, hooves outstretched.

Just as she was about to reach him he disappeared.

“Where’d he go?” asked Sweetie Belle. Her heart skipped a beat as she heard Rarity call her name. Spinning around she saw Discord holding her sister, and terror instantly seized her.

Discord gently rubbed Rarity’s cheek, saying in a darkly humorous voice, “It’s so funny. Through your lessons you’ve made it clear you don’t fully trust me. And yet… you brought your little sister, who is less than three months old and totally defenseless, to my unsealing? Is that what you call 'protecting' her?” He snickered, a devious smirk on his face as he looked over at her.

Sweetie Belle was shaking, both in anger and fear. She felt so stupid. He was right. Why had she just assumed that Discord had learned his lesson? Talking much more bravely than she felt she said, “I’m only going to say this once, Discord! Let my sister go NOW!” Her horn began glowing.

Discord let out a sarcastic laugh. “Or what? You’ll seal me away again? So long as I’m holding this little bundle of joy you won’t do a thing to me. I mean, unless you WANT your sister to join me as a stone statue. Your little rainbow magic affects whatever it hits.”

Sweetie Belle’s horn began glowing brighter and brighter. Her panic and fear were making her feel out of control. She wanted to attack him, no matter the consequences, but she couldn’t. He had Rarity. She couldn’t risk harming her sister, but her magic was spiraling out of control, surging up inside of her. She didn’t know how long she could contain it.

“Discord!” said Fluttershy, tears coming down her eyes. “Please stop! I couldn’t bear it if I lost you again.”

The other four felt stuck. They couldn’t put the baby in danger.

Sweetie Belle’s mind turned back to her lessons. What had she bothered learning everything for and spent every day coming there if she was just going to ignore everything she had strived towards? She forced herself to take deep breaths, levitating a bunch of small objects to offset the power building up inside her, and slowly she got her magic back under control.

With a flash a protective bubble appeared around Rarity. “I’ll stop you!”

Discord smirked. With a claw he poked the barrier and it popped like a balloon. He disappeared again, reappearing right in front of her.

Sweetie Belle let out a small shriek, backing up a step. She looked on with confusion as Discord held Rarity out to her. Sweetie Belle slowly took her sister from him, perplexed by his action.

“Good job,” he said, patting her head. “You pass.”

“I… pass?”

“Congratulations!” A rain of confetti rained down on her and a silly hat appeared on her head. “Wasn’t it Twilight who brought in those Diamond Dogs as a test? I figured you needed something more realistic. At least now you’ve seen that you can control yourself even in a tense situation and you feel out of control, hmm?”

Sweetie Belle had a dumbfounded look on her face. After a few seconds her face hardened and she screamed, “You were just testing me?”

“Oh, come ooonnn, Sweetie Belle,” he said in a baby voice. “Why so upset? Wasn’t it Twilight who said it was better to screw up in practice than in an actual situation when you accidentally crushed that doll of your sister?” He let out a laugh. “Now that you’ve seen you can do it once when you really thought she was in danger than you should know you can do it again.”

Sweetie Belle let out a long breath, releasing the tension in her body as Rarity hugged her. The other members of their group followed suit. She averted her eyes, reluctantly saying, “Thanks, I guess… for scaring the living daylights out of me.”

Fluttershy flew over to him again, and held him tightly. “Oh, Discord! You scared me! I couldn’t bear having to lock you away again.” She looked up at him, a teary smile on her face. “You know you’re a part of us now, don’t you? All of us have been talking to you since…” Her smile faded a little as she thought of Rarity “…well, since over a month now.”

“Oh, yes. It’s been a real 'thrill' having to listen to Rainbow Brag all month.” Fluttershy put her hoof over her mouth, stifling a snort. Rainbow Dash gave them a dirty look.

Twilight walked up to him. “We’ve all done our best to show you that we value you. We wanted to share our lives with you and show you we respect you as a friend just like Fluttershy does so it doesn’t have to be like it was before, when you thought the slightest mistake might get you sealed away again. Can we start over?” She held out her hoof.

Discord gently pried Fluttershy’s hooves off him. “Well, yes. About that...” Turning away he said, “I’ve decided that I’m leaving Equestria.”


“No!” said Fluttershy. “Why, Discord?”

“Do you think I’m just going to trust you again, just like that? So long as I’m here and you’ve got your little magic jewels I’ll still have to worry about being sealed away. I’ve seen it’s pointless to try to force others to your way of thinking. You’re correct, Twilight. Having a bunch of fake friends who will only say what I want them to isn’t true friendship, and won’t satisfy me. Even if I start causing trouble in other lands you’d just follow.

"I’m done with the whole friendship shtick. If even a sweet, honest pony like Fluttershy could break her promise to me then why should I ever believe the rest of you won’t do the same? I put my trust in her, and she betrayed me.

“I did my last good deed for you ponies by testing Sweetie Belle. Now I’m off to go somewhere I can be myself.”

He began walking away from them.

Fluttershy began crying. “Discord… please don’t leave! I’m sorry!” She sniffed, gently sobbing. “Please stay! We can all be friends now. You can stay and we’ll have fun every day and you won’t have to be afraid anymore! Hasn’t the past three months meant anything to you? All of us came to visit you all the time.”

Discord turned his head around to her. “I don’t want to take that chance. It’s easy to spend time talking to me as a lifeless statue, but I doubt you’d still put in the effort to talk with me if you knew I was on your side simply in terms of not going against you. You don’t trust me. You have no reason to, especially after what I pulled the last time. So why should I put my trust in you?”

Discord slowly lifted his claw, and they all heard him let out a sigh. “I’ll be going now. Thanks for releasing me. I’ll say at least that much.”

Fluttershy turned to Twilight, begging, “Do something, Twilight! I can tell he doesn’t really want to leave.”

Twilight could only think of one thing to do. It was risky, but as Fluttershy had said to her when she was trying to reform him, “If I’m going to be his friend I’ve got to start by giving him the benefit of the doubt.”

“Discord!” Her horn started glowing, and as Discord turned around the Element of Magic landed on his head.

Discord blinked, lifting his hoof and tapping the Element. “What’s this?”

“I’m putting my trust in you, that’s what. For now we can go by the deal you were originally going to make with Sweetie Belle. You can hold onto one of the Elements, with the promise that you’ll return it any time we need it, and our promise that we’ll return it once we are done with it.”

The other Element bearers let out shocked exclamations, murmuring amongst themselves.

Discord looked into Twilight’s eyes, trying to find out her trick. He took the Element off his head and looked at it. He could feel the power emanating out of it, and it looked just the same as the one that was just on her head, so he was certain it wasn’t a fake like last time. He looked back at Twilight and said, “Do you think that was a wise move? You’re as bad as Sweetie Belle, throwing your trust on me without knowing what I plan to do with my freedom.”

“I trust you!” Twilight said firmly, meeting his eyes.

“Is that right? With the Elements out of the way I now can start right where I left off, with nothing to stop me.” He started walking toward her, lifting a hoof, leaving it an inch from her nose. “With just a simple touch I can render you a slave to my will.”

A bead of sweat came down her face, but her expression remained unchanged, and she didn’t move. This was just another test… one she intended to pass.

Discord moved his claw forward, touching her now. “With just a tiny bit of magic I could make you my slave for life. You gave me the real one this time, so now you have no way to stop me. And your Element especially is the central focus of all the Elements.” Pushing a little harder her head moved back slightly. “Yet even now do you still feel so confident? Just one little act of will, and I can make you mine.”

“Yes!” she said without hesitation. “If that was really what you wanted you would have done it already. I know we were in the wrong for being so distrustful to you despite your attempts to change, but we ourselves have changed with all that’s happened.” She pushed against his claw. “So if you’re going to start brainwashing everyone to like you then just start doing it already. As you said, there is nothing we can do to stop you right now. Giving you the Element was the only way I could truly show you my offering of friendship to you was honest and true.

“There is still a lot of work to be done to cement our bond, but I’m putting all my trust in you right now, because there is nothing else I can give you. Please stay with us and let’s start over.”

The other Element bearers silently watched the contest between Twilight and Discord. Twilight had put her faith in Discord. Now they had to see how he would respond.

Except for some gurgling and baby-talk from Rarity the library was silent. The seconds ticked by, none of them moving.

Discord poofed a pair of dark glasses onto his face before floating in the air and laughing hysterically.

Twilight cocked her head slightly. “What’s so funny?”

“Oh, you ponies are just hilarious! You just have to take everything so seriously!” Taking off the Element he put it back on Twilight’s head. “Like I really needed this to be sure you wanted to be BEST FWIENDS!” He held himself as he began cracking up again. Wiping a tear from his eye he said, “Honestly! After what I just pulled with Sweetie Belle you’d think 'the smartest unicorn' in Ponyville would have learned. The looks on your faces were just priceless. Why would I ever want to leave? You guys are just too much fun. I got you twice in a row!”

There was a collective sigh by everyone. “Well, I guess Discord is back, after all,” said Rainbow Dash as she rolled her eyes, though with a small smile.

“Yep,” said Applejack, an exasperated grin on her face as well. “Just as annoyin’ as ever.”

Fluttershy spoke up. “Discord wasn’t messing around,” she said simply. “He really was testing us.”

“Why do you say that?” asked Sweetie Belle.

“Even if he was upset with me I was his first friend and the one who missed him the most while he was trapped. He knows how bad I felt about breaking my promise, and he wouldn’t add to my hurt by just up and leaving, and he especially wouldn’t just feel nothing about making me cry. Why do you think he’s wearing those glasses right now? Because he’s trying to hide his relief.”

Discord gave Fluttershy a funny look.

“If he really didn’t care about us then he could have just left as soon as he was free, but he went through the trouble of seeing if Sweetie Belle had really matured in keeping control of her magic when he had no reason to. I know Discord has his bad side, as do we all, but I’ve always been able to see the sweet side hidden underneath. No amount of tasteless jokes or pranks can take that away.” Tears shined on her face as she gave a bright smile. “That’s why I’m proud to call him my friend, and that’s why I know he never had any real intention of leaving.”

Discord put on another pair of glasses with much larger and thicker lenses, but though his eyes were covered it couldn’t stop them from seeing a few tears fall down to the floor.

“Group hug!” Fluttershy called out, rushing over to him. The others were a little more restrained, but they all followed along.

“No,” said Discord, looking horrified as they ran towards him. “No. Stop it. No group hugs!”

Applejack laughed. “Look at the great master of chaos now.”

“Yeah,” said Rainbow. “Scared of a little hug.”

“Dogpile!” said Pinkie, jumping into the air and the rest of them tackled him to the ground.

Sweetie Belle held back because she was holding Rarity. A disquieting thought was beginning to take root as she saw Discord fighting to suppress his contentment.

The five of them tickled him all over, making him laugh. “Say it!” said Twilight. “Say you love having us as friends.”

“Or else we keep going,” said Applejack.

Discord poofed away, a twisted grin on his features. “Oh, you want to play, do you? Well, we can play, then. But I’m playing my way.” With a snap of his claw he said, “Look at darling Fluttershy now.” As they looked over at Fluttershy all their mouths dropped open. She had Sweetie Belle’s and Twilight’s horn on her head, as well as Rainbow’s wings.

Fluttershy looked around the room, fluttering her two sets of wings. “This feels weeeeeird!”

“So if being an alicorn makes you a princess, does this make Fluttershy a super princess?” he mused with delight.

“Discord!” spat out Sweetie Belle, Twilight, and Rainbow.

His grin expanded off his face and rose up until it broke through the top of the library, debris falling around them. “You started this, girls. This is why I won’t leave. You’re just far too much fun. It’s so easy to tick you off. You’d think you’d have learned by now.

“Fine, then. I’ll return your wings and horns.” He snapped his claw as his face returned to normal, the library repaired. “There! Much better!”

“DISCORD!” the three of them yelled now. Rainbow’s wings were on her flank, Twilight’s horn was coming out her snout, and Sweetie Belle’s was on her chin.

He began hysterically laughing, tears coming down his eyes. “Oh, this is too rich!” He slapped his knee a few times, unable to contain his joy. “N-n-no complaining, girls,” he sputtered out. “You said you wanted me as a friend, so you have to deal with what that entails.”

Pinkie Pie and Applejack joined in on his merriment, finding it extremely funny.

“D-Discord,” Fluttershy spoke up, trying to contain her laughter and be serious. “Return them to normal, please. Fun is fun, but you’re upsetting them.”

He let out a sigh. “Fine.” He snapped his claw, but nothing happened. “Hmm?” He snapped it again, and still nothing happened. “That’s odd,” he said as he looked strangely at his claw. “It’s not working. It must be because my magic hasn’t fully regenerated after being stuck inside the stone for so long.”

Rainbow’s face sank. “Please tell me this is just a bad joke. I’m not going around with wings on my butt!”

Twilight was blushing. “Well… this is awkward. I guess we’ll just have to wait until his magic comes back. I hope it isn’t too long. I don’t have the magic to fix things.” She looked down at the absurdness of seeing her horn jutting out of her nose.

Sweetie Belle was mostly just mildly annoyed at Discord’s antics, but her irritation began feeding on her thought from earlier and quickly spiked into rage. Setting Rarity down on the floor she walked up to Discord and gave him a hard smack with her hoof, eliciting a gasp from everyone else. “Knock it off!” she said angrily. “I know this is just another one of your stupid jokes. Now fix things back to the way they were before. NOW!”

“Sweetie Belle,” said Twilight. “Calm down.”

Discord looked a little shocked. It hadn’t really hurt. He was just surprised that she had actually hit him. With a snap of his claw their wings and horns returned to their proper spots. “What’s wrong, Sweetie Belle?” he asked, sounding sincere. “Are you still sore because of my testing earlier?”

“No!” She shook her head. “I needed that, and I won’t blame you for that. But you act like everything is just a big joke. In fact, it’s not just you. Twilight, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and even you, Fluttershy. If you were really so interested in making friends and being liked then you should have tried something other than just staying away and pulling pranks all the time.

"We needed your help in Ponyville! Fluttershy told me she sent you letters about that disease that went throughout the town, and you didn’t do a thing to help! You want us to see you as a friend and a hero, but all you cared about was Fluttershy. Everyone else who died wasn’t important, right, so long as Fluttershy wasn’t affected? But even that isn’t true. You let Rarity die! One of Fluttershy’s closest friends. My sister is dead because of you!”

Her horn started glowing. “You can’t expect me to just forget that.” Her horn flashed, and Discord went flying backwards, hitting a bookshelf and knocking several rows of books off the shelves.

“Sweetie Belle!” cried out Fluttershy. “Stop!”

“Get up, Discord!” she said, lifting him up with her magic. “What do you have to say for yourself?” She squeezed him hard with her magic. “Answer me or I’ll choke the life out of you!”

“That’s enough, Sweetie Belle!” said Twilight sternly, smacking her horn and disrupting her concentration. “We’ve already had this talk. I told you it was our fault.”

“No! It isn’t!” She gave Twilight a dirty look. “He could have saved Rarity at any time, but he wanted her out of the way for his own selfish desires, and then blackmailed me for her life with the deal for the Element.”

“If that’s how you truly feel then why did you help release him? You used your Element knowing it would free him, so you weren’t feeling this way just a short time ago or it wouldn’t have worked. What happened?”

“That’s none of your business!”

Discord said in an apologetic voice, “Sweetie Belle, I am sorry for the way I acted. I let fear guide my actions and it did lead to your sister dying. It was wrong of me. I admit that. The only thing I can do now is pledge myself to helping protect you, little Rarity, and all of Ponyville.”

“Sweetie Belle,” said Twilight softly. “Do you remember what you said to me about Discord? How he gave you a cutie mark?”

Sweetie Belle was still feeling mad, but she was curious as to what Twilight was getting at. “Yeah. Unlike when you tried it for Apple Bloom his actually stuck around. Why are you asking? What does that matter now?”

“Discord,” started Twilight in a hesitant voice. “You’ve shown many times that your magic transcends the possible for even the strongest alicorn. You can remove body parts from ponies, change landscapes, and even give a pony the cutie mark of their choice.”

“Yes," he replied. "And?”

“If you truly want to make things up for what happened… can you… will you bring Rarity back to us?”

Sweetie Belle’s eyes grew large as saucers, her anger evaporating on the spot. That was right. Discord could break all the usual magical rules. He could set things right. Tears started coming down her eyes.

Discord let out a sigh. “I’m sorry, girls, but that is impossible even for me. I cannot bring the dead back to life. Once they’re gone they’re gone, and nothing can bring them back.”

Sweetie Belle’s hope cracked along with her heart, shattering into a million pieces. For a few seconds she had entertained a glorious hope: of having her sister back, letting her meet her little sister, of the two of them doing generous acts for others. Now that was gone.

Letting out a frustrated cry she slammed her hooves into the ground repeatedly, sobbing a little. When one of the ponies, she didn’t know which, put a hoof on her to comfort her she knocked it away and got up, running out of the library towards her house.

All of them looked uncertainly at each other. “I was afraid that might be his response," said Twilight. "I think it would probably be best if you all go home for now. I’ll try to work things out with her.”

“Swee-Belle! Swee-Belle!” Baby Rarity cried out as she crawled towards the door, banging on it. “Swee-Belle!”

Twilight walked over to Rarity and picked her up. “And I have to get you home as well.” Rarity squirmed in her hooves, trying to get away. “Rarity. Do you want Sweetie Belle?”

She stopped moving so much, looking at Twilight with teary eyes. “Swee-Belle?”

“Yes. I’ll take you home so you can see her.”

The rest of them filed out along with her. Discord came out last. “Twilight,” he started, wringing his claw and paw together, “I really AM sorry about Rarity. I really wish there was a way to take it back, but I can’t.”

“I know… Discord.” She closed her eyes and let out a sigh. “Sweetie Belle will come around. She said the reason she wanted you around was so you could act as a second line of defense in case we’re separated from the Elements. If you can help to save her or Rarity from danger I’m sure she’ll be more apt to give up some of her anger towards you. For now, though, return home.”

“No,” said Fluttershy. “I’d like him to come with me. Discord feels bad. He shouldn’t have to deal with those feelings all by himself.”

“Do what you want, Discord. Sweetie Belle shouldn’t have to deal with her feelings alone, either.” Her horn began to glow with a red aura, but then it stopped as she looked down at Rarity. She had teleported many times before with no complications, but she didn’t know how a baby would take the procedure. If Sweetie Belle had had a much harder time harnessing the power of the Elements because of her young age it was possible that teleporting Rarity could harm her, and if anything happened to baby Rarity now Sweetie Belle would be utterly crushed and devoid of any hope. That being the case she thought it would be much safer simply to walk. Sweetie Belle’s home wasn’t that far away, anyway.

About ten minutes later she came upon the house by the lake. She knocked on the door, but there was no answer. Straining her ear she could hear the sound of crying. Feeling a little bit guilty about intruding she tried the doorknob and found it was unlocked. She entered the house, closing the door behind her as she headed upstairs. She looked around, but she didn’t see Sweetie Belle’s parents.

Knocking on the door she said, “Sweetie Belle! It’s Twilight. I brought Rarity home.”

The sound of crying stifled, and the door opened after a short time.

As soon as it did Rarity practically jumped off her back and towards the filly, calling out happily, “Swee-Belle!”

Sweetie Belle took her sister, holding her close. Her eyes were red from crying, and she looked so conflicted about whether she wanted to feel joy or sadness. Both Rarity’s were pulling her thoughts and emotions in opposing directions. “Oh, Rarity,” she said, affection clear in her voice. “I love you so much!”

Rarity strained, trying to talk. “W-wuv yew, Swee-Belle!”

Turning around she took Rarity to her bed, setting her down. “Stay here, Rarity.” She left the room, running downstairs. Rarity looked upset, but stayed where she was. After a minute she returned, holding a bottle of warm milk. Rarity’s face lit up as Sweetie Belle came in the room.

Setting Rarity on her lap she placed the bottle to her sister’s lips, and Rarity greedily began drinking it down. “Good girl, Rarity. Drink it all, and then it will be time for a little nap.”

Twilight just stood off to the side, watching Sweetie Belle taking care of her sister. She didn’t know if it was intentional, but Sweetie Belle hadn’t said a word to her since she had come in. She hadn’t even said a thank you for having her sister brought home.

After Rarity was done with her bottle Sweetie Belle brought her up, patting her back until Rarity let out a soft belch. “That a girl, Rarity.” She began rocking her sister as Rarity let out a yawn. “Nap time.” Sweetie Belle began singing a gentle lullaby, and it wasn’t long until Rarity was out like a light. Getting up she set her sister in the crib on the other side of the room.

When that was done she headed towards the door to her room. She gave Twilight a quick look, jerking her head, and Twilight followed her as they went downstairs. Sweetie Belle closed the door as they left. As they reached the ground floor and went to the kitchen Sweetie Belle rounded on her, and her kind, loving expression was gone. “Discord was right about you!” she said angrily. “For being so smart with books you are unbelievably stupid when it comes to other ponies.”

That one stung a little. “Sweetie Belle,” she started, but she was cut off with a smack to the face.

“I don’t want to hear it, Twilight!” Tears were pouring down her eyes. “You KNOW how much Rarity meant to me! You know how much it hurt me to lose her. And watching you guys pal around it got me thinking that, really, I am the one who is responsible for Rarity’s death. If I had just given Discord the Element when he asked he probably would have acted just like he did today. That means Rarity’s death was completely pointless!

“NOW I get what you meant when you said 'If we’re lucky you’ll only have to use it once.' You planned all along to see if Discord could bring Rarity back to life. Then Rarity could take her Element back and use it again. The whole point is that you weren’t sure if it could be done.

"AND YET YOU ASKED HIM ABOUT IT RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!” she roared. “DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW THAT MAKES ME FEEL, RAISING UP MY HOPES AND THEN DASHING THEM TO PIECES IN LESS THAN TEN SECONDS?” She hit Twilight again on her chest. “I truly believed for a short, glorious time that I could have my sister back. If you weren’t sure it could be done you should have asked him when I wasn’t there, which is what anyone with a BRAIN in their head would have done!”

Tears started coming down Twilight’s eyes. “Sweetie Belle, I’m so sorry. I never meant -”

“SHUT UP! I don’t want to hear it! Get out! Get out of my house and don’t come back! I don’t want to see you right now.”

“Sweetie Belle-”

“I said get OUT!” Her horn glowed as various small things began floating, all of them directed at Twilight.

Twilight let out a small yelp, jumping out of the way. More things followed the first wave, and Twilight saw Sweetie Belle was beyond reaching at the moment. She went running for the door, dodging things along the way.

As she got some distance from the house she heard Sweetie Belle yelling her name. “Hey, Twilight! Take this junk with you!”

Twilight turned her head, her eyes shrinking as all she saw was a green blur coming towards her. She let out a cry of pain and fell to the ground, her nose and eye throbbing. Looking down as she heard the door slam she saw the Element of Generosity.

Guilt began overtaking her. How had she been messing things up so badly lately? First it was Discord, then Rarity, and now Sweetie Belle. Getting up she put on the Element and began the slow walk home, her right eye closed from the pain, tears coming down her eyes all the while.

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