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Rainbow Dash wants to cook a healthy meal for herself one night. And the pegasus is determined to do it all on her own. But the pegasus is a rookie at cooking a meal, and learns that cooking is not as easy as it seems.

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Comments ( 9 )

My inner Chef Ramsey died a little after reading this fic. It's just too hilarious.

One does not simply squeeze apples :derpyderp2:

btw good story toonboy

I both feel sorry for her as a chef, but also laughed my flank off with how much she reminded me of my brother. :rainbowlaugh:

Once I caught my brother trying to make a simple cake from a box and he somehow misread the instructions and put 13 cups of water instead of the 1/3 it required. Yet he still thought it would bake down so he put it into two separate pans and threw it in the oven for almost 6 hours before giving up and pouring it down the sink.

Hay I enjoyed this a lot so here's a read though i did of it :pinkiehappy:
Rainbow Dash's Cooking Adventure

Poor, poor Rainbow Dash. No luck with even a simple fruit. But I have to wonder, why was the apple rubberized?

Oh my...This reminds me of my wife and I trying to make anything more complicated than spaghetti :twilightoops:
Haha, excellent story! :rainbowlaugh:

Poor Rainbow Dash. She needs a hug and a good meal.

476816 Assuming 'twas not the apple, but the cloud wall, that provided the bounce.

Because cloud shenanigans.

An entertaining read. A few flaws here and there, but considering it was designed for a quick fic competition, I can hardly hold that against.

'6/10 not enough juice' ign

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