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Derpy Hooves is a clumsy pony, with deformed eyes. Sometimes she thinks low of herself and that no pony likes her. But when a certain pony comes along, he lets Derpy know what a great pony she is, no matter what kind of problems she has.

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Comment posted by Blue Valentine deleted Sep 1st, 2014

You really did a good job Layla D.
From: a Friend

Such a lovely story! As I see it is uncompleted, so I wonder what is going to happen in next chapter. Good luck!

welp..... that escalated quickly

i like it and Blue_Valentine please make a sequel for this story

4932451 I'm actually planning on making a sequel about Dinky, and Thanks!:derpytongue2:

4932458 yay :pinkiehappy: and your welcome

Cute sweet story, need a little more detail but i loved it all the same:heart::derpytongue2::derpyderp1::derpyderp2:

5156346 Thanks! This was one of our fist stories so it wasn't that professional :twilightsheepish:

This is is moving to fast for me this is only the second chapter and in the first chapter she went into his house in the next chapter will they sleep together and she just met him really?

same day they met he dropped to big L-word:facehoof:

5169835 Sorry it escalated so fast. This was one of our first stories and it was really short and, well you know. And it's everyone so it's not like "sleeping together" moments or anything. But yeeeaaaahhhh we just don't wanna delete it cuz like I said- it was one of our first ... "successful" stories. :twilightblush::pinkiesmile:

Awww, romantic, and another smile for making Derpy feel better.

So cute! Romantic! You've already got a fav and like!

Hmmm, does Whooves have something out his sleeve? Still, I :heart: it.

Hmm? Could something turn bright again?

I'm not sure how to react but this: Go Derpy!

This is so Cute! I love it!

5440330 Tank u, this was one of our first short stories :D


My heart.

This. Broke. Me.

I love your story!

That was so cute <3
I really like this so far!

This is so cute!
Damn it. You can't like things more than once... :/

My entire body started shivering in delight when the Doctor came back. That sounded weird, but this is SO CUTE!


I apologise for my language, but this is just too cute. I was kinda sad before, but this is cheering me up! <3

Oh... Poor, poor Derpy...

I just imagined the fairy godmother from Cinderella come. I just kinda did.


I love the Doctor being lovey-dovey. I hope Derpy and him get back together. Excuse my grammar..


I hope you write more Derpy X Doctor stories!

Awww~ I love happy endings!

:fluttercry: Hu- wha-? No, i'm not crying, what are you talking about (:raritycry:)

i have to be truthful but you don't seam that you are patient with story's but it's still brilliant

The title got me...it's almost like my story "The Story of 3 Hearts" XD I'm gonna read now, it seems good

Yep...got the 1st person down from Derpy's POV XD I love these kinda stories!!

XD OMG I think I know how bad I seem when I write stories! I'm terrible at pacing! :rainbowlaugh: I love the story though :derpytongue2:

One problem...POV change in the middle of it.:ajbemused: Either you're in 1st person or 3rd person. But I really like the story thus far :derpytongue2:

:rainbowderp: he...he said it....he just said........."I love you"
My little Derptor! I used to wonder what romance could be (My little Derptor) Until you all shared it's magic with me! Little kisses, lots of love! Beautiful hearts, faithful and kind! Sharing feelings, it's an easy feat, and romance makes it all complete! (YEA) My little Derptor! Do you know you are my coltfrieeeeeeeeeeeend!
(Don't ask...cause I have no idea XD and I know it aint official as far as I've seen, but like I said...DON'T QUESTION IT!)

....How can he walk on a cloud? He's an earth pony! :pinkiegasp: Logic..out the freakin' window! XD Love love LOVE it!

Well.....there goes the "feels-o-meter"....:fluttercry::pinkiesad2:

I landed. I sat down. I landed and sat down on the cold wooden floor. Then I lay down. I landed, sat down, and lay down on his cold wooden floor.


Imma name that bully pony...."Blue Jazz" IDK why......can you make a short based on what happened to her after Derpy just owned her in front of her friends! Plz

6035607 Happy ending for the Whooves family....what about the bully pony...she lost her friends and got owned by Derpy (in which from her perspective is as bad as it can get).........I feel sorry but amused at the same time about this

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