• Published 30th Aug 2014
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A Tale of Two Hooves - Blue Valentine

Derpy finds someone who actually likes her for who she is.

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Chapter 7: Time in a Bubble

I was so tired. But couldn't believe it. Did he.. forget? He couldn't! He came home from an important trip just because I had a "tiny" emotional breakdown! And he loves me. Right? Right. Don't doubt it Derpy, he loves you. Oh, I can't help It! I have to ask him about it!
The next day I flew down to his house and he let me in.

"WHY DIDNT YOU GIVE ME AN ANNIVERSARY PRESENT HUH?" I said, more intense than I'd expected.
"Haha what? Your Present?" He chuckled.

Then, his smile turned upside down.


Just then I became saddened. He did forget.

"Its okay." I said and then I made it out the door.

We'd been together for so long. And how could he forget our first anniversary? Well, the present I mean. All day I just lay in bed, bouncing a ball against the wall. I was so bored. I would usually go to his house, but nope. Not now.

I went to Twilights kingdom. Its so... crystaly. Does she live there or something? All I see are a bunch of big, colorful rocks. But unlike her old library, not anypony can just waltz in. Only her BPFFs. I think Applejack made that term up or something. Maybe i can help Applejack! I flew to Sweet Apple Acres, and asked Applejack if she needed any help. She said that they were selling the zap-apples already and that was keeping them busy. I know i can't make dresses. Once I tried, but I kept poking my hoof no matter how many times Rarity told me how to do it. And I DO NOT want to model for her. Thats soooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring. Fluttershy tried, but I remember how that turned out! Im not making ANY Pinkie promises.

I tried helping Fluttershy with her animals, but I accidentally let the chickens loose and I couldn't round 'em up because I can't see when they're going to fast. I would help Pinkie, but she doesn't need help. She make EVERYTHING herself, and its always derpTASTIC! Rainbow Dash can clear the sky in 10 seconds flat. She doesn't need help. NO ONE needs help! I feel so useless. All I do is deliver mail. Yay. Im soo proud.

Later I couldn't help myself. I walked to Whooves' house and knocked on the door. No pony was home. But then he came from behind me, opened the door, and offered me to come in. I did. When I was sitting on the couch, he handed me a box. I looked at it for a second.

"Whooves, I don't want a present that you just ran to the store and bought. I-"
"Just listen. Please?" he said. I nodded, and he began to speak again,
"When I went to Canterlot, It wasn't all for the medical stuff. Partly, but you see, they have the best glass crafters in Equestria. Since I came home early, I didn't have time to get you present."
"Whooves! That trip was almost a year ago!"

Oh wait... He just had a trip to Canterlot last weekend because some a major amount of royal guards were injured.

"Oh never mind." I said, "Im just dumb. I am so stupid. You are the nicest stallion ever, and you have to deal with a Derp every time you do something nice." I felt so ashamed and stupid.

I wanted to give him a hug but it felt so awkward. But luckily he hugged me instead. I don't know what got into me, but I resisted. I shook him off. He seemed confused. Then I started to speak,

"I was right Doctor. One year ago I was right. You are too good for me."

You could see his face sadden.

"Derpy, dont do this."
"Whooves Im not good enough! Im a useless piece of messed up junk! I don't deserve you! You should go find a smart, pretty, scientist or something, who's actually right for you!"
"Derpy you're perfect for me!"
"No doctor. Im not perfect for you," I was holding back tears.
"And I am no where near perfect. I can't be with you. Its not right. Celestia wouldn't want this, its all wrong!"

He was silent. His legs looked unstable. His face looked sad. He looked broken. I couldn't look any longer. I turned to the door, but before I left, he gestured the box to me enthusiastically. And then I left.

When I got to the house I really didn't want to, but I took the box and opened it. In the tissue paper was an hourglass. Just like his cutie mark. And the hourglass was inside a glass bubble, and on the bubble it said, "I LOVE YOU WHOOVES+DERPY" Derpy lay it on her side table and cried herself to sleep.

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