• Published 30th Aug 2014
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A Tale of Two Hooves - Blue Valentine

Derpy finds someone who actually likes her for who she is.

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Chapter 6: Muddy Anniversaries

The next day I felt good about our "relationship", but I felt kind of embarrassed hehe. But i shouldn't be, because he loves me with all my flaws and stupidities. I started coming to his house everyday again, and it wasn't awkward at all. It was like how it was before my huge, embarrassing breakdown. Before we knew it, it was our one year anniversary, and I didn't know what to get him! He said that the boy was supposed to get the girl a present but I wanted to show how much I cared for him. Then, it hit me. Its zap-apple season! I went to Sugar Cube Corner, and asked Pinkie Pie for a small gift box. I then went to Sweet Apple Acres and actually landed on the ground. Applejack let me have one free zap-apple, but i decided to buy some zap-apple jam too. I then brought everything to my house. I attached a little note that said,

"Dear Whooves,

~ Happy Anniversary! ~

- LOVE YOU :D -"
with some ribbon that Pinkie also gave me.

I got the present ready and then I went for a walk in Ponyville. I don't like dresses, but this was a special night, so i went to Carousel Boutique. Rarity was "Sewwww excited" that she gave me a dress for free.

The dinner was at 7:00 but it was only 6:30, so i put on my dress and took another stroll around Ponyville. As I flew, some mare flew up to me and said,

"Derpy hooves, was it?"
"Whats with the dress, derp?"
"Today is my anniversary with Doctor Whooves!"
"Let me see the dress."

I, a bit confused, gave her the dress and she began to fly away.

"Bye derp-face!" she shouted
"Wait!" I said. She turned around.
"WHAT derp!?"
"Give me my dress please!"
"Dresses aren't your thing, hun. Stick to blowing bubbles."

It was already 7:25.

"I need my dress miss, please."
"If I can't have it, Neither can YOU!"

She then threw the dress towards a puddle of mud. The pony left me there, in the mud, with my ruined dress. There was no time to buy a new one. So I tried to dry it off with my wings, and I put it on. I raced back to my house for the present, and raced back to Ponyville where he lived. I came into his house, but he didn't say anything about the dress.

"The spaghetti is almost ready, my little Derpy." he said, as we sat down on the couch. I quickly got back up.
"Oh no! I got mud on your couch!"
"Its okay, sit back down."

I took a second, but I sat back down, making another stain.

"Oh," I said, "here's your present!"
"For me?" he asked surprisingly.
"No, for Spike. YES YOU!" I laughed.

And I handed him the small box. He opened it. He then ran into the kitchen. What? But the he came back out with some bread.

"To eat with the jam." he said and smiled.

Then he saw the apple and read the card.

"Hmm... an apple. This reminds me of something..." and then he moved me an inch over.
"We were sitting right here." he finished.

This is where we were sitting when we first kissed. Soon we went into the dining room and he made THE BEST pasta i've ever tasted.
I noticed that there was only one plate of spaghetti.

"Wait, you only cooked one plate?"
"But how-"

Oh. Then I knew. We were supposed to share it like in that romantic movie called "Filly and the Colt."I just went with it. Soon it was just like in the movie. There was one noodle, and one meatball left. He rolled the meatball to me, so I ate it. He giggled, and so did I. We each bit one side of the noodle and began to slurp it up. We were about to have that perfect moment when you seal a date with a kiss. But, the noodle broke, soooo. Well I stayed later than I thought I would. It was 11:00. I was about to say goodbye, but of course, he kissed me before I could speak. When I got home, I took off my dress, and plopped into bed. But then I realized something. Whooves didn't give me a present.

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