• Published 30th Aug 2014
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A Tale of Two Hooves - Blue Valentine

Derpy finds someone who actually likes her for who she is.

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Chapter 5: A Trip of Problems

I looked up at Whooves. I gazed into his eyes like I was in a trance. I shed a tear, and Whooves wiped it with his left hoof, and held me with his right.

"I love you too." I said
"Derpy, you don't have to say it to spare my feelings."
"No. But its true. I love you Doctor Whooves. And i knew it from the start. I just, I just, I just,"
"I understand."

I closed my eyes as he brushed through my mane with his hooves. I truly loved this stallion. He understood me, and he didn't judge me. Later, after we had dinner, It was time for me to go home. I didn't want to leave. But I had to, it was getting late. So I kissed him goodnight and I flew home and slept with a grin on my face.

For the last few weeks, I'd been coming to his house every day like I did that day. We would watch movies, talk, and do what couples do. But one day i came and knocked on the door, but no pony answered. I then saw a note on the door.

"Dear My Little Derpy,

Im sorry I didn't tell you in person, but I will be away for one week in Canterlot, for a medical emergency. Do not worry about me, I just wanted to let you know where I am. I will come back in one piece, and I expect you to be in one piece as well. I love you Derpy :D


I took the letter home and put it up on my wall. I wanted something to remember him while he was away.

The next day I went to Cherilee's schoolhouse for career day, to tell the fouls about being a messenger. When I finished my presentation, many of the kids had questions.

"Ms. Derpy, how do you deliver mail with your messed up eyes?"
"Snails!!" scolded Cherilee.
"Derpy do people give complaints when your so clumsy?"
"Derpy, whats with your cutie mark?"

All personal questions, and some offending, about me. I ran into the wall, the class laughed, and then I ran out the door. When I was out the door, I ran into some ponies of my age, and they laughed too. I didn't notice I was crying. It was my childhood all over again. As I flew to my house, I thought, "But they're right! Im so stupid! Derpy you, you, you DERP!" I ran up the stairs and onto my bed. Then I picked up the phone to send a voice message to Doctor Whooves. *BEEP*

"Hi. Whooves? its Derpy. I got your note, Im glad you're okay. But, but, *sniff*, I'm not sure we're... right for each other. You're a smart, handsome doctor. And me? I'm a dumb, cross-eyed, klutzy, messenger who can't even fly straight. You are way out of my league. I think you'd be better off with a smarter, prettier pony who can tell a sales pony from a close friend. I'm really truly sorry. It's not you. Its ALL me."

I slammed the phone down and then buried my face into my pillow. 30 minutes later I hear someone knock loudly at the door. I wipe my freakish eyes and I open the door. The second it opens he wraps himself around me. I immediately begin to cry. He closes the door and sits me down on my couch.

"Derpy.." He says. His voice seems sad.
"Derpy what happened?" His voice was serious, yet so gentle and comforting.
"I-I-I Im not good enough for you, and you know it!" I yell at him but just hold him tighter.
"Derpy, what in Equestria are you talking about? You are more than 'good enough' for me! Derpy, I would be lost with out you."

I dont respond but he knows I'm understanding what he's saying.

"Derpy, It doesn't matter what any pony else says about you. Just listen to this. You are the most beautiful mare I know, and I would give my world away to see you smile."

I hug him so tightly and he holds me the same way. I love him to much too ever let him go again. I am more proud of myself now, but still, I can be REALLY STUPID sometimes.

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