• Published 30th Aug 2014
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A Tale of Two Hooves - Blue Valentine

Derpy finds someone who actually likes her for who she is.

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Chapter 3: Derpy Bucking Season

"Ummm... That was awkweird."
I knew, that once again, my face was PINK. Whooves was just looking at me and my crossed eyes. How could anypony look at me so long? I felt stupid. I was stupid. I didn't know what to do, so I tried to escape. I tried to fly but remembered we were in a house so I didn't go very high. Then I ran in the direction of the door, but Whooves grabbed me by the torso. I kept blushing but then i kicked his face by accident and rolled onto the floor, stumbling. The scrambled up but one of my hooves caught on the television wire and I just tripped again. Whooves was rubbing his cheek while I shyly waved and walked out the door. The last thing I saw were his eyes, lovestruck. I felt wonderful.

Then I walked straight into a tree.

"You okay darling?" I heard a fancy voice inquire.
"What do ya think?" I muttered.
"Let's get you a fancy dress, it should cure you up! Good thing they sell them at Carousel Boutique!"
But I was off before I even got to see the dress.

I walked farther into Ponyville, careful not to bump into anything or mistaken anypony as one of my friends. I tried not to, but I couldn't stop thinking about him. Nopony sticks up for me like that. But he did. Why did he? Because he likes me, right. I can be so stupid sometimes. No, all the time.

"Argh!" I shouted, not meaning to have said it out loud.

I started walking again, but I accidentally ran into Princess Twilight.

"Oh! Sorry Princess Twilight!"
"Umm, thats okayy, Derpy."

Twilight's to-do list had unraveled and Spike was picking it up.

"Thats okay Derpy." said Spike.

After bumping into Twilight, Derpy was extra careful not to get near anyone else. She flew up high and sat at the entrance of her house.

"I can't do ANYTHING right!"

Derpy tore a piece of cloud out off a cloud.

"I can be so stupid! Why does Whooves even like me? Maybe he's stupid too."

Derpy paused and then smiled.

"I guess thats why we're totally, completely perfect for each other."

She then flew from her house and headed towards Sweet Apple Acres.

"Applejack?" asked Derpy

Applejack was apple bucking the tree that Derpy landed on. She bucked Derpy right out of the tree, along with 5 apples. Derpy shook her head a few times, and grabbed one of the apples.

"This will do! Thanks Applejack!"

And Derpy was gone.

"What in tarnation was that about?"

Derpy flew all the way to Dr. Whooves' house. She knocked, and he then opened the door.

"Package for Dr. Whooves?" she said and smiled slightly.

She reached into her saddlebag and pulled out a zap-apple.

"And who's it from?" Whooves asked, knowing already who it was from.
"Hey Derpy? Why don't you come in?"

She walked in and they sat on the couch.

"Whooves, Im sorr-"

But before she could finish, his lips touched hers. Just like last time, but better. And this time, she went with it. No struggle, no escape, she just went with it. And at that, she put the apple back into her saddlebag, thinking of nothing but the stallion sitting right next to her on his velvet couch.

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