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James, known as Carla, has a best friend named Laelia. But what happens when James wants a hamburger? Will the world be destroyed? Could lives be changed forever? Could babies not be born? Could James's best friend steal her real, and forever cool name? Find out when you read... eVIL gRAPES!!!

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Do not judge, it was Carly S. who had the idea... :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Blue Valentine deleted Sep 3rd, 2014

Is this a troll fic? I DON'T EVEN KNOW LOL

What? I don't even know what this story is about.

How am I supposed to judge a fic when I don't even comprehend it?

Overall: C-/2563%

Someone has got a broken caps lock button
Edit: My dear god. I just read it....
This is so random. It goes on and on. No time to take a breath... My... I.... Please.... What did I just smoke?
And the worst thing is, that I completely understand this story....

We know that our story is akweird. It may be hard to understand, or maybe a bit weird and fast-going, but that's the point. It is called, COMEDY.
Carly S.

4961677 exactly. Comedy is ment to be random and awkward... At some points....

4961677 Something tells me you rolled your face on the keyboard, called the resulting product (read: this) a story, and then you make two split personalities and blame the level of GAWDAWFUL on Split Personality A because Split Personality B was innocent.

Yeah, I'll believe that for about two milliseconds of my life. :ajbemused:

5140872 AWESOME! Two milliseconds, geez, I don't even think I could even think for that long! Thank you!!!:raritystarry::raritystarry:

5140872 ?? What?? This wasn't a great piece, (well duh) but it was something we put together before we started fimfic, just as friendly fun. Sooo, in a wayyy, its kinda a trollfic? And oh yeah they aren't split-personalities, its about me and my crazy friend and our craziness mixed into a dream-scene that would be quite realistic if you're in a dream world... :rainbowhuh::pinkiecrazy::pinkiegasp::ajsleepy::ajsmug:

5140879 :facehoof: Your level of incoherence and ability to not read the context of EVERYTHING I JUST SAID A FEW MINUTES AGO astounds me. You need help--a lot of it.

5140896 This was a troll fic, so nopony is SUPPOSED to like it. If it has 1000 dislikes, we won't care, it's our weirdest story yet, and weirdness means SWAG.


ABOUT stands for A Billion Ostriches Using Twigs:raritywink:

5140893 I didn't understand a word you just said at the last sentence. Please talk to me more coherently before we try this discussion again. :ajbemused:

5140896 ... just as I said... this wasn't a real piece of hard work. And this isn't our only story. And I can assure you, neither of us need any sort of "help" XDDDDD

5140909 Yay, we'll have a discussion again! What'll it be about? GRAPES?:pinkiegasp:


weirdness means SWAG.

I think 'swag' is dying off, but that's just me. Excuse me while I walk out the door.

5140901 Layla what does that word mean? Oh and QUICK CHAT ME!:rainbowderp:


and weirdness means SWAG




5142240 Well, instead of reading my awkweird comments, READ THE STORY INSTEAD!:scootangel:

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