• Published 6th Sep 2014
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eVIL gRAPES - Blue Valentine

James just really wants a hamburger.

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Chapter 1: The Only Chapter in the Story

Once upon a time there was a pony named Carla. Her real name was James, but everyone called her Carla. Her best friend, Laelia, was a daredevil because every Sunday she went to jump off cliffs and do skydiving. Then one day there was a terrible fight between the two friends. Laelia was a bit jealous of Carla’s real name, James. So one day, she broke into the bank and stole the birth certificate and changed the name from James to Carla for real.

Then Carla was suddenly wanting to buy a hamburger the next day, so Carla went to the bank. But then she saw something crazy; Laelia was also at the bank!!!! Carla walked up to Laelia, and screamed, “Why are you not buying a hamburger?!?!” Then Carla saw that Laelia was writing on her birth certificate!!!” Laelia then said, “MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! NOW I AM JAMES!!!!!!!” Then Carla jumped on Laelia (otherwise known as James) and said, “Give me back my name!!!!” But Laelia had turned evil and she was hitting Carla with money!!! Carla then took her chance and stole the money to buy a hamburger. A banker named Joe then said, “Sorry we only sell potatoes.” Carla was so overwhelmed that she died.

At that moment, Laelia put her hooves on Carla’s dead body and threw it out the window (the bank was on the 100th floor). Laelia grabbed the broomstick from the janitor, and rode all the way to Canterlot. Then a meteor fell on her and she died. Or did she…
To be continued…

By Carly S.
(Proofread by Layla :D)

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