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A Biography? On me? Well, I'm an Aussie with a few skills. Most know my art. Some know my voice acting. I'd like to think I'm okay at writing, too. So I'm here to put that to the test!

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Yay, finally got the chance to get back into this. Can't wait to dive into the next chapters. I know it's a rewrite, but I can't wait to see if BD makes an appearance again.

6207714 BD-0024 is staying in the story. As for reappearances... I'm not making any promises, but it's not out of the question.

Edit: Oops, commented instead of adding Author's Notes. Imsmartiswear.

The whole sex robot thing wasn't that funny this time around ... probably because it wasn't a surprise, we didn't see Quick's reaction to Sterling's newly-aquired fucktoy, and because you outright told us with a terminal.

Nonetheless, it's a good solid chapter, but it was missing some things I liked about it the first time I read this.

and omg senpai loves me <3

6220301 That was in the original, actually. I mean, I could edit that if you think it'd make it better, but the computer conversations are one of the parts I didn't actually edit.

If you're talking about the conversation in the bar, though, that'll now appear at the start of Chapter 2.

Yay!. BD's back!

Solid chapter, sounds about right from what I remember of the original cut. Still great.

Now if I could could update myself faster. I hate my brain.

Your book has been advertised on the new facebook group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/foebooks/ :)

6586141 Oh, Fantastic. I see Dirty Deeds and Rising Dawn are there, too! (the authors are friends of mine and I did the cover art for Dirty Deeds)

6596541 awesome, welcome if you're one of the newbies that's recently joined then, and get ya but in to join us if you arent. XD

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