• Published 30th Aug 2014
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Life of your average ordinary wild yet tame human - sci-fi fanatic

A wild human is taken from his home to many new places. But what happens when he meets two beautiful female humans, one who is very wild, and one extremely tame?

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The filthy store

Alessandro was nervous. He had never been in such a horrible place. It was very noisy, there wasn't enough to eat, and to make matters worse, there was something in his cage that he could only hope was water. All of the noise was really starting to get on his nerves. He tried to occupy his time by annoying the clerk and other employees, but that didn't end well. What had happened, was he acted like he had to use the bathroom several times, whined, and even shook the bars. It would have worked out if it wasn't so dang noisy. So, grumbling to himself, he thought of what his new "owner" would be like. He hoped that this being would at least be nice. He was snapped out of his thoughts when a purple alicorn walked into the room. He rolled his eyes. "Her majesty" was probably a no-it all pony who thought she was better than everyone else. He just couldn't wait to get to his "new home."

Twilight point of view
Twilight walked into the back of the store where the human was supposed to be. Immediately she was hit with loud noises and a horrible stench. Trying to be polite and not gag at the smell, she tried to bring up a conversation. "So, what day did this human get here?", she asked as they walked along. "Not long ago.", replied the clerk. After a few minutes of silence, they finally stopped in front of the cage where the human resided. Twilight had to keep from laughing at the look on his face. He looked absolutely furious. She had to admit though, he was a cute little thing. "How much do you want for him?", asked Twilight.
"About two hundred bits.", replied the other mare. Twilight was shocked. She had expected the price to be much higher since this was an endangered species that they were talking about. As if reading her mind, the clerk said "We have a special discount for those who buy other pet supplies.", She said, hinting towards the human essentials. Now embarrassed, twilight picked out a comfy bed, a food dish, and a water dish for the human, and some treats for owlicious. She then paid for everything and left with the human closely following on a leash.

Back to Alessandro's point of view
Alessandro was not happy to be unleashed, but he could deal with it, he supposed. The walk home was peaceful. There were birds chirping everywhere and everything felt right with the world. Before he knew it, they had reached their destination.

Author's Note:

I just had a major idea for this story, so the female human will not be included as much in this story as I thought, but for those who wish to see her in it, I will be sure to include her in some chapters :)

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I really like this. Good work!:twilightsmile:I would like it to have longer chapters, but that is you're choice, not mine.

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