• Published 30th Aug 2014
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Life of your average ordinary wild yet tame human - sci-fi fanatic

A wild human is taken from his home to many new places. But what happens when he meets two beautiful female humans, one who is very wild, and one extremely tame?

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And he was right. It was a long day. In fact, it was a very long week. Although Zemya, as he learned was the Filly's name (He had heard that name alot during conversations), he just couldn't see himself as a pet. So, he figured he would try to escape. After several failed attempts, he remembered the knife he had found. He quickly got it out and cut the rope. It gave away quickly enough. Just when he thought he was home free, he was caught by a large male zebra.

Several weeks later, and he was still trying to escape. One day, he noticed that Zemya was particularly sad. After a few minutes, he found out why. A Pegasus pony soon flew up with a cart that said something weird. All he could make out of it was the words dangerous and pet. He quickly got got up, and tried to run, thinking that he was going to be put down or something, but was soon caught. He spent the ride in terror, thinking of what was to come.

Unknown point of view
The mysterious cloaked figure walked through the store. The bell rang softly, notifying the clerk of their entrance. The figure strode up to the counter of the store and spoke in a gruff sounding voice. "I'm here to place a special order. I would like to buy one male human please, and make it quick please, because I don't have that much time ready to prepare for the party I have coming up. I'll be here in about a week to pickup my order." Then, the unknown figure waltzed out of the room, and the bell yet again rang, signaling their exit, making it just a tad bit more dramatic.

Back to Alessandro's point of view
The ride was a very long, suspenseful ride. Wherever they were going, it must have been far. He was so nervous, that he could barely breathe. After a long time, he finally decided to take a nap.

Alessandro was having a good time in his[ old home. He was playing with his animal friends in the river on a hot, sunny day. Everything was calm and peaceful. Everything was perfect. Then, he heard a noise. He looked up, and there was a giant pony towering above him. It was HUGE. The next thing he knew, it had him in its teeth, and flung him over its shoulder. Then, he fell. He was about to hit the ground when-/i] He woke up. He was breathing heavily. He had the same dream for the past week.

The week rolled by, and they finally stopped at a small store. The Pegasus then came into view. He had a leash. As he tried to put the leash on Alessandro, Alessandro bit him. The pegasus cried out what Alessandro could only guess was a cuss word. Before he knew it, he was out of the carriage and into the store.

Twilight point of view
Twilight headed down the street to pick up her "special order". She giggled at the prank that she had played on the poor clerk mare. She had even used some magic to make her voice sound gruff. Twilight swore that Rainbow Dash was rubbing off on her. This time, she didn't have on her cloak. She wanted to see the look on that mare's face when she realized it was her the whole time. The reason twilight was even going to the pet store was because Spike's birthday was coming up, and she wanted to surprise him with a human. She felt that Spike could relate to a male more than a female. Also, she had her own female human, and she knew that she could relate to her human more than any human. Also, male humans were really rare, but she had heard that one was spotted in Zebrica and was being sent to this pet store. She walked into the pet store and explained to the clerk that it was her who ordered the human. The look on her face was priceless. "I'm sorry princess Twilight, I didn't know it wad you", said the mare. "It's fine Feather Blossom, and please, just call me Twilight.", She said. And so,they went to look at the human.