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Hey folks. JusSonic here, finally sending fics here. While I was worried about coming here for some time now, I decided to give this place a shot...as long as you be fair, 'kay?


(happens shortly after "Sunset Shimmer's Return?!"): Twilight proceeds to help Sunset Shimmer's dimension-stranded counterpart get used to her new pony form (in particular, gaining at least some reasonable control over her new unicorn powers) with the help of the rest of the Mane Six, Ben, Nyx and Flash Sentry; the last one seeming to develop a rather strong mutual attraction to his ex's formerly human counterpart. Can they prevent this Sunset from going down the same path her alternate counterpart did?
Pairings: Twilight x Ben, Sunset Shimmer x Flash Sentry

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Ben, Nyx and Flash Sentry;

And Im out of here

5055249 Thus, another philistine. :ajbemused:

Interesting. But could do with some clean up.

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