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Once upon a time, there were ponies. They were much like the ponies we know. These ponies, however, had discovered the magic of music, and some knew it very well.

Octavia Melody Philharmonica is one of these ponies. One evening, she travelled to the foot of Mount Canter to practise in peace. However, she was followed by a Vinyl Scratch, who decided to agitate Octavia further by challenging her to a duel.

Music ensues.

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Awesome :pinkiehappy:

That was really cool :pinkiehappy: . I read chapter fics so often, I sometimes forget the fun and charm of a one shot. I look forward to seeing if you make a sequel, although one really isn't nessisary. Great work.


Must I say more?

This didn't really make a whole lot of sense, and was very much over-the-top, but I forgive you because Ponies.
Also Vinyl + Tavi. Thumbed.

I honestly swear I didn't copy this story idea from you, but I'll have to read your version later.

*Shruggo* People have similar ideas all the time. I'd bet there's half a dozen stories like this on fimfic. I just hope you'll enjoy it.

Both our instruments and we quickly approached the crescendo, and as if to mimic us, nature itself joined in. True, it had not been silent at all during this duel, thunder and lightning contributing drama and gentle shuddering of the earth doing its part. Yet now the earth shook and split, torn asunder by the powers at work and spilling forth clouds of fumes with great power, red-hot magma glowing in the depths and casting the battleground in bright red.

They were so often volcanoes spontaneously formed to celebrate their awesomeness. Of course they were.

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