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Rainbow Dash introduces Applejack to parkour. Racing to see who the better athlete is, they discover something else in the process.
Rated T for minimal swearing and suggested sexytimes.
(Category changed from Adventure to Slice of Life by request )

(This may or may not be a one-shot, depending on the reception. If you want another chapter, ask.)

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She threw herself forward with a wordless cry and clenched eyes, not tapping Pinkie’s hand as intended, but grabbing her entire arm and yanking her down. http://www.fimfiction-static.net/images/interactive_pony/dash/fly_rainbow_right.gif

Other than that, this story is Comedy, Sexual Tension, and Racing all balled up into one nice chapter.
Good work all around.:moustache:

That was a LOT of fun! It's perfect one-shot, I'd love to see these two again, but the ending would be ruined if you added to it. Maybe a sequel? Maybe?:yay::pinkiehappy::raritywink::ajsmug::rainbowhuh::facehoof:

Hah, thanks. don't know how I missed that :D

I loved this! Could you maybe do some other ones like it, like Pinkie and Twilight or something? Either way, you're going on my watch list! :pinkiecrazy:

Fantastic. And exactly the kind of thing you'd expect out of RD even if she couldn't fly.

Aww... No kiss? This was perfect in so many ways.

“HOLY FUCKMUFFINS, PINKIE, WEAR A BELL!” Dash shrieked, literally jumping ten feet into the air. She reddened at the disapproving glares of several mothers walking by, and heard one child –it looked like Featherweight, though she couldn’t be sure from behind- ask his mother, “Mum, what’s a Fuckmuffin?”

I died laughing.


Ah parkour, I tried it once! I broke my arm :twilightblush:

Definitely needs a sequel.:ajsmug:

4913699 Well you see, That is the beauty of parkour. Having fun and breaking bones!:rainbowlaugh:


4913819 Oh I love it, I just wish I could get better at it. Do you do parkour/ freerunning?

Hello, I'm Spy11887 coming to you from Reality Reviews, a reviewing group that I am a new member of. Part of our policy created by our founder we do not post reviews in our group without the author's permission. I am coming to you today to ask if I may have your permission to post a review on this story and if we can put it in our reviewed stories folder if you'll allow it. Thank you for your time and I hope that I will be able to post a review on this story.


You aren't hardcore till you've broken every limb at least once. :rainbowdetermined2:

4913927 I used to. But then I wasted my time playing xbox...:ajbemused: (DAMN YOU MICRSOFT!!!:flutterrage:) So after awhile I forgot how to do it. :applejackunsure:

4914160 Luckily I never had to feel the beauty of a broken bone. Yay! :yay:

Dash learning to parkour? Awesome. Doing it just for AJ? So much D'awwwwww that I can't help but point that out. X3

4914677 Pull up some AC and Mirror's Edge, you'll get back into it. Mostly because you'll say, "I can do this in real life so why can't I do it here!"

“I didn’t want to take the sweater puppies out without a leash, you know?”

Me: ....:pinkiecrazy:
Brain::facehoof: Rebooting, please wait.:ajbemused:
Me:.... :rainbowlaugh:

Definitely worth continuing.

How is this adventure? This is more slice of life. Also, is there a headcannon for this (earth tribe/sky tribe), or is this something the author made up on the go?

4915362 Well I cant just pick up where I left off... I would have to start all over with small vaults, but I don't have much time on my hands anymore what with school starting up again.:applejackunsure:

4915393 thats 4 emojis might want to slow down

Seriously, this story was interesting. I won't lie when I say I wasn't expecting a whole lot from it in general when I first read the concept, and had it sitting in my Read Later list for a while. Now while this is hardly an earth-shattering story, it is far more than I expected from it. I had seen the romance tag and had found myself wondering just where the supposed romance was when first reading it.

And simply put? You pulled off what felt like a very real, lifelike beginning to a romantic relationship. Yes there was the surprising reveal and Pinkie being . . . Pinkie. But the Interaction between AJ and Rainbow Dash? They are both tough and independent women who seem very grounded as far as their emotions, so they aren't likely to go throwing words like "love" around as liberally as Pinkie.

And a lot of people seem to romanticize it and forget that a lot of relationships start with things along the lines of, "Hey, I like you" and less like, "I LOVE YOU! BEINSIDEMENOW!"

The flow went well even if the casual conversation while they are running and doing things like jumping cars seemed a bit weird, but later on when its revealed they aren't really going hell-for-leather like original descriptions seem intent for you to believe, this wasn't an issue.

Plus the ending? Well, if you wanted to end it right here then I wouldn't blame you but I think you got one of those endings that isn't quite an unresolved cliff hanger but that still has the ability to lead into something else.

Main complaint? This seems more like a "Slice of Life" than an "Adventure" tag story.


"Headcannon" and "made up by the author" are as different as peanut butter and - more peanut butter, friend. They are the same thing, silly! :pinkiesmile:

Guess somebody isn't hardcore enough. Only the truly hardcore can earn the Taco Belle avatar. :rainbowdetermined2:

Comment posted by PsychopathicBrony deleted Nov 10th, 2014

Feel free. I'd love to get your honest opinion on this :)

4915505 I am not understand.:rainbowhuh:.... do you speak of the little face things?

4915485 I usually try to do some moves on my way there and back. Trying to catch the train, bus, etc.
You've just got to get back in that old mindset, the one where you don't see stairs and guardrails, but launchpads and vault spots. But yeah start small, I'm not saying go do handstands on the ledge of a 7 story building or anything.

You know, I appreciate how in-depth you went with this review. It's not often that someone puts time, effort, and thought into one, and it's greatly appreciated. It helps me to figure out what works, what doesn't, and what I should do more of. Anyway, thanks!
ProofNegative :rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy::ajsmug:

4915518 Thanks for answering my question :fluttershyouch:

You had me at parkour... and lost me at AppleDash. Sorry.

really a LOT of talking for a race

Well one thing i'd like to say is that this is a really good story.I may not do Parkour to the point of wall jumping and of the related.But i'm learning still.I wish that i could go somewhere to practice more again iv become way out of shape over the summer and it sucks
Also i think that there should indeed be a series of the sort,of this
But thats my opinion and all so yeah


4914677 Hehe, yeah they do that to ya :twilightsmile:

give mwe more plez

4916000 Yeah it sucks when there aren't many spots nearby to train. Have you'd tried searching for gyms in your area? You'd be surprised at how many places have obstacles set up for parkour.

it would be AWESOME if you could continue this story:pinkiehappy: :rainbowkiss:

4916066 To young to go plus i have school and no sadly i dont anymore.I'd have to get a ride or something
Although i really didn't do parkour in technical terms.I just climbed and balanced along with jump from place to place along with over stuff and stuff like that
I moved to a part to where i could still walk but i'd really not enjoy it as much with out my friends who basically got me into it
.We used to stay out passed curfew and we'd play a more complex advanced hide n seek/tag kind of game.mam I miss those days soooo much.But i plan on learning more in the future .So yeah.

4916132 I get ya, Remember though, parkour is about movement and mindset. So even just balancing, jumping, and running is good. I mostly do vaults and jumps anyway. Can't be flashy when the police chase you.

4916011 Yea... Luckily i'm not addicted to playing I don't know Battle Field or some crap anymore.

PREACH,BROTHER. Parkour is for escaping with efficiency. Freerunning and flashy moves are for when you want to impress your pursuers so much that they just let you go. :facehoof:

4916144 True that and if i was raised in the city/More the ghetto.Then id know parkour like the back of my hand at age 6 no lie
But i have lost a lot of stamina along with some strength over summer and i do wish i could get it back and be more athletic so im starting sports again

4916279 Nice. Start with the basics. Since I have to do another year of P.E. (Stupid American Education) I'm taking Dance to help with my flow.

4916288 Ill prob take dance in the future to and i have P.E. Next semester and yeah.
Well imma head to sleep good talking to ya bye

I get that too. One of my managers actually went and bought me a cow-bell. I wore it around my neck for three weeks before my manager's boss caught on and told me to take it off. During that time, I managed to get the same response five more times. Primarily, those consisted of "Holy FUCK! Wear a Be...Oh. It didn't work. Get a bigger bell." A COW BELL.

Parkour comes in shockingly useful when training to be an IRL Ninja. One of the other important bits is speed. Use your momentum to carry you through. Muscles are springy enough to do wall-kicks and things like that and hand-hopping. Rails and poles are a good way to maintain speed, such as by grabbing a pole to swing (like the light pole), or a rail to redirect yourself from a fall to a run.

My particular form of Parkour came with an added benefit because of my size. People don't expect me to be as fast as I am.

Then there's the mind-set. Normal people treat the world like a series of flat planes. They see obstacles as something to go around, or avoid. Rails create a path. Windows are for looking out. Car hoods are for keeping the engine covered. Trucks are for cargo. Those same things from the Parkour mindset change drastically. Rails create an elevated line, give you lift over people, or get you high enough to step on shoulders and tables. Windows can make a good door if they are open. Car hoods are springy enough to absorb a roll, or a leap. Trucks are cheap transport and free speed. Fire escapes are a shortcut. Stop-signs are secure enough to make sharp turns on. Bushes are easy to leap over in a sprint. Friends are mobile redirects and launch-pads.

I have done light-pole swings, but only when there wasn't a more efficient way to get down without getting hurt. It will rip your shoulders up pretty badly, even if you catch it right. Same thing if you land legs first and don't roll. A tumble into a sprint is fairly easy if you use your circular momentum to lift yourself back up.

Use your body for landings. As an example from the story, if Dash had landed on the truck directly and rolled across it, that would have soaked the vertical speed without costing her forward momentum. And wouldn't have pulled on her arms. And would have put her in position to start running as soon as she dropped onto the car afterwards.
Yes, her way works, but it's a lot flashier, and higher risk. :twilightblush: I know. That's a lot.
I can't play AC or Mirror's Edge because they don't properly catch the real act. You can't springboard off another person's back in them.:raritydespair:

I found it interesting that in several spots in addition to Dash giving AJ some looks she is seemingly also attracted to Pinkie (and Pinkie seems to like it too). Pinkie seems very willing to let Dash give AJ a shot first though. I don't know if that is an intentional added wrinkle or just a coincidence.

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