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Apple Bloom has a new recipe for cider and when Rainbow Dash gets her hands on that cider she comes up with a fool-proof plan to get back at Pinkie Pie for hogging all the cider. What plan is ever fool-proof though?

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Huh lovely

4913066 Thank you, I'm hoping to post even better stories though!

Well, that was two story lines in one story. I was wondering why it didn't stop after the first plot line ended, but it was pretty good.

Aww this was such a great story :raritystarry: and super sweet :pinkiesad2: this, I have to say, would be an excellent episode of mlp in season 5. Rainbow Dash learned a lesson... Apple Bloom got her cutie mark... and it's finally explained why Pinkie Pie hogs the cider. This was a wonderful story and short enough to read in one sitting. Plus it was the perfect way to end my night... going to sleep... at 4 AM. :facehoof: Aaanyway I hope other people have the same happy reaction I did. :twilightsmile:

4913266 To me, the mood of each individual story felt like it was missing something that the other side completed.

This was a lot of fun.
I like what you did with AB here, though I am very surprised non of the Apples, not even AB herself, taste tested AB's cider before unleashing it on the unsuspecting public.

Also, and this is a very minor nitpick, if there were nine mugs of cider, and AB added water, wouldn't that increase the number of mugs? It is described as a fairly large amount of water. I'd think at least ten mugs in that case.

4913760 Oh, I think I had that thought and corrected it the wrong way. (It went 8 to 8)

Thanks for that.

You're right that it seems odd they didn't taste it; I WAS thinking that they didn't taste any cider until everypony else had some. But, for a new flavor, you're right.

But since it would get rid of half the story to have them taste it, I guess I'm sticking with my original thought.

We'll just call it 'Tradition' ^.~

Oh, one more little thing.

“reckon about 8 mugs. Why?”

I think you wrote out the numbers everywhere else in the story, except here.

Keep up the good work. ^^


4913858 Thanks I missed that one.

Cool this would be a good episode. :scootangel: That was pretty in character since Dash does jump to conclusions and acts first before thinking but i have the same problem to i act before i think sometimes.

4917018 who doesn't occasionally?

It's pretty good. Although with the conclusion of season 5, I guess this story is technically AU now. Oh, well.

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