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We’ve got dents and we’ve got quirks, but it’s our flaws that make us work.


Queen Chrysalis believes she has just written her magnum opus.

Her editor, Crystal Night, disagrees.


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This story is completely absurd. I mean, a lit major with a steady job? Yeah right.

Seriously though, that was hilarious :yay:

Crystal Night. My brother’s name is Broken Glass.

literary holocaust


I read it for the laughs, and laughs were what I got out of it. Thanks for making my evening brighter, and have a like! :twilightsmile:
Also, sexicorns confirmed for a new pony race.

[critique happens]

Sweet, that saved me, like, five minutes of typing! Now I've got time to favorite and upvote this! :duck:

“What do you mean?” Chrysalis asked. “I rape ponies all the time.”
Crystal Night facehooved again. “Yes, I know. I’ve raped ponies, too.


Dude, calm your farm. This is a work of parody.
It's simply in relation to changelings feeding on love. And what is one of the better ways to obtain love? Quite simply, masquerading as someone's lover and getting with them. It would be technically consensual but at the same time, if the "victim" knew who they were really with, they would no doubt cry rape.
That's it. Not something that needs to be explained, because any mlp fan with a lick of sense can infer this, based on them being changelings. Now settle, Gretel.

4905471 Actually no... i understand that this is parody but this is something that's not joked about so easily.

4905386 Ow, my eyes.

4905491 ....Actually,It is...honestly it's just about as easy as a drugged up chick....


(Although, that's not funny at the same time...)

“—No!” Crystal Night shouted. “Not red and black! This is a novel, not a comic book!”

I imagine this being said in the same tone as telling a dog that's not where to do its business. To some people it's the same thing.:trollestia:

Now that was pretty funny :rainbowlaugh:

Majin Syeekoh

4905265 I like your metatextual commentary on critiquing.:pinkiehappy:

4904775 Clearly, we have a very clever author. :D

4905386 She didn't mean the crime. She meant that she rapes their eyes with her terrible literature.

I steal from the best. :ajsmug:

That was an amusing read and an interesting commentary on writing in general. Thumbs and fave!:yay:

Majin Syeekoh


I've heard that somewhere before...


Thank you!

boyfriend betraying her for cupcakes, Terrible Villain needing to control the world’s rabbits to gain power and the insane side-plot concerning the potato invasion

Okay, as INSANE as that sounds I actually would like to read a story about it.
Editing and proofreading that particular story though...

No way in Tartarus. I'd rather do hatchling duty. At least it wouldn't haunt my dreams forever.

Oh man, as someone who edits (and hates every second of it) I have so much sympathy for Crystal Night. Few things are more frustrating than an author who wants a yes-man for an editor.

“Continuing on—” Crystal Night flipped through more pages of the manuscript “—you named the protagonist’s boyfriend ‘Muscles’.”

“There’s a pony in Ponyville named Bulk Biceps.”

“Really?” Crystal Night asked.

“Yes, really.”

“Oh, well then, never mind,” Crystal Night said. “By the way, what’s ‘wisteria’?”

Now, this though... This was fucking perfect. Beautiful retort. :rainbowlaugh:

So, yeah, this name was totally available. :yay:

Hilarious story. As the person on the writers side it made me facepalm so many times, all the while nodding, "Yeah... it's true. We do that."

4906766 I have actually talked to the writer and this is just a skewed interpretation of how they feed. Not skewed as in thats how they do it but as how its perceived.

4908773 I detected your sarcasm. On the matter of sarcasm...

On the matter of the joke... I just ignored it and stated a fact.

Red and black? Are you referencing Deadpool or Spiderman?
Loved the story though.

This was great!... There really isn't much more to say.

If Hasbro won't make sexicorns, maybe Doc Johnson will make them? :pinkiehappy:
Crystal Night face-hooves himself so many times, I'm surprised he doesn't get a concussion.
I feel for the guy, though. This is why I don't edit other people's work. (That and I'm as thick as two planks. And I'm not even green-treated.)
Nice work.

Someone should make her story into a fanfic :rainbowlaugh:

4910057 I think it's a reference to red and black alicorn OCs :trixieshiftright:

4905265 Your critique is a masterpiece of literary dissection. :moustache:

I liked this enough to read it and throw it a like. Have a fav, while you're at it, Mr./Ms. Author.:twilightsmile:

Majin Syeekoh

5064405 Well, thank you!

>Broken Glass

That's my character's name, goddamnit...

Majin Syeekoh

5064682 Lel.

I guess there really isn't anything new under the sun, is there?

It's uncanny how frequently Somber and I wavelength. Things I'd talk about including in SIDEQUEST or other stories that get dismissed in the irc show up in Project Horizons with some frequency. My echo thing was stolen almost verbatim.

Majin Syeekoh

5064723 I've noticed that as well.

Sometimes I'll think of something. then not a week later, something happens in the words that kind of reflects what I was thinking of.

It's weird how these things happen, isn't it?

Shared subconscious theory, brah.
The most compelling studies about it have been with DMT. Most hallucinogenics vary from person to person, but everybody who does DMT comes down and describes the trip in the same exact language and manner, and has the same exact experience. It's weird, especially if you remember to ask the hyperspace beings a question.

Majin Syeekoh

5064750 Indeed.

I've never had the pleasure of doing DMT, but one of my friends had, and he pretty much described the exact same things that I've been reading on the internet about it.

DMT aliens?

When you go to "hyperspace", you spend long amounts of time (to you. It's like a minute and a half total outside the body, anywhere from months to decades inside your head.) in the company of the beings that reside there. Usually described as friendly, made up of psychadelic swirls of color. You can ask them one question and receive one true answer.

Majin Syeekoh

5064767 Hunh.

I did not know that.

I..I kinda think I have to fave this, just for how fantastic it is.:rainbowlaugh:

Love the pic, and the story was funny.:rainbowlaugh:

Like to see, Chrysalis, interact with her changelings on a personal level.:twilightsmile:

Cute twist there at the end. :heart:

A pair of eyes suddenly opens in a shadow in a dark corner of a deserted biology lab. The blacker than blackness of the blackest black void (Mr. Popo looks up, "Hmm?") pupils flicker toward this story and gutteral, grating intonation of purile malice and seething rage, "Chernglerngs..." The eyes vanish into the darkness once more with a whisper of dread portense forthcoming for all bugponies everywhere.

Ominous! :trollestia:

A couple of minor remarks:

"free to refresh me." Might need to be 'refresh my memory'. As it stands, it's almost like she wants him to wash her.

“How do I get myself into these messes?” This is answered with a 'because', so it would make more sense by having the question be phrased as 'Why do I always end up in these messes?' or some such.

"just he and his books." Just him and his books, maybe?

That's just little stuff, though. Overall, the story was entertaining, funny, and I quite liked the occasional poke at how MLP doesn't make as much sense as we might like. The little bit about Bulk Biceps was a nice touch. ("Really?" "Really.") Also, I love the pseudonyms ponysona Toxic Love. It sounds like something that could happen, and it put most of the fic in Tim Curry's voice in my mind. Well done :twilightsmile:

This was great! Except for the little bit about the rape part, that was a bit too far, but I still loved everything else. Into the favorites.

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