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At the time I'm posting this comment, your story has so far had no upvotes or downvotes. I haven't even read it yet. But I'm already predicting something. Featured box.

That was cute and sexy :pinkiehappy:

Might be nice, but it's not looking like it.

Why, thank you kindly.

Not so into clop, but that was a nice one.

Have my like

This is actually pretty sweet, and funny.

Thanks, glad you liked it. And yeah, that's why I gave the option to skip it.

And a fine thanks to you as well, for that's what I was going for.

"Babe, you're pretty strong, yeah. Remember when we first met? You broke half the bones in my face with one swing."

Sir, that is a tale I am very interested in hearing about in full. What did Vinyl do or say to earn that blow? And how did love still bloom after an encounter like that? I must know!

Also, this was a nice read.

This is one of the sweetest clop stories I've ever read, and I certainly do like sweet clop stories.


*Bows* Thank you muchly, good sir. I certainly like sweet clop stories, as well.

The story of how they met is actually something I keep meaning to write out in full. If I ever manage to get it out, I'll be sure to alert you.

Nuuuuu, nut teh heart attacks.

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