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Scootaloo wants to die so badly. Can Rainbow Dash get her to change her mind, or will it be too late?

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Comment posted by Kovy deleted Aug 28th, 2014

This could really be something special. When I'm able to again I'll help you out with grammar and pacing, yeah?

*sigh* I really hope you do not kill Scootaloo I won't fav this yet but maybe once its finished I must see the outcome of this story

I've enjoyed this so far. Please don't screw up. Dx I don't have much advice, but I'm still willing to share what I know.

So, do they have phones to call each other with?

4939842 She has a classroom phone sorry didn't quite think about that.

ooo i want more poor scoots:fluttercry:

4954876 Will let u when I update

4960421 New chapter sorry it took so long I've been working on other stories as well

This is really good do far! :pinkiesmile: Keep it up~! :pinkiehappy:

Twilight Nurse Red Heart ?

This was way too quick. The entire scene was forced. You should revise it to make sure that we see how badly Rainbow feels about this. I mean, yeah, we all know how she feels, but it's got to sink in a little bit more before we settle the argument with Diamond Tiara.

Aww, you rushed it. This was a good chapter in the making. SLOW DOWN! Don't worry, I made similar mistakes.

And the surprise is the severed head of Diamond Tiara :rainbowlaugh:

5102057 unfortunately no, but good guess

mlplover17 i got a question who is Scootaloo mom in this story

5103121 Rainbow Dash Its in the first two chapters

5103128 ok and are you going to make a sequel for this story

5103133 Yeah I am Not sure what to call it yet though

Yaaay!!! Real cool story!!!! ^^ plus the new sequel title reminds me of a song.

So short. Good though.

Not bad. Not bad at all. *claps* You should get some :heart::heart::heart::heart:

Comment posted by mlplover17 deleted Oct 7th, 2014

For everyone reading the comments, the story's main title, My Life as Singsia, doesn't have much to do with the story, but I'll be referencing things to it. Please no hate

Pretty good story overall, I'll give a like and fav :D

:scootangel: and :rainbowdetermined2: make a great family. :heart:

I'm glad Scootaloo is alive. Thanks for writing this. :pinkiesad2:

5433487 You're very welcome. Thank you for enjoying it.

Liking it so far, but it feels a little rushed. Not as bad as some others, but enough that I think it's bugging some people. Aside from that and minor spelling/grammar errors, I'm feeling pretty confident that this will be good. A fave, however, would have to wait til I've finished.:twilightsmile:

It's really good, just felt a little to rushed at parts. But overall good :twilightsmile:

That was... really bad..
I'm sorry.

This is so silly and rushed, but pleasant.

I really wish diamond tiara and silver spoon could just get a taste of their own medicine

This story was good and all, but it was too, too rushed though.

something bad is gonna happen to scootsy... :fluttershyouch:

fuckin hell, that hit me hard

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